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DOFUS on a web browser means being able to play your favorite MMO from wherever. Whenever. All you'd need is a computer and an internet connection. After the closed Beta that launched back in the end of May, the open beta-test is finally ready to begin...
What passion! And what talent! Not only are you many to participate in the contest, but to top it off, you are many to answer it correctly! The Fairyworks and the P'Nata Wand have been flying off the shelves! Today, we continue, on to DOFUS 2.0!
They're watching from across Xelorium, patient and watchful... Congratulations! You've convinced them: the Brotherhood of Archiduks will lend you their help in your quest! Discover these new sidekicks in a video! 
You're already half-way through! Who among you can already brag about his P'Nata wand? Congratulations! This means you've won them all so far. Don't get too cocky if you want the cape... The theme of this quiz is: the Dark Knights. So. To your Tormentators... take aim... fire!
We are men of our word! Gifts meant to thank you for your fidelity, the Veteran Rewards are finally here (for realsies this time)! When, where, how, and what exactly? We're telling you (again), in that exact order!
So, you think you're a master of time? Well, everyone needs a little fantasy in their lives... But we can help you make believe with the Timeless Emote! When you subscribe for three months or more, you'll get the emote for no extra charge.
Well, it seems like you're nasty little buggers! You cling to the hope of acquiring the P'Nata set like a Iop clings to his sword! And a good thing too, for we're not anywhere near done yet. The Great DOFUS contest goes on!
The Gears of Xelorium September 23, 2014 - [Izmar]
Learn all there is to know about the 2.23 Update, The Gears of Xelorium!