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 The character classes

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Pandawa's Pitcher

Pandawas are Sherpa Warriors who know what they can get out of their bodies... and out of other bodies too! A faithful Pandawa will lift both ally and enemy off their feet... it's how they let you down that counts!


Speciality: Manipulator of position and resistance

Preferred weapons: Axe (100% damage) and Staff (95% damage)

Basic characteristics:

  • 50 Health Points (HP)
  • 6 Action Points (AP)
  • 3 Movement Points (MP)
  • 0 Initiative Points
  • 100 Prospecting Points

Each time you level up in combat, you'll receive 5 points which you can use to improve your characteristics and one point for your spells. You should spend these points carefully and establish a direction in which you want your character to evolve.

In the table below you'll see how much it costs to improve each characteristic. The more you invest in any one characteristic, the more points you'll have to spend to continue improving it.

For Pandawas, each INTELLIGENCE point will only cost one capital point until you have accumulated 50. Thereafter, you'll have to spend two capital points to improve this characteristic.

VITALITY will always cost one point and WISDOM will always cost three.

Cost in points for each
1 for 1 2 for 1 3 for 1 4 for 1 5 for 1
Intelligence 0 to 50 51 to 200 201+ - -
Chance 0 to 50 51 to 200 201+ - -
Agility 0 to 50 51 to 200 201+ - -
Strength 0 to 50 51 to 200 201+ - -

Pandawas do not really have a primary characteristic. INTELLIGENCE, CHANCE, AGILITY and STRENGTH will all cost the same amount of points. You are free to choose the path that you feel suits you.

 Pandawa spells


Level : 123456
0 RA / 1 AP


Required level 1

Instantly makes the caster drunk and increases their damage resistance.


  • Normal
  • 'Drunk' state (4 turns)
  • -1 MP (4 turns)
  • 5% Resistance (4 turns)
  • Change appearance (4 turns)
  • Critical
  • 'Drunk' state (4 turns)
  • 10% Resistance (4 turns)
  • Change appearance (4 turns)

 Other characteristics

  • Critical hit probability 1/40
  • Failure probability -
  • No. of casts per turn -
  • No. of casts per turn per player -
  • No. of turns between two casts -
  • Boosted range no
  • Line of sight yes
  • Linear no
  • Free cells no

 Pandawas in general

The Pandawas' versatility is their greatest asset, but the way they use their spells is just as unusual. Some spells can be cast when they are sober and the rest require them to be in the state Drunk. Regardless of how you choose to play, you'll need to get to know the spells that transform you from one state to another:

Boozer, Bamboo Milk, Zatoishwan's Wrath

But Pandawas also have invaluable healing spells:

White-Hot Vulnerability, Terror, Aqueous Vulnerability, Karcham, Wind Vulnerability, Stabilization, Chamrak, Earth Vulnerability, Pandiniuras, Spirit Bond

These spells are particular to this class and even if you don't use them all, you'll find a few among them that will become essential.

For close combat, Pandawas equip an axe(100 % damage) or a staff (95 % damage). Nothing's stopping you from trying out the other weapons in the game, but with these your damage will fall to 90%.

As for choosing your attack spells, this will depend on the element you decide to specialise in. Pandawas are some of the most versatile warriors in the game, so it's up to you to decide how to play your character.