Al Howin opens his doors!
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The evil gardener Al Howin teams up with the Vampyrina pet to infest your subscriptions and it's up to you to take advantage of them. Get Al Howin's Set, Vampyrina, or both, depending on how much subscription you buy, from now until November 3 at 23:45 (EST)!
Dofus Al Howin opens his doors! Event - October 28, 2014
It's always late at night in Al Howin's Vegetable Patch... The fence creaks, the Arachkin webs get caught in your hair. You walk on, using the light from the Worm-O'-Lanterns and there it is, finally, the first Dehorror. Luckily, getting out six feet under doesn't scare you away... Now until November 25, DOFUS celebrates Al Howin!
10 years, 11 quizzes… 50 winners! The drawing has spoken. And we owe you a bunch of thanks: for the sheer number of participations and the quality of your answers! You. You are our best fuel, driving us to... the next ten years! 
It is sometimes useful to put one's ogrines in the same basket. For proof: for any basket of 6,000 OG or more bought in the Great Emporium, you'll receive, as a gift, the Tofume Ghost pet! Take advantage of this offer before Thursday, October 23, at 23:45 (EST).
Did you hear that? Shhhhh... Listen... There! There it is again! Scratching, swarming, creeping: sounds made by the Vilinsekts, thieving parasites that only recently started invading walls and beams in Astrubian homes! The situation is quite dire indeed, so much so that the Astrub Bugle has decided to sound the alarm...
You might not be aware of it, as we're keeping that on the down-low, but DOFUS is actually celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary. I know, crazy, right? Who would have thought! So it got us thinking: "How do you see DOFUS in 10 years?". Quite the question, right? Answer it with a drawing, or any kind of graphical creation, with the utmost liberty. You could make your way into the top 51 of our creative contest!
To all disillusioned adventurers out there, those of you that are sure they know the World of Twelve like the back of their hand and that it held no more surprise for them: may they (and everyone else for that matter) prepare for their greatest adventure yet! Because the Microkrosmoz is opening its enormous doors! And you, will you be up to the task at hand? 
Microkrosmoz October 14, 2014 - [Nerodos]
Learn all there is to know about the 2.24 Update, Microkrosmoz!