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Treechnid Forest

Ordinarily, when adventurer enters a forest, he is afraid to meet the formidable creatures it contains... But when an adventurer enters the Treechnid Forest, there're not only Boowolves to be afraid of, but also the trees! The lush forest is indeed filled with Treechnids renowned for being particularly aggressive, especially when a humanoid stands in their way!

You might meet some large insects, such as Arachnees or Moskitos, but they'll seem pretty innocuous when you've tackled those living trees!

Long before the evolution of human beings and their villages, Amakna was an area rich in vegetation. Humans, mostly from the sea and mountains, found the forests animated and hostile. It took the disappearance of many adventurers before it was understood that this forest contained a terrible secret: living trees, which were named Treechnids. These extraordinary trees systematically attacked anyone who approached them. Drawing their power from the heart of the forest, the Treechnids were able to summon Arachnees and regenerate during combat. However, using fire, humans managed to end their revolt.

From then on, with each new building, the invaders lit torches to burn the plots of land they needed. Gradually, the Treechnids disappeared.

However, north-west of Amakna, part of the forest remained intact. Neither house nor axe has been able to overcome it. Legends tell that, maintaining a stubborn hatred against new Amaknan population, the Treechnids are preparing their revenge.

Some also say that the Soft Oak is within this forest, the ancient and venerable custodian of all plants. According to rumour, the Soft Oak, the heart and conscience of the forest, was behind the arrival of the Treechnids and other evil spells in Amakna. Many adventurers, often more attracted by treasure than through knowledge, attempted to learn more about this legendary tree. But very few came back...

The few survivors differing versions of events had very little credibility with the authorities. However, when large groups of men disappeared, the former put the disappearances down to an increase in Treechnids.

But with men having long since sworn to reduce to dark forest to ashes, the mystery remains unsolved...