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DOFUS Mag #8
Something about having a Dofus – even a counterfeit Dofus – seems to attract the biggest egos in the World of Twelve. In DOFUS Mag #8, you’ll meet another megalomaniacal tyrant standing between you and a tasty Dofus; we’re focusing on the Wa Wabbit and his Wabbit kingdom. This issue also includes the shield and ring from The World Worrier Set for no additional charge.
A present in your DOFUS Mag!
Boss Saw & Lightning Leaves
These items seem to be remnants of a different era, and they have a strange affinity for plants, especially plants that have been mutated.


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The official magazine of Ankama’s flagship MMORPG is here and ready to make a splash! The DOFUS Mag includes tips, advice, and guides along with beautiful illustrations and comics. Dungeons, classes, professions, monsters, DOFUS lore, community news and more… every two months we’ll reveal more of the secrets of the World of Twelve in the DOFUS Mag.

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