You've asked for it again and again, and now, here they are! Eliome and Friendrake, the friendly pets that emote for you, are both in the Great Emporium. And to mark this phila-fabulous event, we're offering a limited-time special. From now until February 1st, you can get Eliome and Friendrake together for just 9000 Ogrines.
Better be on the look-out, the 2.27 Update: The Web of defeat, is coming soon in the DOFUS beta! And when it does, you'll be rolled, shocked and barreled, so the least we can say, is that you'll need to thread carefully! Be prepared to encounter more than one furry leg... And be sure to be on the Beta Server February 4 to confront the "Web of defeat"!
A new graphical design that will make it easier to use, and a structure that adapts to all your screens: these are the only - but very important - modifications we made to the Kama Exchange. And as for the principles and inner workings of the "KE", the only way to make your trades secure, no changes!
We're not gonna lie to you, the Kwismas period is coming to an end... All the more reason to enjoy it to the fullest! Defrost your Dragoturkey, saddle up, and trek the Kwismas World far and wide, for in a few days, it will all be over!
Better than traveling around the World of Twelve in 80 days: traveling around DOFUS in a few minutes! Not an exhaustive look around, mind you. More like a broad overview of all the different aspects of the MMO, which any new player will walk away from with one single pressing need... the need to click "Play!" Don't believe it? Well, seeing is believing, so you can watch all eight videos right now!
If the hat fits… - January 15, 2015 - [Izmar]
Ahhh, ten years have gone by, and in that time the hats and helmets have really piled up, with models in all shapes and sizes for players to choose from! But adapting hats to suit all the different classes is no mean feat...
Have you been waiting? The Ankama Authenticator application is now available, for all players, on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Thanks to this mobile app, your account is protected by your log-in details AND your mobile device! 
Now that you're done celebrating Fanny Eppy's Feast Day, we'd like to offer you an opportunity to go at it again: this week-end, go fight the Wa Wabbit in his dungeon and win an exclusive shield!