Starting on 5 March of this year, subscriptions and the gifts that come with the subscriptions will be offered in the form of "packs". The subscription periods will still be 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year – and this will not change. If you wish to subscribe, you'll always be able to choose one of these 5 basic packs. The prices will not change either.
It’s time to provide an epic start to Krosmaster for the year ahead, and what better than a terrific tournament? Oh, but it won’t be any old tournament… it’ll be the Krosmaster World Championship! Aside from the main tournament, guests will enjoy a packed itinerary of: side-matches, the testing of Ankama-boardgame prototypes and the chance to meet various game designers! Get your game on at Roubaix with Krosmaster on the 21st and 22nd of March!
Dofus New: change to an Eliotrope! Shop - February 24, 2015
You were dreaming of joining the ranks of the Eliotropes, who are already 256,110 members strong as of today? Make the dream come true using the class change service, your new access portal to the most mysterious people in all the World of Twelve!
Dofus The forest is calling! Info - February 20, 2015
"Renew the interest" in an area that had "gotten old", and re-organize it for "coherence's sake": these are the two driving ideas that lorded over the Treechnid Forest revamp. After hearing from Lorko on the graphical side of things, let's take a look at the gameplay side with the game design team.
As you all know, a new boss has been called to reign over the Arak-Hai Forest. But that's all there is to it! In the 2.27 update, "The Web of Defeat", the really important thing is to not lose the thread! And to help you do just that, we give you a diabolic duo: the update note and the trailer!
Located near the edge of the Treechnid Forest, the Lair of the Rac Queen is the key element to the 2.27 update. But it's far from being the only thing that is new: the whole area has benefited from a revamping. Why? How? Before you set out to discover the area in itself by yourselves, let's hear the explications (from a graphical standpoint) of Lorko, the DOFUS artistic director!
Dofus Happy St Ballotwine's! Event - February 10, 2015
Loooove me teeeender, loooove me sweeet, neeeeever leeeeet meeee gooo... Yes, what? Can't you see I'm busy? Arhem. Whatever. You've been in love too. Where was I anyway? Ah yes. Now's the perfect time to declare your undying love, or fall in said undying love if you've not done so already (and seriously, what are you waiting for?): St Ballotwine's starts today!
Sadida Revamp Devblog - February 03, 2015 - [Briss]
The Sadida class spells and gameplay need updating and improvement, despite the changes made to most of its spells two years ago. The class had a lot of trouble finding its place in groups, be it when fighting players or monsters. We put this trouble down to summons that aren’t very resistant, gameplay based a bit too much on these same summons, some spells that are obsolete when used within groups, and some damage spells that aren’t effective enough.