Becoming a god is no miracle when you’ve got the right cards up your sleeve! In 2016, Krosmaga will let you play as a god and battle other players in exciting matches full of surprises! It’s a game of pure fun, where you’ll hone your strategy skills in a trice and crush your opponents with a simple slide of your finger!

Some of you heard about it last year. Back then, the project was just an idea... An eggcellent idea, we dare say! A lot has happened since that idea was presented at a few small conventions in France! It’s ready to hatch and already has a name: DOFUS Touch.

Check out right now what the new "zaaping" (made in DOFUS) has in store: the DOFUS Zaap! #5 is live! 

Ankama The many faces of Moon Shop - September 18, 2015

For some time now, the adventurers of the World of Twelve have had but one goal: Moon. Although Moon’s Kanniballs, Captain LeChouque and its Kokokonut trees are famous throughout the world, the island owes its fame above all to its primate. Discover the adventures of the little monkey with the big hammer in the following video!

Ankama WAKFU Raiders major update Info - September 15, 2015

Adventurers of the WAKFU universe, a new update awaits you on WAKFU Raiders, on Android and iOS! Get ready for a strangely familiar World of Twelve where combat is king! Discover the last new contents such as a new adventure chapter, new quests, mini-games ...And to celebrate the release of this major update, don't miss this opportunity to win DOFUS items! 

The heady days of summer are drawing to a close, it's back to school and you're probably feeling pretty Piwi'd off about it. But don't worry, the end of summer holidays means the start of a new season and a veritable harvest of goodies. For a start, how about 7 new subscription packs to brighten up those longer nights? 

"Gee..." sighed a young Iop, looking up at the night sky, "..I wish I could go to the moon."
"I wish you could too, sonny!" cackled his Enutrof auntie from over her knitting needles, "But didja know that once upon a time, the Kanniballs almost made it there? Sit down here, and I'll tell you how it goes..."

LeChouque is bored. He just sits there, deep in his dungeon, twiddling his thumbs. The terror of the seas is waiting for a worthy opponent to sink what remains of his teeth into. If his stormy temperament doesn't scare you, then hoist the main sail, man the oars and set off for Moon Island!