Several weeks ago, we told you that Account Management was going to undergo some improvements. And not just graphically: your phone number is also going to feature significantly! Make your life easier by linking your number to your account right now... and win a prize!

This year’s theme of Dungeons and Challenges will impress you starting from the first update of 2016! Who other than the Big Tease could look at you out of the corner of his eye with such disdain? Which other dimension could possibly represent challenges and gambling better than the one related to our greatest challenge, DOFUS the film?

Ankama Letter to the Community #2 Info - January 29, 2016

The teams that bring you all the Krosmoz’s different productions spill the beans on their thoughts and intentions for 2016: DOFUS, the DOFUS Movie, DOFUS Pogo, DOFUS Touch, WAKFU, WAKFU Season 3, KROSMASTER and KROSMAGA: all is laid bare!

Dofus See you in Ecaflipus! Info - January 27, 2016

Ever since the Dimensional Voyagers first discovered the Xelorium, the inhabitants of the World of Twelve have been getting ready to visit the furriest of the gods: Ecaflip! The Ecaflipus Dimension will be accessible starting on 2 Feburary. We can hear you purring with joy already...

Ankama It's Kwismas in February! Event - January 08, 2016

In a few days, it'll be here: the film DOFUS will be on (nearly) all cinema screens across France! And since it's thanks to you that we've come so far, we wanted to say thank you with some gifts.

Moving can be unsettling, even for an adventurer! To ensure your character settles comfortably into the new account you’re transferring them to, we are offering you 15 free subscription days for this account right now! Have you already used this service? No worries, it’s retroactive!

Mighty mages have appeared in the World of Twelve! Masters of Light and the four elements, the Huppermages are finally within your grasp! As promised in this article, which appeared at the end of December, you’ll be able to access this new class via a pack starting today!

« Look up, in the sky! It's a Piwi! No, it's a Crow! No... It's a Huppermage! » Starting tomorrow, at 4PM (Paris Time), you might come across a few of these peculiar characters in-game! Read up on their characteristics and watch the new class video!