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DOFUS : Battles 2
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One finger to control them all...


Attack is the best defence!

After captivating almost 300,000 players on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, DOFUS BATTLES is back! DOFUS: Battles 2 picks up where DOFUS: Battles 1 left off, continuing the same story, within the same universe. Players will soon discover, however, that the two very much stand alone as independent games. Those familiar with DOFUS are sure to find their feet right away, and newcomers will have the pleasure of discovering the quirkiest, most colourful world in the Heroic Fantasy universe!

This time, players will explore the game as Jeff Stobbs (the first instalment's big baddie) who's on the hunt for a mysterious, powerful artefact: the Golden Apple. His weapon? A tactile Slablet. His ammo? Zaplis that can be used to control his allies.

Sound a little bit like real life? Really? Never!

Jeff Stobbs understands that attack is the best defence. Gone is the ''Tower Defence'' gameplay of DOFUS Battles 1; it's time for Tower Attack - a new, innovative and original concept from Ankama.

Somewhere between Lemmings, Professor Layton and Plants vs. Zombies, the gameplay consists of creating waves of mindless monsters which can only move and attack in a straight line. The player will have to control these monsters with basic orders (turn right, turn left, run, etc.) in order to overcome each room's enigma and battle.

Game Center compatible.

DOFUS: Battles 2 in numbers

  • 27 battles against a variety of characters from the 14 DOFUS classes and over 20 different monsters.
  • 20 monsters to tame and control by solving the 20 corresponding Sokobans (those Japanese puzzles, you know?)
  • More than 50 pieces of equipment for your allies Transform your Gobballs into CyberGobballs and kit them out to make them even more powerful!
  • 9 DOFUS zones to explore (or re-explore...?)
  • 1 unique story; a totally wacky parable based on a story well-known amongst iPhone, iPad and iPod users... revisited and revised Ankama-style.
  • 1 entirely new and innovative gameplay! Discover the RPG aspect which led to the success of DOFUS BATTLES... but forget Tower Defence; this time around, Tower Attack is the way forward!


Are you ready to discover the power of science friction?

So, the World is finally free from Naz T Peasawerk's demonic hold. He and his cursed crown are long gone, consumed by the flames of the volcano on Frigost... Or are they...?

Join Jeff Stobbs, the great inventor, in DOFUS: Battles 2 and accompany him on a rich and colourful quest across the World of Twelve. You just might discover how exactly he managed to free himself from Naz T Peasawerk's evil, defiant clutches.

Available now on the App Store, DOFUS: Battles 2 brings the vibrant and dynamic universe that made DOFUS so popular straight to your smartphone or tablet! Get ready to face tactical, strategic, mind-boggling challenges... or this ''Tower Attack'' may well be your last!


Like the look of these monsters? Then you'll love sending them into battle to trample all over your insignificant adversaries... Nobody will want to get under their feet!

Woolly Bow Meow
Royal Lemon Jelly
Kloon Snapper
Tiwabbit Wosungwee


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