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Play Islands of WAKFU and win exclusive items in DOFUS!

For each Islands of WAKFU achievement unlocked, you will win previously unreleased items and accessories for your Xbox LIVE avatar and your DOFUS character!

To obtain your items,
link your Ankama account to your Xbox LIVE account!

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The Chosen One

They say blue Tofus do not exist. They say no one in this lifetime has ever seen one. Yet on very cold mornings when mist still clings to the soles of your boots, in the squares in front of Tofu houses, you can sometimes find a blue feather amongst the yellow. The presence of this bird is considered a blessing, for the visit of the mysterious Blue Tofu is always a sign of joy, everlasting and bountiful.



This bag contains plenty of Eliatrope Fantasies. There is almost nothing left of the Eliatrope civilisation. A few ruins, some petroglyphs, faded memories. Since ancient times, important ceremonies were celebrated with a shower of petals. According to Lyrad the Silent, this ritual dates back to the first Eliatropes who opened their initiation with a rain of Wakfu.



This rare, unholy book, cursed by many and banned from all the libraries, is supposed to have been written by Lyrad the Silent, a charlatan who lived a very long time ago (and who is supposed to still be alive, from what we've heard). The Gods themselves have forbidden their followers from reading it. Even having it on your person is punishable by terrible penalties.



As old and as stylish as an Enutrof, and as affectionate as the Eliatrope Goddess, this Platypus shines day and night. The children's stories give its home as Sufokia, and raise it to the status of the remains of an ancient civilization, but the veracity of these claims has never been verified. This ravenous pet eats all types of Jely sweets. Sufokia and its surroundings are its favourite zones.



This little necklace made from island pearls exudes a soft bluish aura, just like the Mistral wind, evoking memories of adventures on the beautiful, cerulean sea. Only a small note on the back of this exquisite piece breaks the idyllic evocation: ''Made in IOW''


Secret achievement

No description...



This very special, extremely rare rock is excavated by Enutrofs without them ever being able to find any value for it. Dark and crumbly, it cannot be used for construction, or as an ornament, and has very little commercial value. It would seem that its low resistance could make it an inexpensive form of protection. However, the most notable effect of this rock is to plunge the person who carries it into a deep depression.



Hives are rare, very rare. Because bees are our friends, because we like to spread our bread with good honey, because our flowers like to be pollinated, we carry our own hives! And from these chambers, the juice of these adorable little things, worthy heirs of the mythical little goddess Beebee, will flow.


Two's a crowd

A pair of splendid walking boots tanned in Brakmar.



A strange ring, imitating a cube with unknown properties. Is it a thimble? A die for playing with? A small chest? Nobody ever knew the answer. It was thought, probably wrongly, that it could be an imitation of an ancient, long-forgotten artefact whose shape could have survived the fashions, irrespective of its use. One reason for its success remains the welfare and assurance it provides its wearer, as if protected beyond time and space.


Who's who?

This collector's helmet is used by the hostesses of Osamodas temples to welcome new candidates to the annual competition of the best trainers in Astrub. The idea of using the Platypus as a mascot for the event came after the pet, known as being indomitable, was introduced to the masses. The trainer who can subdue the animal has definitely earned his stripes. So far, no one has succeeded, the animal preferring to choose his own master and do exactly as it feels. Holders of the cap believe themselves to be rebel elements of a theocratic society known for its rigidity.



Use this powerful potion to permanently increase the characteristics of your Willy Peninzias. Be careful though, as only one dose will work. Trying more than once will cause disappointing results.