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Discover DOFUS


Join the largest player community in the world!

  •   More than 25 million players!
  •   Meet other players, add them to your friend list and keep in touch!
  •   Create your own guild, or join an existing guild. Cooperate with other members to help each other out!

1 enormous world to explore:

  •   2 continents - 7 islands!
  •   50 dungeons!
  •   15 cities to visit!
  •   More than 2,000 different monsters to fight!
  •   And... new content added regularly!
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14 Character classes to embody.

  •   Are you a Iop warrior? An Osamodas animal trainer?
  •   Do you prefer to hunt treasure, like an Enutrof? Or attack your enemies at a distance, like a Cra archer?
  •   Are you tired of always being late? Want to manipulate time so you're always punctual? Unless you'd prefer to protect nature, like a Sadida?
  •   DOFUS has no less than 14 completely different character classes, each offering a unique gaming experience. Find the one that most closely matches your personality and make your character a unique individual in the world of DOFUS!
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Turn-based strategic combat.

  •   Take time to consider all your actions... in DOFUS, combat is turn-based: reflection is the number one skill.
  •   Complete the random challenges given during every fight to gain more experience!
  •   Don't be a stranger! Battle powerful enemies with your friends by forming groups of up to 8 people!

Pets and mounts.

  •   Adopt a pet, feed it, watch it grow, and if it loves you, it'll give your characteristics a welcome boost!
  •   Capture a Dragoturkey and travel the world on its back - you won't have blisters on your feet anymore!
  •   Become a Dragoturkey breeder! Buy a paddock, train your Dragoturkeys and breed them to obtain rare and powerful mounts!
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22 Professions to master.

  •   Learn up to 3 professions from amongst the 22 available!
  •   5 harvesting professions for finding resources (Miner, Fisherman, Lumberjack...)
  •   17 crafting professions (Sword Smith, Baker, Tailor...)
  •   Sell your creations to other players on the market, and earn some money to progress in the game!
>> See the Profession Encyclopaedia

Incarnam: learn the basics of the game on this sacred island.

  •   When you log in to DOFUS for the very first time, you won't be dropped directly into Amakna, the world in which the game takes place. You'll start on the floating island of Incarnam, where new players are welcomed.
  •   You'll learn the basics of the game on Incarnam and get to know your character and its spells.
  •   Carry out simple quests, obtain your first equipment, or even collect your first complete set! Explore your first dungeon, and face your first boss: the Snoowolf!

Become more and more powerful!

  •   Undertake quests, come out of a difficult fight as the winner, gain experience and gain levels! In DOFUS, you start at level 1... and you can reach level 200!
  •   Assign points in the characteristics that will shape your character as you want it to be! Will it be strong? Intelligent? Agile? You decide!
  •   Level up your favourite spells and make them more powerful and devastating!
>> See examples of character evolution on the DOFUS class pages

Find all the Dofus to become the greatest hero in Amakna

  •   Dofus are Dragon eggs that grant their owners extraordinary powers!
  •   Travel the world looking for them, undertaking epic quests, battling formidable opponents, and with luck, maybe you'll end up laying your hands on one of these precious objects...
  •   Beware of imitations...