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From now until July 29th at 23:59 (Paris Time), it's going to get a bit more lively in the shop! An entirely new living Shushu Set is making its appearance. Also take advantage of 30% off two other living set pieces

Once more and to our greatest delight, you were many to answer this year's musical invitation! Laughs, frights, and passion: discover right now (and in song, if you will) the winners of this fourth instalment of the Gobbstock Festival!

Starting today, two new items are waiting for you in our shop: a Novice Pack, which as its name indicates is intended for newbies, as well as a 40% reduction on sidekicks! Hurry up and take advantage of them!

Dofus Dungeon Rusher #7: Event - July 18, 2016

It's time for a new Dungeon Rusher! For this seventh edition of the event, head to Kimbo's Canopy between Saturday July 23rd at 12:01 A.M. (Paris Time) and Sunday July 24th at 11:59 P.M. (Paris Time)!

Dofus Pet Pals Mystery Box Shop - July 15, 2016

Pets never let an occasion to butt in everywhere they can pass them by. Even in Mystery Boxes! From Friday, July 15, at 16 (Paris Time) to Monday, July 18, at 23:59 (Paris Time), get your hands on the Pet Pals Mystery Box and go home with one of these adorable pets! 

Dofus First ISK... Info - July 11, 2016

So we set a date, and then we wait, with feelings of apprehension mixed with restless eagerness. We wonder, will we go, will we not? D-day comes, and then... we don't have a choice any more: we have to go for it! The Inter-Server Kolossium will start unfolding tomorrow, on Tuesday, July 12! This will be our "first date", if you will…

It is time to show your dragoturkey that their loyalty has not gone unnoticed. Show them your gratitude by giving them the Treechnid Harness! You can find it in all good Shops (on our website and in the game, duh!) up until July 14th at the price of 3,000 OG!

More than 4.000 players have registered for the 2016 Goultarminator, and have taken up the challenge of the Test of Speed. Now, it is up to you to choose the champions who will represent your server during the tournament: to your votes!

You were very enthusiastic when we announced the Osamodas revamp, and most notably so about the idea of being able to fuse your character with their summons. This is why we are now asking you to contribute to the design of these transformations: take a few minutes of your time and fill out this survey!

Every gamer knows that exp is good, and this weekend, the good is getting better! July 9 and 10, we're boosting experience rewards by 25%!

Dofus Beat the summer heat! Shop - July 05, 2016

In this season, you're never safe from a heat wave! Of course there's Bamboo Milk, but the side effects can be a bit bothersome... the best solution is a parasol! And by some coincidence to which only Xelor holds the secret, right now there's actually a Parasol Emote in packs of 11,000 OG and more!

Nice weather is coming and with it an irrepressible desire to get a change of air. Aaah, its exotic beaches, its mysterious jungle, its creatures ready to devour you: how about taking a trip to that lost world that opens its doors each summer? Vulkania is coming back July 5th, but YOU won't be coming back! 

At this time of the year, some people are having to repeat a class and others are changing class. Pick a class! This summer, spend some time reinventing yourself without breaking the budget: until Friday the 1st of July, the class change service is offering a 30% price reduction!

Changing your secret answer is now possible via text message. Free and secure, this can be easily set up on the Account Management page!

The most attentive of you will have noticed a little bit of information that discretely slipped into the calendar last week. We are already planning a September release for the long-awaited Osamodas class redesign!

Today is the start of the fourth Gobbstock Festival! You know how it goes! We give you a theme and you send us a video and song that fits it. This year, we want to see you get creative about: “Gobbstock Dungeons.” Love them or hate them, it's up to you to express yourself! Describe the dungeon of your choice through song!

The King and his crew’s submarine was diving a little deeper into the ocean’s abysses. The Tritun Depths and its colourful corals gave way to a darker seascape with a heavy atmosphere... Viktoria clung more tightly to the King’s arm.

The change of season harks the arrival of the new subscription packs. A great way to fill up your free time over the holidays! Starting June 21, you’ll get new gifts

It went this way! Oops no, it went that way! Catch it while you can! The Japanese Mystery Box is back in the shop for 5 days, at a price of 200 OG. This elusive set is stuffed full of accessories and equipment that ensure you look fashionable under any circumstances!

A year has passed. A year for past and future champions to parade their might before Goultard. Now is the moment for them to step into the spotlight; registration for the Goultarminator is open and the Test of Speed can begin!

Viktoria, King Talas, Giles Vern, and Ferdi McGellan find themselves in a perilous situation. Stuck in a Foggernaut submarine, in the middle of the Depths of Sufokia, they're about to have an unforgettable encounter with a strange tentacled monster...
Dofus Dungeon Rusher #6 Event - June 14, 2016

You were eagerly waiting for it: the Dungeon Rusher #6 will take place next week-end! Merkator the super-villain will welcome you with "opened arms" in his dungeon between Saturday, June 25, at 12:01 AM (Paris Time) and Sunday, June 26, at 11:59 PM (Paris Time)

The third edition of DOFUS Backstage immerses you in the magical world of animation!

See how Victorino brings a fantastic drawing to life and creates one of the monsters from the Sufokian Abyss!

Skrot, the very first flying mount in the history of the World of Twelve, has been born! And he wants everyone to know about it! He will be winging his way all over our ogrine packs and subscription + mount combo packs up until June 13th! So it goes without saying: Skrot soars ahead of the rest!