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Dofus DOFUS 1.29 Info - October 25, 2016

You wanted it? Well, here it is! The old version of DOFUS, the infamous Version 1.29, as specially requested by some of our more nostalgic players, is now available to all subscribers.

Dofus Dungeon Rusher MAXXX Event - October 24, 2016

You've heard about Hercules, right? He's the half-man half-legend known for travelling the world and completing 12 big labors. What if we told you that, from October 27th to November 6th, you can become a legend yourself?

Turn down all invitations for next weekend: You have a date at the Xelorium and Fraktal hates being stood up! It won't take much to put her in a foul mood either, so if you want the Fraktal Shield, you'll have to be in top form from Saturday, October 22nd until Sunday, October 23rd!

Dofus Welcome to Ohwymi! Info - October 19, 2016

The Umphialla Corporation and its honorable investors are proud to present their new advertisement: Come and explore our fabulous region with its magnificent landscapes and charming inhabitants – a territory like no other.

Every year at the same time, the hair on your back starts standing on end and your teeth start chattering like a Chafer's bones half-way through a marathon. Are you cold? No! YOU'RE SCARED! Yes, the Al Howin dungeon has opened its doors again. But, perhaps you're too frightened to set foot in there? In that case, you might need the Al Howin Special Pack.

+ de Dofus Adopt a pet just like you! Shop - October 17, 2016

The Mastostroke is your best ally when it comes to reducing hair loss. Feel like a cuddle? Try a Pandawa Cub! People treating you like you're a monster? Opt for Rushu's Shushu! These are just a few of the new pets hanging out in the Shop; where, by the way, all of the "old" pets are now 50% off!

On the left: YOU, a valiant adventurer, bandanna-clad with a look that means business, finger on the trigger. On the right... Ohwymi! Desert sands, uncrossable dunes and Castucs who let their guns do the talking. A mismatched duel? But for who? The spiciest DOFUS update we've ever made is online right now: come and get a taste, it will blow your mind!

The moment when you start being way too cold for comfort is also usually the moment when you start thinking that Winter is coming, and with it, the end of the year. We don't know about you, but here in Roubaix, the puffa jackets, mittens, and assorted flannelette plaids are already out of the closets and put to good use... And thus, it is time to take stock of what's coming!

Whether it's sunny or not this weekend; are you wondering what you'll do to amuse yourself? Look no further: we have what you need! From Saturday, October 8th until Sunday, October 9th, enjoy 25% bonus profession XP!

Dofus Beta: Update 2.37 Updates - October 05, 2016

A duel in the Ohwymi dunes! Update 2.37 is now available for beta testing. The heat is scorching, tumbleweeds bounce along the empty street. There's just you... and Ohwymi. Be the first to uncover the bugs!

When the gods come together to discuss issues and drink a few sacred beverages then you know that, inevitably, one of them is going to come up with an idiotic challenge! "Who is going to give a hand to the adventurers this time?" As usual, the first to volunteer without a second thought is Iop! This is how the idea of "Fatal Blows" began...

Dofus A Black Dragoone for free! Shop - September 26, 2016

It's time to celebrate if you were planning on a purchase: the Black Dragoone is hiding in shopping baskets of 9,000 OG or more*! This little pet is ready to declare its undying love for you, for free, up until Friday, September 30th!

Dofus Subscription: the Fall packs! Shop - September 22, 2016
Subscription packs just flow by, like the days, and every pack is different. Change of season: change of packs. That change is taking place today!

Do you want a never-before-seen shield? You'll have to earn it! Head to the Royal Rainbow Blop Lair on Saturday September 24th and Sunday, September 25st for the 9th Dungeon Rusher!

The Kastout Breeders teased you about the Osamodas revamp and their spells. Nosawr informed you about Cania’s monsters and whereabouts, and even more! There’s only one thing left to do before you start this new adventure: Mind the Steppe!

Whether it's sunny or not this weekend; are you wondering what you'll do to amuse yourself? Look no further: we have what you need! From Saturday, September 17th until Sunday, September 18th, enjoy 25% bonus XP and Drop!

Dofus The shop’s buzzing! Shop - September 16, 2016

When Pandapils is flowing freely, it’s better to be in great company and have a change of clothes at hand! So, for the Pandawa party, all sets and living items are at 50% off! Take advantage of this offer until Monday, September 19th!

Hidden behind a rock in the Rocky Roads, Nosawr and his young companion are keeping watch.
"Nosawr, do you see anything coming?"
"All I can see is a dusty road and some grass."
"I wonder why you insisted on coming along with me anyway. There's nothing here."
"Hang on... there it is! The Astrub stagecoach!"

No, you're not dreaming: what you see appearing out of the steamy mist – built on the strength of 12 years of work, 12 gods and numerous dragons – is DOFUS, the MMORPG ready to take on the world. And it hasn't come alone...

"Hi Nosawr."
"Well, well, here's a familiar face ! I didn't expect to see you again so soon, child..."
"Believe me, I would have avoided it if I could, but I was wandering across the Cania Plains... everything has changed!"
"That's what I was telling you! For anyone who knows the place, traveling in these wild parts is different now..."

Dofus The brand new Feca emote! Shop - September 07, 2016

Are you always on the defensive, always ready to make a rampart of your body or to glyph someone in the face to save your comrades' lives? Then the brand new Feca emote is meant for you! Available in the 15 days subscription pack and the special pack! Don't hesitate!

Dofus 2.36: Cania bares its teeth! Info - September 05, 2016
"Well, my friend, you seem a bit lost..."
"A bit, yes... I'm on my way to Cania. But who are you?"
"Nosawr, cousin of Pinh, son of Terra Cogita, at your service… Cania, you say? Ho, ho, ho! That place is huge! And it's not a nice neighborhood! You don't know what you're getting yourself into..."
Until September 5 at 11.59 pm, a rather unusual and exclusive dragoturkey offer awaits you in the shop! The feathery dragoturkey (not plucked, not boiled, feathered) is free with any single shop order worth 9000 ogrines or more. Don't miss out!

The Cania plains have always been a dangerous place for travelers who might wander them without proper preparations, and soon the danger will increase!