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 The character classes

The Rogue Ruse

Rogues are fine strategists, especially when it comes to detonating bombs! As everyone knows, they handle powder like no-one else, and when it comes to blowing up enemies, they don't have to be asked twice. If ever you feel like you're walking through a mine-field and you start seeing stars, you can be sure a Rogue isn't too far away!


Speciality: Explosive Tactician

Preferred weapons: Sword (100% damage) and Bow (95% damage)

Basic characteristics:

  • 50 Health Points (HP)
  • 6 Action Points (AP)
  • 3 Movement Points (MP)
  • 0 Initiative Points
  • 100 Prospecting Points

Each time you gain a level through experience earned in combat, you will get 5 Characteristic Points to increase your Characteristics and 1 point to improve your spells. You'll need to choose the direction you want to take by thinking carefully about how to distribute these points.

For example, for a Rogue, each of the first 50 INTELLIGENCE points will cost you 1 characteristic point. Once you've passed this threshold, however, you will need to invest 2 characteristic points to improve this Characteristic.

The table below will tell you how many characteristic points you will need to increase each characteristic. The more you invest in one, the more characteristic points you'll have to spend to continue improving it.

VITALITY will only ever cost you one point, whilst you'll need to spend 3 points to improve your WISDOM.

Cost in points for each
1 for 1 2 for 1 3 for 1 4 for 1 5 for 1
Intelligence 0 to 50 51 to 200 201+ - -
Chance 0 to 50 51 to 200 201+ - -
Agility 0 to 50 51 to 200 201+ - -
Strength 0 to 50 51 to 200 201+ - -

The Rogue doesn't really have a main Characteristic. INTELLIGENCE, CHANCE, AGILITY and STRENGTH will all cost him the same amount of characteristic points. It is, therefore, up to you to choose which game style suits you best.

 Rogue spells


Level : 123456
1 - 3 RA / 1 AP


Required level 1

Triggers a bomb to explode from a distance.


  • Normal
  • Removes the effects of 'Powder'
  • Activate a bomb

 Other characteristics

  • Critical hit probability -
  • Failure probability -
  • No. of casts per turn 1
  • No. of casts per turn per player -
  • No. of turns between two casts -
  • Boosted range yes
  • Line of sight yes
  • Linear no
  • Free cells no

 Rogues in general

The Rogues' greatest strength lies in their ability to control the battlefield using bombs. By placing them in a straight line, they can create walls which will penalise anyone who passes through them. They can use this technique to guide their enemies and make them go wherever they want.

And, if you want to be a true Rogue, you will need to be able to move your bombs and detonate them at will. For this, certain spells will be indispensable:

Detonator, Kickback, Magnet

Spells which maximise damage inflicted on your enemies will also be of great use! Make sure you master:

Last Breath, Countdown and Overload.

As a Rogue, you can choose a main elementary path which will determine your attack spells. Each type of bomb has its own specialities and, if you can't choose between them, you can always take the multi-elemental path.

If close combat is your fighting style of choice, the best weapon for you would be a sword (100% damage), or a bow (95% damage) if you prefer to do damage from a distance. And if neither of these weapons is particularly suited to the style of game you want to play, you can, of course, choose from any of the other weapons (90% damage).