Gamakna #1 is coming soon, so we thought it was time you had a summary of what to expect!

Echopedia - April 21, 2017 - [Nerodos]
Everything you always wanted to know about the server fusion but the Search function doesn't work all that good!
From April 20th to 24th (at 23:59, Paris Time), your attitude is our top priority! Enjoy 30% off emotes and discover the two new recruits: Psychotic and Bloody. How’s that for a positive attitude! 
From April 17th to 24th, you'll be able to really eggspress yourself to your friends, with a Haven Bag decoration that puts the sweet in treats. The Fleaster Haven Bag will be available in the Shop for the entire week, for the price of 3,500 Ogrines

The grand final of the DOFUS Cup took place only a few days ago, bringing together the two best teams out of the 1,500 teams registered. It was an extraordinary tournament with a fabulous reward: a €1,500 cash prize for the winners – Orgie Animale.

Your cellphone number can save the day! A simple text message can now stop account theft.

Update on Server Fusion - April 12, 2017 - [Izmar]
Hi Pangea! We have an update on the status of the server fusion project.
Dofus Angry Winds in Ogrines! Shop - April 06, 2017

Known for having gathered the six Primordial Dofus, Bolgrot is the most formidable dragon in the World of Twelve. Take a deep breath and summon his power using the Bolgrot's Wrath emote! It's free until Sunday, April 9th in packs of 6,000 OG or more!