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Dofus Trick or Mystery Box? Shop - October 25, 2014
It's nigh time for the end of the world! But that won't do, so we'll settle for a Mystery Box instead!
Inside, you'll find sets, pets... Everything you need to celebrate Al Howin!
So, will Ecaflip smile upon you? Try your luck before Sunday, October 26, at 23:45 (EST)!
It is sometimes useful to put one's ogrines in the same basket. For proof: for any basket of 6,000 OG or more bought in the Great Emporium, you'll receive, as a gift, the Tofume Ghost pet! Take advantage of this offer before Thursday, October 23, at 23:45 (EST).
Did you hear that? Shhhhh... Listen... There! There it is again! Scratching, swarming, creeping: sounds made by the Vilinsekts, thieving parasites that only recently started invading walls and beams in Astrubian homes! The situation is quite dire indeed, so much so that the Astrub Bugle has decided to sound the alarm...
To all disillusioned adventurers out there, those of you that are sure they know the World of Twelve like the back of their hand and that it held no more surprise for them: may they (and everyone else for that matter) prepare for their greatest adventure yet! Because the Microkrosmoz is opening its enormous doors! And you, will you be up to the task at hand? 
You might not be aware of it, as we're keeping that on the down-low, but DOFUS is actually celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary. I know, crazy, right? Who would have thought! So it got us thinking: "How do you see DOFUS in 10 years?". Quite the question, right? Answer it with a drawing, or any kind of graphical creation, with the utmost liberty. You could make your way into the top 51 of our creative contest!
Today is World Egg Day! To celebrate, we're offering you the opportunity to win numerous gifts by participating in our "Legg's Go!" creative contest, from October 12 to October 26
Wakfu The Ektope Set is alive! Shop - October 10, 2014
Feeling a bit too alive lately? Have you been thinking about changing things a bit? Then the Ektope Set is just what you’re looking for. Until October 13th, get the entire set for only 2.800 OG!
Since the start of the beta, some of you have been living an amazing experience: being reduced to the size of a Iop's brain! Discovering the world in a whole new light, sneaking in all the little corners, spying on one's neighbor by squeezing through a key hole: Microkrosmoz will be available on October 14 in the Free to Play area!
You've already overcome eight obstacles! Pressure is building up... and you're going down... down below the oceans, since we're taking you Foggernaut fishing! Careful though, now is not the time to be hitting rock bottom!
This was yesterday! After months of superheroes and super-villains, in December came the Multimen! This tenth quiz in our grand contest is here to remind you of that, but also to keep getting you closer to the P'Nata Shield. If you want it, only one way: be a... super-player!
Wakfu Try Archiduk for free! Info - October 08, 2014
It seems some of you are still hesitating about getting an Archiduk sidekick. For from them to leave you hanging, the time keepers brotherhood swoops back in full force: your sidekick is now available as a free test for a week!
Ankama Office: Episode 6 Info - October 07, 2014
Last time, we left our very own Botbusters aghast... Although Lichen, Bill, and Simsoft had just administered the beating of their lives to the bots who infested the Agrid server, the infernal machines were just coming back, more numerous and, worse, faster then expected! Our bot hunters couldn't just leave things be... Discover their awesome plan in the new Ankama Office
2.24 Beta on-line! Updates - October 07, 2014
The Xelorium tick-tock is still haunting your nights and yet, the next update is already in Beta! And you won't sleep any better after that, for it will buzz, cry, and sing until you go nuts! Fortunately, an old acquaintance is hidden in a corner…
For this eighth stage in our great contest, we could have asked you what was the record that was beaten on Februray 27, 2011. The correct answer would have been, of course, the number of simultaneous connections with 216,000 players connected at the same time! But you'd call us out on our roguish side. So instead, we'll test you about two very classy releases.
Following the opening of Xelorium, Becky Stein has stumbled out of her library to give you a special lecture about some very special guardians... Ready your pens, erasers and notebooks, and pay close attention: her precious informations could very well be quite useful! 
You've correctly answered the first six quizzes in the contest celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the DOFUS MMO? Perfect! Of course, you'll have to stay on course if you want to get the next item: the P'Nata Cape is the goal of this next and seventh stage. A reward that you'll need after today's flashback: Frigost!  
DOFUS on a web browser means being able to play your favorite MMO from wherever. Whenever. All you'd need is a computer and an internet connection. After the closed Beta that launched back in the end of May, the open beta-test is finally ready to begin...
Archiduk has stopped hovering and landed in the Emporium! Looking for a new sidekick to watch your back and protect you from hard knocks? Archiduk is here to serve you!
What passion! And what talent! Not only are you many to participate in the contest, but to top it off, you are many to answer it correctly! The Fairyworks and the P'Nata Wand have been flying off the shelves! Today, we continue, on to DOFUS 2.0!
They're watching from across Xelorium, patient and watchful... Congratulations! You've convinced them: the Brotherhood of Archiduks will lend you their help in your quest! Discover these new sidekicks in a video! 
You're already half-way through! Who among you can already brag about his P'Nata wand? Congratulations! This means you've won them all so far. Don't get too cocky if you want the cape... The theme of this quiz is: the Dark Knights. So. To your Tormentators... take aim... fire!
So, you think you're a master of time? Well, everyone needs a little fantasy in their lives... But we can help you make believe with the Timeless Emote! When you subscribe for three months or more, you'll get the emote for no extra charge.
The 2.23 Update is online! Updates - September 23, 2014
"Come the night, ring the hour. Days gone by, still I stand." Hear the lament of Vortex, leader of the Fugitives. Like yourself, the main Xelorium boss is from the World of Twelve. But he has lost his mind. Will you get out of the Gears of Xelorium without a scratch on you? The answer lies in the new update, online right now!
We are men of our word! Gifts meant to thank you for your fidelity, the Veteran Rewards are finally here (for realsies this time)! When, where, how, and what exactly? We're telling you (again), in that exact order!
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