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Update 2.10
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Here's a summary of the main changes in DOFUS 2.10:

Over 70 new trophies!
Over 70 new trophies for all level sectors will be available in this update. What do they do? There will be some that offer MOAR POWAH but also trophies that will give you more build flexibility. Some will have more powerful bonuses than the existing trophies and some will have bonuses never seen on trophies before... like +AP. But to balance these uber powerful trophies, they will also have some negative stats. More than ever, specialization requires sacrifices!
Spell balancing
During this update, we are standardizing levels 1 through 5 for many spells. Several classes will also receive changes to their elementary spells in different ways: some classes will have elements removed, some elements will be strengthened, and other return to the class after a long absence! And some spells that are rarely used have been completely redesigned with new mechanisms to enrich the range of abilities for different classes! Read the changelog to see all of the changes in detail.
[More information on the devblog]
Recipes updated
In anticipation of the release of the final chapter of Frigost, a large number of recipes have been revised in version 2.10. Our goal with this change is to diversify the types of resources necessary to complete these recipes to encourage players to vary their activities by running different dungeons or using different game modes (instead of grinding in one area of the game at all times) and to encourage players to participate in the economy by trading with others.
[More information on the devblog]
Read the changelog