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You hear wedding bells but there's no ring on your finger? You've dreamed of Prince Charming but all you ever got was a pricy charm from your friend Tiffany? Then becoming a Jeweller is the profession for you.

Now this is one profession that will empty your pockets and eat up your time, but if the glint of diamonds and the touch of precious metals is in your blood, then you'll find it hard to resist. With a few bits of wood and some metal, you'll soon be well on the way to creating jewels that are worth their weight in gold.

But the resources you need will cost you dearly as many of your creations will require rare metals and little-known woods. You'll also need to remember that the jewel market is very active - so don't let your creations fall between the cracks. Think carefully about what jewels are in demand to make sure that your work is worth it. Jewellers can also craft items that can be exchanged for characteristic scrolls, such as the Nimbly Ring and the Lumberjack Amulet, and these are a good way to gain experience in your profession while making sure you use up your stock.

Although it's not obligatory, it can be a great help to have trained in a harvesting profession, such as a Lumberjack or a miner, if you intend to become a top notch jeweller. You'll reduce your costs considerably if you can collect the resources you need yourself.

Have you decided it's time to stop cutting throats and to start decorating them? All the same, nothing's stopping you from doing both! Just go to Shani Sings, Astrub's jeweller, to get started (5,-6). She'll teach you the profession in no time at all, but you'll then have to go to Amakna to meet Azra Lazarus. This celebrated jeweller will be waiting for you in her workshop (0,2).

Once you've learnt all there is to know about the profession, you can get to work, but not until you've found a Setter.

You can get one from Shani and Azra for the paltry sum of 150 Kamas.

That's it! You got the tools, you've got the know-how, nothing remains but to get down to business!

It's time for you to create your first ring! So put your sword back in its sheath and carefully take out your Setter. When you reach the nearest Jewellers' Workshop, click on Workbench and select the action ''Create a Ring''. Slide the ingredients into the empty slots according to what you see in the recipes interface.

The materials you'll need to create your ring are as diverse as they are unusual - Gobball saliva, Magical Cure, Wild Sunflower Leaves - you never know what you'll need next! You can do without some ingredients, but others will be absolutely essential - wood and especially minerals, are the basic components of most recipes. You can buy all these materials in the Marketplaces of the world, in particular the ones that serve butchers and miners.

When you start practicing your profession, you'll only be able to use simple recipes, and only ones with 2 resources (i.e. 2 slots). Once you get a little experience under your belt, you can move on to more complex recipes with more ingredients and more slots. The list below tells you the different grades of recipe along with the level you require to be able to use them:

  • 2 slots (level 1+)

  • 3 slots (level 10+)

  • 4 slots (level 20+)

  • 5 slots (level 40+)

  • 6 slots (level 60+)

  • 7 slots (level 80+)

  • 8 slots (level 100+)

Like with the craft professions, the more complex a recipe is, the more experience you'll gain if you manage to do it. But the lower your level is, the less likely you will be to succeed in using it... bear in mind that no recipe is a guaranteed success.


slots number: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8
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When you've decided you want to make a bracelet or amulet, you'll need to get yourself to a workshop. You'll find them scattered all over the world, in the Jewellery stores of the World of Twelve:

  • - Astrub (5,-16)

  • - Amakna (0,2) ; (2,29)

  • - Bonta (-33,-59)

  • - Brâkmar (-27,39)

When you've polished off your charm, you'll surely want to get rid of it as quickly as possible! Just find one of the Jewellers' Marketplaces and you can do just that. There is one in each of the main cities in the World of Twelve.

  • - Astrub (6,-17)

  • - Bonta (-33,-60)

  • - Brâkmar (-26,38)