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Buff Time! Frigost III and Spell revision on Tuesday
2013-04-24 17:00
Thanks to the weapon restrictions and the changes made to individual weapons in 2.11, one of the most problematic game imbalances in the history of DOFUS was erased. This means that, finally, our Game Design team can start re-boosting spells! On Tuesday, April 30, 2013, the Ankama Weather division predicts a downpour of additional spell damage in DOFUS!

Changes to Frigost III

Before we cover the changes coming for spells, a small update on Frigost III! Thanks to our earlier news about Frigost III stats, you already know that the bosses of Frigost III are slowly starting to fall to the most powerful players of DOFUS. In fact, the very first Ice Dofus has been unlocked today by Snyler of the Hecate server! But there are still some fights that have some minor balancing issues.

On Tuesday, April 30, 2013 we will make some changes to Missiz Freez in order to:
  • Reduce the difficulty for groups of 5, 6, 7, or 8 characters.
  • Correct certain flaws in this dungeon's fights that allowed classes with MP removal abilities to solo the dungeon without great difficulty.

In addition, we found that the experience gained by fighting Frigost III monsters was not really a balanced reward for the challenge and time that the fights required. Therefore we will increase the experience given from all Frigost III monsters and bosses by 20%.


Increased Spell Damage

Now that we have had the chance to revise both the operation of weapons and the hit points of monsters (two longstanding projects that were necessary for the long-term welfare of the game), we can tackle another project that has been in development for a long time.

This coming Tuesday, we will conduct a comprehensive enhancement to spell damage for all classes in the game. The objective of this change is to keep fighting dynamic and allow support classes to maintain some independance for solo play without overshadowing their important class roles.

Most of the changes will mean that the base damage of a spell will be increased by a certain percentage. Not all spells will be affected (for example, Iop's Wrath, or the most powerful Cra spells). On average, we have tried to increase spell damage by approximately 20% (although your final damage will still depend on your equipment and characteristics).

One spell in particular will undergo a more intensive change:
The Eniripsa spell Mot Olov has been completely redesigned. This spell now gives the Eniripsa a bonus to power and damage for three rounds, but puts them into the Altruistic state for the same number of rounds. This new spell will allow Enis to increase their damage if they do not need healing.

Here is a brief list of the spells that will be affected by these changes. Please note: the % of the increase in spell damage will be added to the spell's base damage. Your final increase in spell damage will depend on your character's equipment and characteristics.

  • Heads or Tails: +25% damage to enemies
  • Bluff: +40%
  • All or Nothing: +20%
  • Topkaj: 25%
  • Rough Tongue: 25%
  • Feline Spirit: +20% and the spell's range is increased by 1
  • Reflex: +20%
  • Playful Claw: +20%
  • Claw of Ceangal: +20%
  • Rekop: +15%
  • Fate of Ecaflip: +20%
  • Felintion: +20%
  • Perception: The damage bonus is now fixed and affects allies in an area of effect. This effect can be accumulated once per character.

  • Forbidden Word: +25%
  • Wounding Word: 30%
  • Vampiric Word: +20%
  • Mot Olov: Spell redesigned, see above
  • Coins Throwing: +30%
  • Shovel Throwing: +25%
  • Ghostly Shovel: +20%
  • Mound: +25%
  • Prime of Life: +20%
  • Shovel Kiss: +25%
  • Shovel of Judgement: +15%
  • Slaughtering Shovel: +10%
  • Unsummoning: +10%

  • Natural Attack: +25%
  • Aggressive Glyph: +30%
  • Blindness: +30%
  • Cloudy Attack: +30%
  • Bubble: +20%, critical hit chance changes to 1/40
  • Backlash: +10%
  • Burning Glyph: +10%
  • Glyph of Repulsion: +30%

  • Intimidation: +10%
  • Pressure: +5%
  • Divine Sword: +10%
  • Destructive Sword: +15%
  • Concentration: +5%
  • Cut: +10%
  • Sword of Judgement: +10%
  • Strengthstorm: +5%
  • Celestial Sword: +5%
  • Sword of Fate: +5%

  • Tofu: +10%
  • Ghostly Claw: +35%
  • Whip: +40%
  • Crow: +25%
  • Lashing Claw: +20%
  • Gobball: +10%
  • Boar: +10%
  • Crackler Punch: +15%
  • Bwork Magus: +10%
  • Crackler: +10%
  • Red Wyrmling: +5%

  • Retreat Arrow: +25%
  • Poison Arrow: + 30%
  • Magic Arrow: +25%
  • Frozen Arrow: +30%
  • Burning Arrow: +25%
  • Atonement Arrow: +5%
  • Bat's Eye: +10%
  • Paralysing Arrow: +30%
  • Plaguing Arrow: +15%
  • Lashing Arrow: +25%
  • Tormenting Arrow +25%
  • Punitive Arrow: +5%
  • Destructive Arrow: +5%
  • Absorptive Arrow: +5%
  • Slow Down Arrow: +10%
  • Explosive Arrow: +10%

  • Blazing fist: +25%
  • Hangover: +25%
  • Alcoholic Breath: +25%
  • Schnaps: +25%
  • Tipple: +25%
  • Melancholy: +10%
  • Pandatak: +25%
  • Explosive Flask: 15%

  • Extraction: +20%
  • Explobomb: +15%
  • Grenado: +15%
  • Boomerang Daggers: +10%
  • Deception: +15%
  • Water Bomb: +15%
  • Pulsar: +10%
  • Carbine: 15%
  • Blunderbuss: + 15%

  • Sacrier's Foot: +50%
  • Assault: +10%
  • Dissolution: +10%
  • Absorption: +40%
  • Fury: +20%

  • Bramble: +25%
  • Dollish Sacrifice: +10%
  • Tear: +15%
  • Manifold Bramble: +25%
  • Aggressive Bramble: +10%
  • Wild Grass: +15%
  • Bush Fire: +25%

  • Tricky Trap : +15%
  • Deviousness: +20%
  • Insidious Poison: +15%
  • Mistake: +20%
  • Tricky Blow: +25%
  • Mass Trap: +40%
  • Poisoned Trap: +40%
  • Chakra Concentration: +40%
  • Silence Trap: This effect now stacks once per character
  • Con: +25%
  • Location: +20%, Intelligence theft increased
  • Lethal Attack: +10%
  • Lethal Trap: +10%

  • Pilfer: +20%
  • Anchor: +25%
  • Harpooner: +10%
  • Torrent: +25%
  • Backwash: +25%
  • Vapour: +25%
  • Periscope: +25%
  • Surge: +15%
  • Ambush: +25%
  • Froth: +20%
  • Trident: +20%

  • Hand: +35%
  • Frostbite: +30%
  • Xelor's Sandglass: +30%
  • Dark Ray: +20%
  • Shrivelling: +25%, damage is now less random
  • Temporal Dust: +25%
  • Clock: +20%
  • Xelor's Punch: +20%
  • Mummification: +damage buff removed, replaced with a Power buff - +80% power at level 1, +150% power at level 6.

Masqueraider :
  • Reinforcement: +20%
  • Martelo: +30%
  • Picada: +30%
  • Retention : +30%
  • Furia: +20%
  • Distance: +25%
  • Capering: +20%
  • Decoy: +25%
  • Apathy: +20%
  • Boliche: +15%

A complete changelog for this interim update will be released next week.
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Skysaltt 12 May 2013 - 14:17
Finilly mot olov isnt completely crap anymore nice one guys
Kilo-Killer 07 May 2013 - 07:33

(kakisuka @ 05 May 2013 18:42) *

(regie @ 05 May 2013 17:53) *
is it possible for agi cras to get a set near end game that involves a bow if were not as good in close combat any more

Maged Archetypal or Archaic Bow are your only options, unless you beat the Count and then you can use Archon's Bow.

Bows are useless for cras nowdays.

I loved placebow and Angelika bow aka ("Marilin moun bow") all the other bows just have too much AP use for dumb hits, cras has good ranged spells thats why you should better look for daggers and staffs but they fucked up all weapons, so, anything will be the same stupid thing so u can use w/e ;P
SilentRevenge 06 May 2013 - 11:36

(bliep @ 06 May 2013 10:56) *
this update have maked cras too overpownend now they can hit with there 3 ap arrowa
Damage-wise, the Cra's 3AP spells are still among the lowest out of all the classes. It's not their damage that makes them strong, it's their effects.
bliep 06 May 2013 - 10:56
this update have maked cras too overpownend now they can hit with there 3 ap arrowa
kakisuka 05 May 2013 - 18:42

(regie @ 05 May 2013 17:53) *
is it possible for agi cras to get a set near end game that involves a bow if were not as good in close combat any more

Maged Archetypal or Archaic Bow are your only options, unless you beat the Count and then you can use Archon's Bow.
regie 05 May 2013 - 17:53
is it possible for agi cras to get a set near end game that involves a bow if were not as good in close combat any more
Revil-Nunor 03 May 2013 - 17:41

(zastavka @ 01 May 2013 14:42) *
Perception doesn't work as it should. Please fix it.
Ankama is well aware of the problem.
chaoman 03 May 2013 - 08:39

(zastavka @ 01 May 2013 14:42) *
Perception doesn't work as it should. Please fix it.
LAMBpoppy 03 May 2013 - 04:14
DoonKan ~

Im talking about kolo at high levels, I dont have problems with PvM, the issue is if i simply want a WIN for the Daily bonus, Usually the Enemy team always has a Unbewitchment, Erosion, or -Duration Character, THIS I know is a Strategy in order to win, but if these chars are used with players who Strictly use them in kolo, and those who get Expensive Exo Maged sets, well getting a Daily Bonus is not likely to happen.. Because like u said its a 1 turn deal. Well -1 Duration makes that spell have no use. besides I know lvling it to help out other chars in PvM Bosses helps but when do you see people doing dungeons together at high levels unless its a leecher, Their Alt or Their other Accounts that are OP as well..? Besides I know most servers Population isnt so High so switching servers has no effect, almost anyone and everyone doesnt just run a dungeon with Random people, they do it for Drops Mats and Cash. Its for themselves. Yet after all of I just Would like atleast some of the Imunity or Truce would not be able to get knocked off, ~ Example: "Casts Immunity , Enemys turn.. Blah blah casts Ghostly shovel, or Casts bombs with -1 duration befor bomb explodes, or Sadi / Osa to blow everything off in 1 turn.." This stuff basicky Defeats the purpose of Feca unless all you do is PvM which all im actually asking for is 1 win a day in kolo because all I can afford is one account and I dont buy origines or able to farm Dungeons all day sub 4 ~ 8 chars for a month. For those who are like me would probably agree, Specially sence the update made many Chars hit +100~300 dmg with a simple spell Through Feca Shields. ~ Just Please understand..

DoonKan 03 May 2013 - 01:01
Uhh maybe in lower lvl activities you won't really use the class spell, but in later lvls the bonus from the spell is actually really powerful. You mentioned +20% resist, meaning you have lvl 5. At lvl 6 the spell can be cast on multiple allies and self, and with the new limitations on weapons most of my team rarely uses weapons anymore. 25% resist on a hit from a monster hitting for 1k dmg reduces it by 250. Coupled with normal shields if the target has those on as well this reduces a significant amount of dmg. Sounds like you just need to lvl up more and experience your class more. You have some high lvl chars, but if you aren't fighting anything where the spell is useful then of course is it not worth anything. But, then think about it, my sram never uses class spell. It can be very good versus a boss in frig 2, but I rarely use the spell and tend to forget about it, and I've survived regardless. My iop doesn't even have brokle lvld. The spell is amazing, but I have lvl 1. Most of my fights don't last long enough to utilize a second cast with the cooldown. And, hey, if you want to drop your class spell, gain a spell like the new eni spell and be unable to shield for the duration of the buff I'm in. Most fecas would not use it at all unless they could easily blitz something which is the case with eni's spell.