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Were you already here, ten years ago? Do you remember your first steps in DOFUS? For this unmissable anniversary, Ankama brings out the family album and lots of never-before-seen memorabilia. The DOFUS 10 Years Anniversary Artbook is a collection of nearly 300 pages of pictures that will allow you to (re)discover the best illustrations since the creation of DOFUS! Get it first at the convention!
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Hip or vintage? The convention has something for everyone! Turn your sight to the past and immerse yourself in  the pleasures of nostalgia with the 1.29 version of DOFUS, for just one unforgettable week-end... Then look towards the future and confront a fearsome boss: Gein, son of Sram! The DOFUS of yesterday and of today are waiting for you from May 2 to May 4 at the Ankama Convention - special DOFUS 10 year anniversary!
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Incredible, but true: Clint Pot, an Enutrof with curiously little expertise in business, has discovered no less than ten treasures in a single day! The adventure has not left him unscathed, however... He recently agreed to tell his story to famed interviewer Babaa Waters.
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Sponsor a friend, receive Tofus, throw them at a grid, and win the gift hidden under the targeted cell: easy as pie, that's the Tofukaze game! A minigame fit as a feather for these kamikaze little birds. And they're asking for more! So until Tuesday, April 22, we're doubling your winnings: get twice the Tofus! You're on for nearly a hundred happy hours! 
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From April 17 to April 23, enter Stayfun Bonnawa's chocolate factory! As a fine connoisseur of the culinary arts, his ideas are as large as his belly, and that's why he challenges all of Amakna: whoever can find the ingredients in his succulent treats will be rewarded. Some logic, a little bit of luck and a spoonful of gastronomy, such are the ingredients that make up FLEASTERMIND!
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Update 2.19 is now live: you're literally about to enter a new dimension! The monsters you'll see, working for the master of the house, Enutrof the Miser, are upholding chest law. The most vicious of them all? King Nidas, who would sell his soul to Sram for the very kingdom that was entrusted to him... Discover the 2.19 update before rushing into the game!
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New: the Enutrof emote!
2014-04-15 10:00
When every Twelvian will be going to wander all through Enutrof's cellar, you can show off the new Enutrof emote. No need to dig deep to find this treasure: it's available in the Great Emporium right now and, until April 28, offered as a subscription gift!
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Update 2.19 arrives tomorrow! Padded boots? Check! Thermo-resistant cloak? Check. Little Dragoturkeys sandals? Check as well! Bottle of ripate beer? Maaaybe not such a good idea... You only have one day left to prepare and get ready to explore the world looking for Enutrof's treasures. Are you ready? All you have left to do is check out the video!

To cover all our bases, please watch the presentation video right now! Right under this text. There. No, not here. There. Yes, right. No, not on your right. There. Theeeere you go.
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Wealth, gold, and big drooly monsters, those of you who have tested the beta have already been to Enurado and glimpsed these wonders. But now, we have a DOFUS Time video to show the rest of you what's to come on April 15!
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In a few days' time, Twelvians will gain the tremendous privilege of being able to access divine dimensions. Penetrating the intimacy of the Gods, intruding on their little patch of peace and quiet, and marvel at their (sometimes somewhat weird) interior decoration: soon, the dimensions of each of the twelve Gods will have no secrets for the adventurers of the World of Twelve! The Ingloriom, this vast Krosmoz stake previously reserved to the divine entities, will then be meerly a step away for anyone and everyone! Enough to please the most curious of them... But have those places always been free of any twelvian meddling? I wouldn't be so sure... Judging from an letter exchange between the Magus Ax and his brother, it looks like the astral explorer was the first one to set foot in Enurado, the God Enutrof's divine dimension...
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