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Were you already here, ten years ago? Do you remember your first steps in DOFUS? For this unmissable anniversary, Ankama brings out the family album and lots of never-before-seen memorabilia. The DOFUS 10 Years Anniversary Artbook is a collection of nearly 300 pages of pictures that will allow you to (re)discover the best illustrations since the creation of DOFUS! Get it first at the convention!
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Hip or vintage? The convention has something for everyone! Turn your sight to the past and immerse yourself in  the pleasures of nostalgia with the 1.29 version of DOFUS, for just one unforgettable week-end... Then look towards the future and confront a fearsome boss: Gein, son of Sram! The DOFUS of yesterday and of today are waiting for you from May 2 to May 4 at the Ankama Convention - special DOFUS 10 year anniversary!
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Incredible, but true: Clint Pot, an Enutrof with curiously little expertise in business, has discovered no less than ten treasures in a single day! The adventure has not left him unscathed, however... He recently agreed to tell his story to famed interviewer Babaa Waters.
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Sponsor a friend, receive Tofus, throw them at a grid, and win the gift hidden under the targeted cell: easy as pie, that's the Tofukaze game! A minigame fit as a feather for these kamikaze little birds. And they're asking for more! So until Tuesday, April 22, we're doubling your winnings: get twice the Tofus! You're on for nearly a hundred happy hours! 
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From April 17 to April 23, enter Stayfun Bonnawa's chocolate factory! As a fine connoisseur of the culinary arts, his ideas are as large as his belly, and that's why he challenges all of Amakna: whoever can find the ingredients in his succulent treats will be rewarded. Some logic, a little bit of luck and a spoonful of gastronomy, such are the ingredients that make up FLEASTERMIND!
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The Great Emporium
Emote Scroll : Greed
5 000
Parasymbic Hat
6 000
Parasymbic Cape
4 000
Parasymbic Boots
Parasymbic Belt
  • Ankama Convention: Play 1.29 and fight a completely new boss!
  • You'll be able to play #DOFUS 1.29 at the Ankama Convention. #yep News article coming soon!
  • @Glutoblop You should be ok, but just FYI with the new Updater, it's better to restart the client and your computer before reinstalling.
  • RT @Uusi_mene: #PimpMyPaddock Everything a lazy mount hoarder could hope for. Sit back, watch, hunt treasures. Why do I bother xD http://t.
  • RT @MrMMOPlay: Dofus rips open Enurado divine dimension | MMO Play @DOFUS_EN
  • RT @Koktail_LIC: #PimpMyPaddock @Dofus_En I need... I need... A ItemStore for my Dragoturkey Paddock !
  • @MoskitoLaMouche You'll receive it tomorrow, as the person with the rights to put it on your account left a bit early today.
  • This week's # contest - #PimpMyPaddock - what features would your fantasy Dragoturkey paddock have? The tweet we like best wins a Beanie!
  • @Koktail_LIC If you want to, that's fine.
  • @Koktail_LIC The graphics were not as big of a factor as the humor and recognition. Several of the voters hadn't heard of or played Payday.
  • @Koktail_LIC We put it to a vote around the office and he won by a fair vote, that's just how it goes sometimes!
  • @MoskitoLaMouche Please tweet us your account nickname (not your login), and we'll get you your prize! Everyone else, another # starts soon!
  • There was some very stiff competition this week on #DOFUSBoardGames, congrats to @MoskitoLaMouche for the very clever Amaknapoly!
  • @BlanGeorge @tomsrange As we said, five to seven is the average. It sounds like you're above average, which is unfortunate, but happens.
  • @Sibyzarre Sorry about that, the contest got a bit lost in the update fever. We'll announce this week's winner soon!
  • @tomsrange Between five to seven business days is the average at the moment.
  • RT @OnRPG: Update 2.19 for @DOFUS_EN is now available; Featuring new dungeons and dimension travel! -
  • @Santo_ForLife Yep, we've informed the devs of her wardrobe malfunction, and a fix is on the way! Thanks. =D
  • RT @capsulecomputer: CC NEWS: Dofus update 2.19 details revealed #Dofus @AnkamaGames @DOFUS_EN #DivineDimensions
  • Let the Great Treasure Hunt BEGIN! Update 2.19 is live!
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