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Your wife is stone cold and often picks on you because you like shiny things? Time for you to grab that pick, become a miner and bring home some really shiny stones before she kicks you out!

You can hit it big with this profession if you stick at it long enough! The stones and metals you gather are sought after by all kinds of craftspeople (smiths, jewellers, shoemakers, etc.) throughout the world. Some minerals are rarer than others and will sell for their weight in gold (especially if it's gold itself you're trying to sell!)

If you really want to make a fortune, though, you'll have to forget about the sun tan - this profession involves long hours in dark underground passages tapping away at rocks in the hopes of finding something valuable. Patience will be your best friend here, but don't forget to keep an eye out for the competition, which can be fierce. In general, mines are busy places and precious minerals are elusive resources so don't be surprised if you see two miners fighting it out over a little scrap of copper. If anything, you should probably join in!

All the same, you shouldn't lose heart just yet! You'll see that with time, this profession is a real gold mine! And if you ever do decide you've had enough, this profession is very useful for collecting materials in other professions.

You've hardly had time to look around Astrub and you're already thinking of descending into the dark, dreary mines? Well you'd better go and see Chipo Atufe (9,-23) who'll teach you all you need to know before you know it... well, you know what I mean... You can also go to Amakna if you prefer, where Casper Van Brushing (-1,5) is sure to invite you into his workshop.

It's all very well to learn how to tap, but you need something to tap with. Fortunately you can buy a Miner's Pick for only 150 Kamas from whoever teaches you the profession.

That's it! You got the tools, you've got the know-how, nothing remains but to get down to business!

Do you have enough metal to keep Bonta in weapons for the next ten years or so? You should think about using it to make recipes and that way, you'll gain experience at the same time. In fact, you'll gain some experience each and every time you create an object. The more metals you melt the more complex the recipes you unlock will be. To test a recipe, click on a mould and select the action 'Melt'. Slide the ingredients into the slots available and indicate the number of units required following the directions in your recipe window. Click on 'Combine' and Bob's your uncle!

Miners have the ability to melt two types of object: alloys and metal Potions. The complexity of a recipe is defined by the number of slots required to complete it, each slot holding one type of ingredient.

  • 2 slots (level 1+)

  • 3 slots (level 10+)

  • 4 slots (level 20+)

  • 5 slots (level 40+)

  • 6 slots (level 60+)

  • 7 slots (level 80+)

  • 8 slots (level 100+)

Like with the craft professions, the more complex a recipe is the more experience you'll gain if you manage to do it. But the lower your level is, the less likely you will be to succeed in using it... bear in mind that no recipe is a guaranteed success.


slots number: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8

Gold Ingot

Level 10

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Description :
This ingot is made of solid Gold.
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How to craft this item : Profession : Miner (Lvl 1)

10 x Gold

There are a good number of mines in the World of Twelve but unfortunately the quality of some of the pits leaves a lot to be desired, both in terms of quantity and diversity of minerals. Some are guarded by ferocious beasts or Dark Miners and are difficult to get into. Here is a list of a few good mines to get you started:

  • - Astrub Mine (9,-23)

  • - Crackler Mountain (-3,-4) and (-2,4)

  • - Amakna Village Mine (0,-3)

  • - Amakna Forest Mine

  • - Scaraleaf Plain Mine(4,28)

  • - Brakmar Sewer Mine (-22,32)

You'll also find deposits above ground near Feudala. This is the only place where you can collect the two precious metals Silicate and especially Dolomite.

You'll need a grinder to melt metal or polish your precious stones. You'll find one in one of the Miners' Workshops which are located in:

  • - Astrub (7,-20)

  • - Amakna (-2,-3) ; (-1,5)

  • - Bonta (-28,-57)

  • - Brâkmar (-20,33)

Whether it's metals, alloys or runes you're carrying around with you, you can always go to a marketplace when your pockets are getting too light for comfort. Each city in the World of Twelve has one dedicated to the mining profession:

  • - Astrub (6,-19)

  • - Bonta (-28,-58)

  • - Brâkmar (-20,34)

Note: you can pick up your metal potions in alchemists' marketplaces which you'll find in Astrub (4,-17), Bonta (-32,-57) and Brakmar (-25,33).