UPDATE 2.22: THE FRIGOST WHALE Currently in-game! +
Noh Lol-ita set sale Shop - August 19, 2014
Wanna feel pretty? Wanna hide your face? Wanna feel like you're hiding your pretty face? You're being difficult over nothing, here. Still, we want to help you. And what better way for that than to offer your the Noh Set and the Lol-ita Set? They're in the Great Emporium right now for 1,000 OG each! But they won't last forever... Come tomorrow, August 20, at 23:45 (EST), they'll be well and truly gone!
The Goultarminator 6 selection phase is over! For 35 servers, the adventure stopped in its tracks yesterday. But for the 16 qualified servers' 64 teams, the fun is over, the real thing is about to begin. See you  on Tuesday, August 19 at 7PM (DUT) for the finale phases launch!
Myths and legends have been told for years of this magestic, powerful creature... And now that we've found her, we can't let her die! The Whale of Frigost is beached and suffering on Albatrocious Rock. Her survival depends on you!
His name is Shadow and his goal is death... your death. No more will you enjoy the soothing touch of the Phoenix statue, because on Shadow's server, the monsters will have their revenge! Welcome to the beta of the Epic Server! Will you be the first hero of this new hardcore PvM server? Please enjoy an instructional video on your ultimate demise below...
Ten years they've been looking for her! Simple myth to some, reality to others, the Frigost whale has finally resurfaced. Discover in video the Albatrocious Rock, where she washed ashore. Follow the campaign led by the Sea Chafer's crew to save her from a deadly intoxication!
The Frigost Whale August 08, 2014 - [Nerodos]
Myth or reality? The Frigost Whale is waiting for you!
The Epic Server will be a new type of server where the characters' death is permanent in PvM but not in PvP.
This server will be called "Shadow". Here's a little summary of his story:

"A creature born from Ereziah's shadow and the Ebony Dofus, Shadow is fascinated with the void. For him, there is no half-measure or grey area: there is no life after death, only emptiness. Some heroes have been influenced by this radical way of seeing the Krosmoz: they refuse reincarnation of any sort. For them, there can only be one destination, as finale as it is eternal. Their journey is thus made that much more epic."