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Dofus 1.29 Update
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DOFUS version 1.29 brings a new series of alignment quests, and also includes major changes to some character classes, and the emergence of two new marketplaces.

New alignment quests : 

These missions are either given by Amayiro [-33, -57], the Bontarien Master-at-Arms, or by Oto Mustam [-23, 38], head of the Brakmarian militia, and they are designed to give adventurers a chance to prove their value and their devotion to the cause of their chosen city.

These 20 new quests (10 for each side) will allow aligned players to reach level 70 in their alignment.

During these quests, characters aligned in both camps will witness a burgeoning rumor concerning the discovery of a powerful magical object. A violent race will ensue between the two cities to capture this artifact as quickly as possible.

Bontarian and brakmarian adventurers must then investigate the events on the orders of Amayiro and Oto Mustam. The search for this object will be the focus of attention from the paved streets of Sufokia to the exotic forests of Moon Island. But what will the adventurers be forced to do if the guardian of the object refuses to hand it over peacefully?

A colorful challenge for all adventurers willing to prove their worth to their superiors, and who want to know just what future missions will have in store.

Rebalancing of classes : 

New spell-level system

To make it even more pleasant to explore the game, and to facilitate progression for several character classes, the spell-level systems have been changed for several spells. This change is aimed at cases where particular character classes find themselves having difficulty in combat due to a lack of offensive spells.

Comprehensive review of the Cra class

With version 1.29 of DOFUS, we wanted to focus on the Cra class. Indeed, many players of this class have long signaled the need to upgrade Cras.

  •  Decrease in randomness of spell damage.
  •  The differences between power levels of a spell are reduced to allow its use from the first level.
  •  Spells have more powerful effects, even without critical hits.
  •  Interference effects are added to the offensive spells to better control the play of opponents.

We tried to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the Cra class in PvP with these changes, while reducing the level of equipment required to gain this competitiveness. Cras have been brought to the same level as the other eleven classes of DOFUS.

New Marketplaces 

A marketplace selling Fairyworks at the Trool Fair.
A marketplace selling DIY goods in the city of Astrub. Players can trade breeding items, and also dungeon keys, which used to be found in the resource marketplaces.

Find out more  

You'll find more details of the changes made in DOFUS update 1.29 in the release notes, Forum Log Book.