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The mailboat from Vulkania has arrived at last, and it's so full of postcards and packages, its nearly sinking under the weight! Let's see which one was best...
The old Uplauncher is gone! the players who are still using it will note that the update to the new version will happen automatically next time they start DOFUS. 
Immerse yourself in the power and intrique of an ancient tradition of theater... and look good while doing it. This weekend when you subscribe to DOFUS for one month or more, you'll receive the complete Noh set for "noh" addtional charge!
It's hot. Figures, it's summer. So, of course, caring and compassionate as we are, we have something cool for you. Enter, the Frozen Mystery Box!
Will Ecaflip smile upon you? Test your luck before Thursday, July 24 at 11:59 PM (Paris time)!
The qualification tests for the 2014 Goultarminator have been completed and now, a complete list of participants is available for you to view. There's just one more formality to complete, settling on the team line-ups!
We promised you sweat, blood, and tears in Vulkania! Through your postcards, you send sweat, blood, and... laughter! And the contest isn't quite over yet! You have until July 24 to write one to whomever: the one your heart beats for, your mother, or even your dog... via Twitter! The three best postcards will earn a reward.
Deceptively quiet people who want to display their explosive temperament, party-goers who want to blow it up, happy blokes who like their pranks... They all have one thing in common: the Rogues' Explosive emote scroll! And they didn't find it in a powder keg either, but in packs of 13,000 OG and more
When legend lives... Updates - July 17, 2014
Her aura has been hovering over the World of Twelve for generations. Symbol of freedom for some, legendary creature for others, she has been at the heart of the most passionate of debates. She is adored by the Mini Inuits under the name of Kideebom... You know her as: the Whale!
Registrations and the test of speed for this 2014 edition of the Goultarminator are now over! But for the 3,900 players that have successfully passed this first test, it's just beginning! Let's make way for the vote, let's get on to the popularity contest!
Vulkania! Its rock beaches near the lava lakes, its sauroshell-safaris in the jungle, its adventurers barbecues... From now until the start of September, embark for the hottest isle in the World of Twelve!
You're vacationing in Vulkania, you lucky adventurers. But think of your little friends who don't have such luck! What message would you send them? Create your postcard, share it and attempt to win one of the three gifts we are giving out!
Finding your characters and playing DOFUS from a browser, wherever you are: this is the goal of the hard work our teams are doing. After a first closed beta phase that was only for Premium accounts, let's take this up a notch! Now, it is 50,000 players, hand-picked amongst our oldest active subscribers, that will participate in the beta!
You've known her as a sidekick. Mover, hard hitter, healer, Toxine allows you to play three fronts at a time using the flasks she sends you! But do you really know the one who fights by your side? Who are the ones we call the Toxines...?
Srambad Making-of Community - June 28, 2014
The city of thieves wasn't built in a day, and less so in a single stroke of the brush. What is hiding behind the heavy curtains of fog surrounding Srambad? Don't wait any longer, enter one of the brains from which the dark alleys of the King of Thieves' city came!
Meet your newest Sidekick in a brand new video... Experience a chemical reaction with Toxine! She's a poison hunter par excellence. We recommend keeping any acidic remarks about her to yourself, it could explode in your face. Whatever the situation, Toxine has the skills to liquify her enemies!
The great inter-server tournament is back this summer and registration is open as of today for all players willing to present themselves and represent their server. Register and go meet Goultard to take part in the speed test!
Do you recall those early days when you took your first steps in the World of Twelve (or the World of Eleven, if you're old enough)? Imagine a collection of nearly 300 pages containing the most beautiful artwork created since the birth of DOFUS... It's waiting for you in the Ankama Shop! And if you're one of the first to order it, it will even be signed!
Sales: week 1 Shop - June 25, 2014
For this first week of sales: a 30% reduction on shields, in order to protect yourself from the rain of promotions that will fall down during the coming weeks! From June 25 to July 2, the shield of your dreams is yours! The high point of the week is a special bundle including the Ugo Set!
There are those who don't look like much. Those who look like something they aren't. Those who have an attitude... They all have a point in common: mimisymbics! With the 2.21 update, the art of camouflage now extends to pets: enjoy!
The are the representatives of the tenebrous god's dimension, the one they call the Great Sneak. So, what are you expecting? No, they're not gentle, they're mean, lean, and horrible... Darker than your worst nightmares, more sinister than the deadliest plague, learn all about Srambad's bosses!
New: Criminal Emote! June 18, 2014
In Srambad, everyone tries to blend in with the background. Everyone has their own method, but the new Criminal emote is probably the only option that lets you do it with class! From now until 6 PM (Paris time) on Thursday, June 26 the Criminal emote is yours when you subscribe for three months or more!
You've seen her in the teaser trailer, her leather straps fluttering in the wind... She's the Queen of Thieves, looking down from her tower and sneering down on those who seek to challenge her! While Sram is still the boss of Srambad, this beauty in black is one of the most fearsome enemies you'll face in the new Divine Dimension available today in update 2.21!
Tonight will take place the long-awaited Lille Piano Festival, at the Saint Sauveur Train Station in Lille!  Come and witness a true battle without any bloodshed, hatred, or violence, but with a lot of talent! 
Ten days ago now, the beta server opened its gates and you sneaked into the dark areas still under construction in the 2.21 Update... And yet you want more! Discover the latest news on the 2.21 Update page and in the gameplay trailer! Two in one, what a steal...
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