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 The character classes

Xelor's Sandglass

Xelors are Magi who can influence time. They also command obedience from all related mechanisms like chimes, clocks and pendulums. Xelors enjoy playing with time... either to slow down their enemies or to teleport themselves wherever they want.


Speciality: Manipulates Action Points (AP)

Preferred weapons: Hammer (100% damage) and Wand (95% damage)

Basic characteristics:

  • 50 Health Points (HP)
  • 6 Action Points (AP)
  • 3 Movement Points (MP)
  • 0 Initiative Points
  • 100 Prospecting Points

Each time you level up in combat, you'll receive 5 points which you can use to improve your characteristics and one point for your spells. You should spend these points carefully and establish a direction in which you want your character to evolve.

In the table below you'll see how much it costs to improve each characteristic. The more you invest in any one characteristic, the more points you'll have to spend to continue improving it. For Xelors, each INTELLIGENCE point will only cost one capital point until you have accumulated 100. Thereafter, you'll have to spend two capital points to improve this characteristic.

VITALITY will always cost one point and WISDOM will always cost three.

Cost in points for each
1 for 1 2 for 1 3 for 1 4 for 1 5 for 1
Intelligence 0 to 100 101 to 200 201 to 300 301 to 400 401+
Chance 0 to 20 21 to 40 41 to 60 61 to 80 81+
Agility 0 to 20 21 to 40 41 to 60 61 to 80 81+
Strength - 0 to 50 51 to 150 151 to 250 251+

INTELLIGENCE is the main characteristic of Xelors and it is this characteristic that will cost the least amount of capital points to develop. INTELLIGENCE increases the intensity of Fire damage, which is dealt by many Xelor spells.

 Xelor spells

Slow Down

Level : 123456
3 - 4 RA / 1 AP


Required level 1

Subtracts AP.


  • Normal
  • -1 AP (1 turn)

 Other characteristics

  • Critical hit probability -
  • Failure probability -
  • No. of casts per turn 4
  • No. of casts per turn per player 1
  • No. of turns between two casts -
  • Boosted range yes
  • Line of sight yes
  • Linear no
  • Free cells no

 Xelors in general

Xelors stand out for their ability to manipulate time. To do this, you will certainly have to use some of the following spells:

Slow Down, Counter, Teleportation, Devotion, Flight, Blinding Protection, Mummification

These spells are every Xelor's trademark and whatever your basic element, you should get to know well - you will use them very often

As for the Xelors' weapons, they will tend to use a Hammer (100 % damage) and a Wand (95 % damage). Nothing is stopping you from using other weapons, but with these, your damage will fall to 90%.

As for choosing your attack spells, this will depend on the element you decide to specialise in. Fire Xelors are the commonest type and the easiest to play, although, being versatile, any type of Xelor will be playable.