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Several weeks ago, we told you that Account Management was going to undergo some improvements. And not just graphically: your phone number is also going to feature significantly! Make your life easier by linking your number to your account right now... and win a prize!

This year’s theme of Dungeons and Challenges will impress you starting from the first update of 2016! Who other than the Big Tease could look at you out of the corner of his eye with such disdain? Which other dimension could possibly represent challenges and gambling better than the one related to our greatest challenge, DOFUS the film?

Black Rat, White Rat, and Sphincter Cell: 3 dungeons, 1 weekend. Complete at least one of these three dungeons between 12 :01 AM (Paris time) on Jan 30th and 11 :59 PM (Paris time) on January 31 and you will receive the rare Rat Shield!

Ankama Letter to the Community #2 Info - January 29, 2016

The teams that bring you all the Krosmoz’s different productions spill the beans on their thoughts and intentions for 2016: DOFUS, the DOFUS Movie, DOFUS Pogo, DOFUS Touch, WAKFU, WAKFU Season 3, KROSMASTER and KROSMAGA: all is laid bare!

You too can Tease in that game... Be more cunning than the Ecaflipus denizens: change your appearance while keeping your characteristics. And the easiest way to do so are the Alyverols! Good thing they're offered for free with packs of Ogrines, from now until January 31st! And if you think you're suddenly hearing voices, you have nothing to worry about: the Alyverols always have something to say!

Dofus See you in Ecaflipus! Info - January 27, 2016

Ever since the Dimensional Voyagers first discovered the Xelorium, the inhabitants of the World of Twelve have been getting ready to visit the furriest of the gods: Ecaflip! The Ecaflipus Dimension will be accessible starting on 2 Feburary. We can hear you purring with joy already...

Dofus Update 2.33 is in Beta! Updates - January 18, 2016

This weekend you have seen the first few pictures from the next update. Today, we’ve got a trailer for you, which will reveal a little more about the new Divine Dimension which is coming in February! And it’s happening at the right time, seeing as it’s directly linked to the film DOFUS – Book I: Julith!

Moving can be unsettling, even for an adventurer! To ensure your character settles comfortably into the new account you’re transferring them to, we are offering you 15 free subscription days for this account right now! Have you already used this service? No worries, it’s retroactive!

Mighty mages have appeared in the World of Twelve! Masters of Light and the four elements, the Huppermages are finally within your grasp! As promised in this article, which appeared at the end of December, you’ll be able to access this new class via a pack starting today!

« Look up, in the sky! It's a Piwi! No, it's a Crow! No... It's a Huppermage! » Starting tomorrow, at 4PM (Paris Time), you might come across a few of these peculiar characters in-game! Read up on their characteristics and watch the new class video!

Ankama It's Kwismas in February! Event - January 08, 2016

In a few days, it'll be here: the film DOFUS will be on (nearly) all cinema screens across France! And since it's thanks to you that we've come so far, we wanted to say thank you with some gifts.

The game servers are now available, and you can get back to your DOFUS adventures without fear.

Linking together games, mangas, novels, animated series... the heroes of the DOFUS feature-length movie are altogether the face of the World of Twelve and the perfect embodiment of Ankama's transmedia strategy. So it's only natural that they'd join us in wishing you a very happy new year 2016!

What little eyes you have! What huge headache! I smell a party hangover and tiredness... Need a tonic? We have what you need! To celebrate the New Year and help you get back on your feet, enjoy a double XP week-end!

Dofus The new class is classy! Info - December 29, 2015

"Fire, air, water and earth, only a Huppermage masters all!”* Here's what might just be the motto of the Huppermages, the new class in DOFUS. Why? Because they master the four elements all at once!! How can you unlock this new class? That's what we're here to talk about!

*Any resemblance to a generic animated series is deliberate.

Animation Oh! The Gifts! Event - December 23, 2015

And so 2015 draws to a close; it's time for the arrival of 2016 (and some gifts too!)  Behind each gift is a unique clip from the film, DOFUS – Book I : Julith . How can you unlock these gifts? Share the hashtag #DOFUSXMAS on social media!

Get ready to rumble with delight! From December 22nd (04:00 PM Paris time) to December 29th (ending at 11 :59 PM Paris time) the Wrath of Bolgrot emote will be added to your purchase when you buy packs of 6 000 Ogrines (or more). This powerful emote can be used to toast the buns of your enemies or get your significant other fired up ! 

Dofus Kwismas Mystery Box! Shop - December 21, 2015

Why wait for Kwismas to give yourself a treat? It’s up to you to make sure the first gift appears under the Itzting! There’s no time like the present (for a present)! Yes, the new Mystery Box is here, and it’s redolent with the scent of orange peel, roasted chestnuts and Yule log! 

Jeu en ligne The First Gift of Kwismas! Shop - December 18, 2015

Kwismas time is nearly here! And even more subscription gifts can be yours from now until December 27th. That’s right, until Dec 27, the full Royal Guard set will be included with all 7 day subscriptions and the Tanuk gift will be added to all subscriptions of 1 month or more!

Dofus Get the Empire set for free! Shop - December 16, 2015

Can’t wait to pop the champagne corks on December 31st? While you wait, we’re giving you a chance to have a pop at the enemy! For any purchase of 700 Ogrines (or more), an Empire set will be given to you for free! You’ll have to be quick though, as the offer’s only valid until Friday, December 18th, 11:59PM (Paris Time).

Dofus Geisha Set style! Shop - December 11, 2015

Any adventurer with its wands and Geishax will have unparalleled style! The highly coveted Geisha Set comes with packs of 6,000 Ogrines and up until 15 December!

Remember that alt you made long ago but then abandoned? That alt had great potential; they might even have become one of the best adventurers the World of Twelve has to offer. But! They've been overshadowed by your main for ages, or they're stuck on an old account that's been gathering dust. Well, now you can fix that! All thanks to our new "transfer a character to another account" service, available now!


Their heavy footsteps echo on both sides of the Krosmoz. When you’re as big as they are, it’s hard to be discreet... But that’s alright, because they weren’t trying to be! Check out the new XL figurines! And don’t miss the Piwate Pack that’s also available in the Shop. 

Dofus Check out the new sub packs! Shop - December 10, 2015

The new subscription packs have landed, and they’ll be here to stay for the next few months! Starting today, step into a brand new chapter of the history of the Krosmoz!