Rules and Sanctions

It is essential that you never give your login ID to anyone. The Ankama Games team, moderators and game masters will never ask for them. If you entrust somebody with your login ID, you must assume the consequences of such action, if the person you entrusted with your personal login ID reveals not so trustworthy. An account belongs to one person and should not be shared!


"Phishing" websites are sites which copy the appearance and interface of the Ankama Games websites to steal your login ID from you. They usually offer you loads of fantastic things (Kamas, levels, items...). Be extremely careful with these websites! Not only can they NOT offer you such things but they plunder your accounts and delete your characters!

So, be careful and never give your login ID away on other websites that are not listed below:

If your account has been stolen, the support team will be inflexible: the character will be restored to the player but without any items. If you're being caught promoting a "phishing website", all of your accounts will be closed once and for all. Furthermore, Ankama Games reserves the right to file a complaint against such offenders.


Even if you trusted him because he was your cousin, your brother or even your class mate's best friend, if you lend your account to a player who plunders it, you will be the ONLY responsible for this and no item will be restored to you.
Ankama Games usually do not sanction the thief when it's due to an account lending. Indeed, we consider that it's the player's responsibility to respect the rules and not to lend his account. Therefore, he should assume the consequences of his acts if he does so.
However, in some extremely exceptional or particularly ambiguous cases, Ankama Games reserves the right to sanction the thieves.
The Ankama Games team does not restore the stolen items because checking and tracing all of the items transfers is an extremely long process. We'd rather have our support teams help our honest players who respect the game rules rather than waste time for those who do not respect such rules by lending their account or who are just careless.