Video games, comics, animated series, movies, Ankama is on a roll and wants to tell stories in every possible and existing medium, pushing back the boundaries of imagination again and again. What better way for us to expand than a theme park where every ride can open a door leading directly to the Krosmoz? This will soon be a reality with the prestigious Ankama Land, in Roubaix!
Tyranna, Naganita, War T'Lillyput, and now Buddy Dubble: the hunt for the temple raiders never ends! If Buddy Dubble has one thing going for him, it's his amazing personality. Or rather, his amazing personalities!
Never one without the other. Or, in their case, you could say never one without the other six! The hunt for the 7 horrible raiders goes on. You have now met Tyranna the Terrible, as well as Naganita the feline warrior. Now, meet War T'Lillyput! Beware though, for never before has anyone seen baddest seed than him...
Raiders, miscreants, persons of ill repute - only yesterday did we start telling you about the 7 horrible raiders. Following in the footsteps of their first member, Tyranna the Terrible, these bandits wreak havoc and seed chaos in the temples of the twelve Gods, sacking and pillaging everything that stands (or even, in some cases, lays) in their path. Today, we present you with another among their numbers: Naganita the Ecaflip. 
See the matches of the Krosmaster Arena World Championship without being there in person: it’s possible thanks to the Twitch channel Krosmaster_Ankama! Watch the live streaming (with commentaries in English) of the most important matches… up to the finals! 
Their reputation precedes their horrible deeds. They raid and sack, doing their dirty business in the temples of the twelve Gods. These bandits, these miscreants are sometimes dubbed with a name befitting them: the 7 horrible raiders. And today, you'll learn about the first of them: Tyranna the Terrible
About this time every year, you'll find Pandawas dressing in green and gathering together around a keg or two to get Potrick'd! March 16-18, join their woozy celebrations and try to win prizes by playing Quick Potrick!
Juego en Linea Happy women's day! Event - March 08, 2015
Starting today, we will have an offer as charming as our lovely women. For all of them, a warming hug and an affective message in this special day.