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Krosmaster Arena is...

The new PvP DOFUS expansion, where strategy is more important than level.

A battle arena where players from different servers can compete between quests.

A battleground shared by DOFUS and WAKFU players!
Which game's community will claim the top spot on the ladder?

Play Krosmaster Arena
from within DOFUS

or play on
the web

Krosmaster Arena,
one small step for the Krosmoz, a giant expansion for DOFUS

Take the reins of a team of "Krosmasters"! Each figurine represents a hero from the Krosmoz! Place them in the arena and battle other players in tactical, turn-based combats.

You can play Krosmaster Arena for free in the comfort of your DOFUS (or WAKFU) client, so why not fit in a match or two between quests or dungeon runs? Careful, though: in this arena, strategy is more important than having high-level characters: only your tactics will get you right to the top!

You can take on a team of "standard" Krosmaster figurines when you first start to play. Little by little, as you learn more, you can develop your own collection of figurines to suit your style of play.

That's where the Krosmasters unlocked thanks to your hard work in DOFUS and WAKFU (via drops, trades, etc.) come in!

Or, of course, you can start a collection of real figurines, which, besides looking the business on your desk, come with activation codes to add the associated Krosmaster to your online team!

Each Krosmaster (and consequently each collectable figurine) has its own appearance, characteristics and unique spells. Exchange them with other players to complete your collection!

Krosmaster Arena is also the first expansion for both DOFUS and WAKFU! You will have the opportunity to face players from other servers and even from WAKFU, without having to log out of your favourite MMORPG!

Unlock Krosmasters in DOFUS,
collect figurines, fight,
build the ultimate team... and battle your way
to the top of the leaderboard!

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