Dungeon Rusher MAXXX is back with a new challenge: make it through 6 dungeons in the Sidimote Moors in one piece (or mostly)! Jump into the game from Tuesday, June 27th to Sunday, July 9th to try and win the Swashbuckling Bandit Sword incarnation! 

The most ambitious tournament ever organized in DOFUS is being unveiled! With a brand new format and bigger-than-ever rewards and a final that takes place live at Paris Games Week, the DOFUS World Series looks like it's going to be spectacular! 

In June, a new wave of subscriptions will be making your heart melt! The Magma Set, Magmatic Emote, and Magma Dragoturkey Harness: the dark lands of Sidimote are in the spotlight! 

Dofus Gobbstock Pets! Event - June 21, 2017

What would Gobbstock be without your competition? And without its competition? Illustrate, through video and song, the theme of this fifth edition: Pets and mounts! Send us your entries before midnight, Paris Time, on Wednesday, July 5th!

Here we go: workers across the World of Twelve have dropped their shovels, picks, and dragon-powered jackhammers, because Route 666 is finally opening up to all you gutsy adventurers out there! The Sidimote Moors have been given a complete, up-to-date makeover, and are waiting for you! Well? What are you waiting for to go there?!

Dofus Gobbstock Haven Bag Shop - June 19, 2017
From June 19th through to the 30th, the influence of Atsu the Meridia and her musical ear will give you natural rhythm. And this new Haven Bag will make you want to use it! For the price of 3,500 Ogrines, the Gobbstock Haven Bag is sure to delight you music-loving Twelvians! 

Sophisticated and oh-so-chic, the Kalkaneus Set is a must-have for the summer! Take advantage of this amazing offer: the set is free once your basket reaches a total of 6,000 OG*! 

Enjoy the cutest game ever spawned by the Krosmoz, and discover the pets of the World of Twelve in a whole new way: DOFUS Pets, the all-Ankama Tamagotchi-style game, is coming to Android and iOS on July 3rd!