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The Great Timekeeper and his staff are pleased to welcome you aboard the third Divine Dimension. They hope you had an enjoyable dimensional trip and wish you a pleasant stay in Xelorium. You are currently at beta access level, but on September 23, the entire update will be available on all servers!
Already 10 years are gone by! And our little DOFUS is a big guy now... Look at what he's become: a preteen with no shell-esteem issue! Don't you find it moving, after all these years, to see that gobballs are still frolicking, piwis piwing, and dungeon bosses scrubbing the floor with your face? 
Online Game It's a Birthday Blow Out Shop - September 03, 2014
It's never too early to get yourself a birthday gift, and do we have a suggestion for you! The new Anniversary Pack contains a multitude of delights for a perfect celebration!
Think you're infallible for anything DOFUS-related? Do you pretend to know, by heart, the recipe to the Vaulting Rye Bread and to be able to reach Lord Crow's Library with your eyes closed? The World of Twleve's history arcana have no secret for you? Now' the time to test your knowledge and, maybe, to walk away with the P'nata ceremonial set
Whether or not you've brightened the whole Krosmoz with your genius during the first two steps, you are too far gone now to stop there! Like a Xelor, you've put your finger in the gears and now nothing can stop you... The game has taken you! So... let the Great DOFUS Contest continue! 
Did you beat the first quiz like a dungeon boss? Or, instead, did you fail miserably, proving to all that you have all the brains of a Iop? Whether you want to take your revenge or scream to the world that DOFUS holds no secrets for you, the second stage of the Great Contest is waiting for you! 
Rushu was one of the winning servers that made it to the Goultarminator finals, and this weekend, starting at 18:00 (Paris time), Rushu will have a weekend of Double Experience, Double Drops, and free, unlimited Bunch of Keys recharges! The fun ends at 9 AM (Paris Time) on Monday morning, so get on the server and get your reward!
What's the time in the World of Twelve? Or rather: where's the time? In his domain, Xelor let you move between past, present, and future. But for what purpose? Starting today, in the 2.23 Update Beta, try and unwind... the Gears of Xelorium!
You've read, and read again, the devblog about Shadow. You crossed arms on the beta. You took part in the achievements points race. Are you happy with yourselves? Good. 'Cause now, we're removing the training wheels! Only the best (and even then, not all of them!) will survive on the Epic Server! Are you ready to confront the Grim Reaper right now? 
The sixth Goultarminator ended last Saturday with Rykke-Errel's victory. While we congratulate all the server's participants, let's not forget about our very own Rushu!
It had to happen sooner or later! Keeping with the times, Xelor has eventually decided to do the same as his colleagues: open his doors to the common mortal. Today, the God of Time unveils his tic-tac's tactics by letting you enter in the heart of his Divine Dimension via a video tour. Nothing less! Will you be able to master Xelorium's cranks and gears?
Online Game See Shadow... and die! Event - August 27, 2014
Quail, mortals! The time is near... On Tuesday, September 2, Shadow will open up his domain to you: the Server Epic is unique, international, and... deadly!
You've dreamed it, and Ankama did it! The new Veteran Reward system will allow us to reward your loyalty. That's right, you'll be able to show everyone at the Zaap your seniority with exclusive equipment skins. How does it work? Allow us to explain...
Vertigo? Apathy? Depression? Time to act! You may be one of the victims of "Dimensional Illness", a plague that gnaws at no less than 90% of Dimensional Travelers
The Goultarminator 6 selection phase is over! For 35 servers, the adventure stopped in its tracks yesterday. But for the 16 qualified servers' 64 teams, the fun is over, the real thing is about to begin. See you  on Tuesday, August 19 at 7PM (DUT) for the finale phases launch!
His name is Shadow and his goal is death... your death. No more will you enjoy the soothing touch of the Phoenix statue, because on Shadow's server, the monsters will have their revenge! Welcome to the beta of the Epic Server! Will you be the first hero of this new hardcore PvM server? Please enjoy an instructional video on your ultimate demise below...
Myths and legends have been told for years of this magestic, powerful creature... And now that we've found her, we can't let her die! The Whale of Frigost is beached and suffering on Albatrocious Rock. Her survival depends on you!
Ten years they've been looking for her! Simple myth to some, reality to others, the Frigost whale has finally resurfaced. Discover in video the Albatrocious Rock, where she washed ashore. Follow the campaign led by the Sea Chafer's crew to save her from a deadly intoxication!
Nature's friends and champions, this message is addressed to YOU. My crew and myself, Captain Pol Ouatnos, need your help!
Online Game Ankama Office: episode #5 Info - August 01, 2014
Up until now, we were quite discreet about the way we were fighting bots. An effective long-term battle plan requires lots of work. So we have put down our trumpets and picked up our brooms... Today, we expand our test to all the servers. That totally warranted a new Ankama Office!
The old Uplauncher is gone! the players who are still using it will note that the update to the new version will happen automatically next time they start DOFUS. 
The mailboat from Vulkania has arrived at last, and it's so full of postcards and packages, its nearly sinking under the weight! Let's see which one was best...
Immerse yourself in the power and intrique of an ancient tradition of theater... and look good while doing it. This weekend when you subscribe to DOFUS for one month or more, you'll receive the complete Noh set for "noh" addtional charge!
It's hot. Figures, it's summer. So, of course, caring and compassionate as we are, we have something cool for you. Enter, the Frozen Mystery Box!
Will Ecaflip smile upon you? Test your luck before Thursday, July 24 at 11:59 PM (Paris time)!
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