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Fan creations The February FanTape! Community - February 24, 2017

The FanTape was launched in January on the Krosmaga site and is coming to this month! The idea is to promote a video and YouTuber each month to introduce (or reintroduce) them to the Ankama community. You can share your favorites with us too!

Dofus The DOFUS Cup Revealed! Event - February 23, 2017

You’ve been waiting several weeks now, and it’s finally here: the DOFUS CUP is gonna spice up your evenings from March 11th until April 2nd! 

It's time for a new Dungeon Rusher! For this thirteenth edition, we're giving you the chance to prove yourself against a tentacular monster: the Giant Kralove! On top of that, there's a brand new shield to be won. It's time to make 13 your lucky number!

Dofus Mimisymbics come in twos! Shop - February 22, 2017

It's Carnival time, so keep your intentions masked! Pretend to be someone you're not and trick your enemies with the help of the Mimisymbics! From Wednesday, February 22nd to Monday, February 27th, get two Mimisymbics for the price of one.

If you've always dreamed of being a god, having their powers, and having an army of creatures at your command, you'll love Krosmaga! You'll be able to play it anywhere, anytime, and even receive gifts.

Dofus Saint Ballotwine Mystery Box Shop - February 17, 2017

For Saint Ballotwine, gift yourself (or gift someone else!) a Mystery Box dripping with love! Choosing a gift for someone you really care about can turn out to be migraine-inducing. Why not let fate decide instead? The Saint Ballotwine Mystery Box is waiting for you in the Shop, for 700 Ogrines. Take the plunge! 

With a stately demeanor, fur shining, and tail proudly raised, he's getting ready to make his grand entrance to the World of Twelve. Truth be told, he's already been sticking his snout in it for a while now. And he's waiting for one thing: to leave the shadow of his kennel, and for you to put a leash around his neck. Paws off! Are you sure you know how to manage your Ouginak?

With a month and a half under its belt already, 2017 can seem a bit gloomy… Fortunately, Gamakna is here! It's the free magazine which reveals Ankama to you, behind the scenes. Read it on your PC, or download it on your tablet or smartphone!

Whether it's snowy or not this weekend; are you wondering what you'll do to amuse yourself? Look no further: we have what you need! From Saturday, February 18th, 9AM (Paris Time), until Sunday, February 19th, 9AM (Paris Time), enjoy 100% bonus XP and Drop!

Update 2.40 has leaped out of the kennel on Valentine’s Day, and it won’t be loving feelings that the new class of characters (available to all) inspire... more like RAGE! Your Ouginak is waiting for you in the game, sitting quietly, waiting for the order: “Sic ‘em!”

Dofus A free Black Tiwabbit Pet! Shop - February 09, 2017

“To survive a war, you gotta become war”: At least, that’s what I imagine the Black Tiwabbit would say if it was a vagabond with a stone cold heart. But that's not the case. However, until February 13th (included), you will be given a Black Tiwabbit with any purchase of a pack of 10,000 ogrines or more!

Dofus The Ouginaks: Rage and Bone Info - February 07, 2017

They have existed since the beginning of the World of Twelve. One has but to contemplate their habits and customs to instantly have a clear glimpse of the Primitive Age! A resurgence of faith in the canine god Ouginak has brought them back to the center of the adventure. But how does one explain the bestial return of the hairiest god of them all (after Ecaflip)?

Dofus Beta 2.40 is now online! Info - February 01, 2017

You've been waiting for them, now here they are in flesh and bone (especially bone): the Ouginaks! This new character class explodes onto the scene with multiple advantages: tracking/trailfinding, traps, lures, and peerless hunting skills. Join the pack!

Dofus A pet Minikrone for free! Shop - January 30, 2017
From now until February 3rd, you can melt for a colorful pet. For every basket worth at least 9,000 Ogrines, you'll get a pet Minikrone for free. What are you waiting for to let this joyful rainbow of happiness enter your life? 
Dofus The 1.29 Shop is online! Shop - January 27, 2017

A few months ago, after a long time spent begging for its return, to rousing declarations of love, the DOFUS player community finally got to have its teary-eyed reunion with its first love. Today, it's the Shop, the DOFUS 1.29 version, that's reopening its doors! 

Dofus 1.29 server feedback Info - January 26, 2017

While the Gamakna that was published last Friday in FR (EN version coming really soon) concentrated mostly on checking in with you and on the changes to the current version of DOFUS, we've decided, after your requests, to take a look at the state of 1.29.

Throw yourself into the abyss while staying quite warm… in your Foggernaut Haven Bag! Until January 30th only, there are two ways to get your hands on it: in the Shop (3,500 OG) or  offered as a gift when you spend 6,000 OG or more in the Shop in one basket, until January 30th! Add some depth to your game with the Foggernaut Haven Bag.

You have been many to mobilize in order to lift your Guild to the highest honor, and reach the top of the rankings. Today, learn who the winners of Clash of Guilds, Season 2 are!

It's time for the twelfth Dungeon Rusher! This time, you're going toe to toe with a creature famous for its hairy legs! No, not the Bworkette; we mean the Korriander! Head to his lair on January 21st or 22nd.

Dofus A Dragorace Set for free! Shop - January 19, 2017
From now until January 23rd, there's an exclusive offer to set you alight! Well… not literally, of course. Whenever you purchase a 7-Day Subscription Pack, you'll get the Dragorace Set for free, as well as the Woolly Set Mystery Box! Don't miss out! 
Dofus Get 20% more Ogrines! Shop - January 18, 2017

Is Father Kwismas working overtime? Probably, because until Friday evening, all packs will contain 20% extra Ogrines for the same price! Quiiick, get to the Shop!

The symptoms have been persisting since Sunday: an arched back, a forward lean, a gait like a zombie, and incessant dribbling. You know what it is! Too much Bamboo Milk is dangerous for your health… Fight fire with fire thanks to the Ethyl Emote, offered as a gift with an Ogrine purchase or for 4,500 OG in the Shop, from January 6th to 9th!

Dofus Happy New Year! Info - December 31, 2016
Ankama wishes everyone reading this an absolutely perfect 2017! Oh yes! To be as successful as possible over 365 days, you'll need willpower, hope and... gifts! That's why, complete with our best wishes for the new year, we're giving you a code to use until 11:00 (Paris Time) on January 3rd!

The pleasure of giving, the joy of receiving: oh yes, that goes for the World of Twelve too! It's time to get your family and friends to discover DOFUS: for a week, referrers – both old and new – will receive 30% (instead of the usual 10%) of the amount spent by their referrals!