Dofus Cup



The DOFUS Cup is a PvP competition for the international DOFU community.
It will have 1,500 teams composed of 3 different players in elimination rounds in a "Swiss Rounds" format, and final phases based on a fight tree structure with automatic elimination.
The entire tournament will be played online.


La DOFUS Cup is for teams of 3 different players from the DOFUS community with at least one character of level 150 minimum who is active on one of the game's 48 servers (Agride, Allister, Amayiro, Bowisse, Brumaire, Crocoburio, Danathor, Djaul, Domen, Farle, Goultard, Hecate, Hel Munster, Helsephine, Hyrkul, Jiva, Kuri, Li Crounch, Lily, Maimane, Many, Menalt, Mylaise, Otomaï, Pouchecot, Raval, Rykke Errel, Silouate, Silvosse, Sumens, Ulette, Vil Smisse, Zatoïshwan, Shika, Solar, Rosal, Rushu, Aermyne, Nehra, Agaubrial, Bolgrot, Nomekop, Buhorado, Edasse, Alma, Padgref, Spiritia, Helioboros, Dark Vlad, Ereziah) or the Epic and Heroic servers.

To register, candidates must have a Ankama account that is certified in their name and be connected to the site. One of the 3 players must visit the registration page to fill out the registration form:

• choose a valid team name
• specify the name of the character and the server of their 2 team members
• accept all the rules presented here
• Then, confirm the team's registration.

Once they have pre-registered successfully, the two other team members instantly receive a team membership notification that can be viewed on They must then visit this page to finalize their registration.
/!\ No notifications will be sent via the Ankabox messaging service, so be careful and keep yourself safe from phishing attempts. /!\
A team is considered to be registered when the leader has correctly confirmed their registration and the two other team members have both confirmed their team membership.
It is still possible for the three players to cancel their team registration, which is like automatically cancelling team membership in a tournament.

The Sacrier, Eniripsa, Osamodas, Xelor and Feca classes are not allowed to be in the same team, which is also true of any class double ups.
Moreover, it is forbidden to register a team containing one of the following class pairings:

• Sadida/Osamodas
• Masqueraider/Osamodas
• Masqueraider/Xelor
• Masqueraider/Sacrier
• Ecaflip/Feca
• Enutrof/Xelor
• Enutrof/Sacrier
• Enutrof/Eliotrope
• Enutrof/Osamodas

Only a single registration can be made per account and per person.
If a player is found to have several characters registered by using several accounts, all of the teams they are registered in will be disqualified and the all of the player's accounts penalized, even if the cheating is discovered after the start of the tournament.

Participation in the DOFUS Cup is limited to 4,500 players, or 1,500 teams.
The first 1,500 teams to validate their registration will be selected to take part in the tournament. Beyond this quota, teams will be put on a waiting list. If another team is disqualified before the start of the competition one of the teams on the waiting list will be chosen in the order of their registration.

Inappropriate team names (political, religious, sexual, provocative and insulting) will lead to the team's registration being cancelled and they will not be allowed to register again.

Registration for the DOFUS Cup is open from March 2nd-7th, 2017 at 11.59 pm.

Players are forbidden to change class from Monday, February 27th until Saturday, March 11th, or their registration will become invalid.

Players are forbidden to request a change of server on Tuesday, March 7th, or their registration will become invalid.


The tournament takes place on a special server that has been opened for the event and is closed to spectators (excluding special authorizations).

The characters imported on to the tournament server are naked copies of the original characters; only the name, class, gender and appearance are conserved. So they are totally new and unequipped.

The characters are automatically set at level 200 on the tournament server.

The character's characteristics are reinitialized and set at 100 be default with 995 normal points to assign as you wish.

The characters have all of the class spells to use alongside the game's "common" spells at level 6.

Characters have access to a list of pre-selected items with a perfect roll, as well as a stable with all the mounts for level 100. Sidekicks and incarnation weapons will not be available.

Smithmagic is not available on the tournament server.

The wearing of shields and candy bonuses are disactivated on the tournament server.

Characters have a permanent bonus on the tournament server, which gives them + 1 AP, 1 MP, 1 OP.

The characters can reinitialize their characteristics and spells whenever they want through the various NPCs available.

When tournament mode is activated, participants can no longer see the initiative order in the timeline, nor the position of opponents on the map during the fight preparation phase. This information will be revealed once all of the characters have clicked "ready" and the fight has commenced.


How it Works

Qualifications for the DOFUS Cup are based on the Swiss Rounds system.
18 rounds are scheduled on the following dates/times (Paris Time):

Saturday, March 11
• 3 pm: Round 1
• 4.30 pm: Round 2
• 6 pm: Round 3
Sunday, March 12
• 3 pm: Round 4
• 4.30 pm: Round 5
• 6 pm: Round 6
Saturday, March 18
• 3 pm: Round 7
• 4.30 pm: Round 8
• 6 pm: Round 9
Sunday, March 19
• 3 pm: Round 10
• 4.30 pm: Round 11
• 6 pm: Round 12
Saturday, March 25
• 3 pm: Round 13
• 4.30 pm: Round 14
• 6 pm: Round 15
Sunday, March 26
• 3 pm: Round 16
• 4.30 pm: Round 17
• 6 pm: Round 18

The times for the second and third rounds each day are given in an informative capacity: it is possible that the start of these rounds be delayed for any reason. The participants must ensure they are available on match days and keep an eye on the announcements in the red game channel in order to properly start their fights. They must accept the possibility to have to play a little bit later than the aforementioned times. No lateness or absence will be tolerated.

Each team independently manages its combats: the players are asked to start the match preparation phase on time, following the rounds schedule indicated, and to start fighting within 5 minutes after starting the match.

The participants are responsible for filling out the end of battle form to specify the team that won the match.
/!\ Filling out the results in the form is obligatory for both teams after each fight, and teams that do not do this, or who give incorrect results will be sanctioned (see "Rules and Sanctions"). /!\

Pairing the Teams

Pairing teams in Round 1 is conducted in a totally random draw. After Round 2, the teams are paired based on the number of points they have accumulated. The pairing of teams with the highest number of points are given priority.

If there is an uneven number of teams in a points bracket, one team will be paired with a team from the points bracket below.

If there is an uneven number of teams in the lowest points bracket, one of the worst teams will be given an automatic victory. It won't fight in the current round but it will obtain 3 points. A single team cannot benefit from an automatic victory more than once.

As far as possible, we will avoid having the same two teams fight more than once.

The random team pairings are conducted automatically using a computer program.

Counting Points

Team Points

Teams accumulate points in each battle, as follows:

• Win: 3 points
• Loss: 0 points

Advanced Points

A second value is used to decide between teams in a tied match: the Opponents' Winning Percentage (OWP). This is the average winning percentage of the different opponents that the team has fought (doesn't take into account automatic wins).

NOTE: If TeamPts / (3 * NbFights) < 0.33 then we substitute this value with 0.33. This method reduces the impact of default wins on the OWP of teams.

Qualification Criteria

The best 32 teams to emerge from the qualification stage will qualify for the final stages.

The ranking of teams is determined by two criteria of decreasing importance:

1. The points accumulated by a team determine its ranking by priority.
2. When there is a tie between several teams, we will use the OWP (see "Advanced Points").


How it Works

The final stages are structured in a battle tree with automatic elimination.

The sweet sixteen, elite eight, and quarter and semi-finals are played as '2 points for a win'.
The final is played as '3 points for a win'.
Team composition restrictions will no longer apply at this point in the competition, and during each fight, both teams will have to go through a draft stage in order to figure out their compositions.

This draft stage will proceed according to the following schema, where A and B are respectively captains of Team A and Team B:

• A bans a class
• B bans a class
• A picks a class
• B picks a class
• B bans a class
• A bans a class
• B picks a class
• A picks a class
• A bans a class
• B bans a class
• A picks a class
• B picks a class

When a class is banned, none of the two team can pick or ban it again. When a class is picked by one of the two teams, the other cannot ban it, nor pick it.

In order to go through the draft stage, the players are contacted by their referee and invited to join their group. The drat stage will then take place in the group channel of the game.

For each action, a minute of pondering is allowed. Once this time is passed, the referee will choose a class to ban or pick at random from the pool of still available classes, without leaving this choice to the player.

Fights are scheduled on the following dates/times:

Monday, March 27
• 8 pm: the sweet sixteen
Tuesday, March 28
• 8 pm: the elite eight
Wednesday, March 29
• 8 pm: quarter finals
Thursday, March 30
• 8 pm: semi final 1
Friday, March 31
• 8 pm: semi final 2
Sunday, April 2
• 7 pm: final

During a fight, players are allowed a 10-minute break before starting the next draft stage. Once this one is done, they have 15 minutes to start the following fight.

In order to save them some time, special tournament accounts will be made available to the contestants. These accounts will have characters of all classes available, allowing them to ready several characters ahead of time if they so choose.


First Place

• €1,500 to be shared between the three players
• A "1 Year Subscription" pack
• Champion Set
• A brand new title
• A brand new emote

Second Place

• €900 to be shared between the three players
• A "6 Month Subscription" pack

Third and Fourth Places

• €600 to be shared between the six players
• A "3 Month Subscription" pack

/!\ Currency rewards can only be wired to a bank account owned by the individual certified as the owner of the ANKAMA account to reward. As such, you will not be eligible to receive the promised reward if your ANKAMA account is not certified in your name. /!\


The DOFUS Cup is subject to a series of rules designed to ensure the smooth running of the competition. Breaking any of these rules will lead to sanctions by the organizers.


- All the participants, commentators and organizers must treat the other participants, commentators and organizers, and rest of humanity with respect; any insults or provocative behavior will be sanctioned.

- All participants must regularly check the schedule of rounds and be present and ready to fight within the set time limits.

- All participants must systematically fill out the end of battle form at the end of every match.

- An incomplete team is not allowed to fight.

- A battle will never be restarted, nor paused, even in the case of a bug or connection problem during the rounds stage. During the final stages, the "pause" command may be requested by the players in the event of a bug. The organizers will decide together whether to start the match again or to continue. Any misuse of the pause request will be sanctioned.

- Multiple accounts are forbidden. Several players may take part from the same location and consequently, will share an IP address, but it is imperative that they play on different computers and that they tell the organizers that they are sharing a connection at the start of the tournament.


All sanctions will apply to the entire team, even if the infraction was committed by a single player. Repeat infractions will also lead to sanctions against the entire team.

Sanction Details

• Warning: Although it does not have immediate consequences, a warning is kept on record and will lead to a more serious sanction for the team if it happens again.

• Obligatory loss: The team that committed the infraction is automatically considered to have lost the fight underway or their next fight.

• Elimination: The team that committed the infraction is eliminated from the tournament, but it can still receive certain rewards.

• Disqualification: The team that committed the infraction is eliminated from the tournament and loses any rewards, and its members have sanctions put on their Ankama accounts.

Sanction List

• Empty form: The team does not fill out the end of battle form.

1. Warning
2. Elimination

• Incomplete form: The team fills in the end of battle form, but incorrectly.

1. Warning
2. Elimination

• Insult or provocative behavior: One of the team members insults or provokes another player, commentator or organizer.

1. Warning
2. Warning
3. Disqualification

• Lateness: The team has not arrived for the battle at the set time, is incomplete or did not click on "Ready" in time, and the battle starts more than 5 minutes late.

1. Warning
2. Elimination

• Absence: The team does not turn up to the battle at the set time, or is incomplete, and the fight cannot go ahead.

1. Elimination


Participants are responsible for the security and stability of their internet connection.
Ankama will not be held responsible for any damage caused due to an internet connection problem or an external attack.

We strongly advise against the use of peer to peer voice call services (like Skype), which allow ill-intentioned people to easily retrieve your IP address. We recommend using an intermediary server (Discord, TeamSpeak, Mumble) and being very careful about the server you use.


In the case of an unforeseen event, and when the situation requires, the organizers reserve the right to change all of part of these rules to make it possible to continue the event in the