As the brand new gameplay mechanic of the 2.29 Update, the idol system will be one of many points you'll get to test out in the Beta, starting next week! You'll also experience the revamps already explained in various devblogs, as well as the latest (but not the leastest!) upgrade: the smithmagic interface!
In the 2.29 update, the professions system has been improved, so we used this opportunity to make in-depth improvements to the Smithmagic interfaces also. The effects list display is largely based on a player mod, created by ExiTeD then reworked by Relena. Thanks go to both of you!
The World of Twelve is getting ready for Summer a little early: as soon as June 4th, the Spring Subscription Packs will bid you farewell! Get them while they're still here! And enjoy a preview taste of the upcoming summer season with an item pack we're keeping in the cooler. Get it through the Great Emporium at a reduced price before Sunday, May 24th!
For the 2.29 update, we have been working on Incarnam. We’ve improved its graphics, updated the monsters of the area, optimised the maps and reduced the size of the area to cut out the large amount of travelling that was involved for some quests...

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So we promised, so we deliver! Thanks to your contributions, the DOFUS Zaap N°1 is now live! From now on, you set an alarm for every third Saturday of the month, to watch the latest installment of this zapping montage of videos from all over the world!
Before you rush headlong into this never-before-seen DOFUS comeptition, make sure you read this explanation of how the challenge works. It will be vital to your race to the top of the ladder!
The Idol System - May 13, 2015 - [lichen]
The idol system is a new concept that allows players to increase their XP and loot rewards by increasing combat difficulty. It will be introduced in the 2.29 update.
Professions have always played an important role in DOFUS, as nearly every item used by players must be crafted by the players, and craftspeople and harvesters are essential and indispensable to the game. However, the profession system itself hasn’t evolved much over the years, as we’ve mainly only added new professions and new recipes. It was time to take a step back and improve the system as a whole. For the 2.29 update, we have therefore planned some significant changes for the professions, which we’ve already been working on for several months.