Vulkania: Embark for adventure now!Available now in-game! +
Vulkania! Its rock beaches near the lava lakes, its sauroshell-safaris in the jungle, its adventurers barbecues... From now until the start of September, embark for the hottest isle in the World of Twelve!
You're vacationing in Vulkania, you lucky adventurers. But think of your little friends who don't have such luck! What message would you send them? Create your postcard, share it and attempt to win one of the three gifts we are giving out!
Finding your characters and playing DOFUS from a browser, wherever you are: this is the goal of the hard work our teams are doing. After a first closed beta phase that was only for Premium accounts, let's take this up a notch! Now, it is 50,000 players, hand-picked amongst our oldest active subscribers, that will participate in the beta!
You've known her as a sidekick. Mover, hard hitter, healer, Toxine allows you to play three fronts at a time using the flasks she sends you! But do you really know the one who fights by your side? Who are the ones we call the Toxines...?
Srambad Making-of Community - June 28, 2014
The city of thieves wasn't built in a day, and less so in a single stroke of the brush. What is hiding behind the heavy curtains of fog surrounding Srambad? Don't wait any longer, enter one of the brains from which the dark alleys of the King of Thieves' city came!
Meet your newest Sidekick in a brand new video... Experience a chemical reaction with Toxine! She's a poison hunter par excellence. We recommend keeping any acidic remarks about her to yourself, it could explode in your face. Whatever the situation, Toxine has the skills to liquify her enemies!
The great inter-server tournament is back this summer and registration is open as of today for all players willing to present themselves and represent their server. Register and go meet Goultard to take part in the speed test!
Do you recall those early days when you took your first steps in the World of Twelve (or the World of Eleven, if you're old enough)? Imagine a collection of nearly 300 pages containing the most beautiful artwork created since the birth of DOFUS... It's waiting for you in the Ankama Shop! And if you're one of the first to order it, it will even be signed!