From 30th August until 5th September, you can get not just one, but two harnesses in the ogrines! Whether you opt for Pilot or Seemyool, both pieces of equipment are guaranteed to add zest to your mounts! 
Osandras 3000 and Big Iop are the Osa and Iop putting the world to rights from the comfort of their Gobball leather sofa. Still glued to their Haven Bags, they procrastinate by imagining new spells for Osamodas...
Osamodas Redesign - August 29, 2016 - [Briss]
As previously mentioned in community letter #4, the Osamodas class redesign will be here in September. The biggest change resulting from this redesign is that you’ll now have the option of merging with your summons, but that’s far from being the only improvement!
A little while ago, we asked for your opinion on the Dofus interfaces. After collecting and analyzing the scores of feedback you provided, we started thinking about ways to optimize your game experience.

There are two of them, they’re idi... - well, no, let’s just say they’re not very “bright” - and they’re stuck in their Haven Bag all day faffing about (though that doesn’t stop them being spiritual). They are Osandras 3000 and Big Iop, the Osa and Iop who are putting the world to rights from the comfort of their gobball leather sofa.

It's more likely that you might think! Be more cunning than Ecaflip: change your appearance while keeping your characteristics. And the easiest way to do so is using Alyverols! Good thing they're offered for free with subscriptions, from now until August 29th! And if you think you're suddenly hearing voices, you have nothing to worry about: the Alyverols always have something to say!

Dofus Change is -30%! Shop - August 19, 2016

 Vacation… a time to take stock of things, and a desire to change them before the autumn… and to get off on the right foot! It's time to review your life in the World of Twelve, just a little… ok, a lot: all services are -30% until Wednesday, August 24th!

...and that's not all! As a follow up to the Letter to the Community published at the beginning of the month, here's some additional information about the month of September.