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The World of Twelve is getting ready for Summer a little early: as soon as June 4th, the Spring Subscription Packs will bid you farewell! Get them while they're still here! And enjoy a preview taste of the upcoming summer season with an item pack we're keeping in the cooler. Get it through the Great Emporium at a reduced price before Sunday, May 24th!
So we promised, so we deliver! Thanks to your contributions, the DOFUS Zaap N°1 is now live! From now on, you set an alarm for every third Saturday of the month, to watch the latest installment of this zapping montage of videos from all over the world!
Before you rush headlong into this never-before-seen DOFUS comeptition, make sure you read this explanation of how the challenge works. It will be vital to your race to the top of the ladder!
#DOFUSCOG: Tally-ho!! Event - May 06, 2015
Dear guilds, today is the first day of the rest of your lives!! The points race for the Clash of Guilds contest is on: go forth and win!
There are already nearly 1,600 guilds registered to the Clash of Guilds contest... So, yeah, alright, 1,600 isn't so bad as numbers go, but we kinda oversold you to Tot: we assured him you'd crash the special server with your sheer numbers...
Big changes ahoy for this next update! Evolutions, improvements, or downright new game mechanics are waiting for you in this 2.29 Update! Before setting a appointment in June to check out the result, discover right now all that this major update will contain!
Dofus DOFUS Goals for 2015 Info - April 23, 2015
We’ve been taking in the events of 2014 and looking to the coming months (and years), and here we are already in April! But that’s no reason to deprive you of a look at our main projects, aspirations, and priorities in 2015. Here it is just for you: a brief overview and a forecast of our new objectives!
On the 17th of April 2015, a select few players have discovered the newest video game projects by Ankama. Let’s have a look back at the Ankama Line-Up 2015!
Today is the big day: the PC beta for the 3D version of Krosmaster Arena is now open! A new game field, but the same reliable principle: lead your figurines to victory against opponents from all over the world!
Guild leaders! It is time for your guild to make history! You have 2 weeks from today to enter the Clash of Guilds contest. Why should you enter? Well, because this is your chance for worldwide fame: your guild will be credited in the film DOFUS – Book I: Julith.
You're already familiar with Zaaps — portals that let you travel anywhere in the world in a flash. Well, allow us to introduce DOFUS Zaap!: in just a click of the mouse, you can take a peek at the best videos created by players from all over the world.
Defeat the Dragon Pig in his dungeon home on April 18 and 19, 2015, and you'll drop the new Piggy Shield!
In a few days, a contest will be taking place, giving you a chance to shine among the brightest stars (well, you'll have to win first, of course!). But this time, you won't be pitted alone against the rest of the world, you'll be pitted WITH YOUR GUILD against the rest of the world. You'll have to be creative, combative, inventive, and various other -tive words (maybe some -ive words as well for good measure) in order to win an appearance in the DOFUS feature-length movie!
And now, it is finally time to put the spotlight on the latest of the 7 horrible raiders! Well, not exactly right on him, because this huge hairy monkey, with muscles worthy of the God Iop himself, transforms when under the moonlight! The travel log of a Foggernaut who long ago was tasked with dealing with the beast has been found. We will now share with you an extract that is simply dreary...
The seven horrible raiders string along, being more and more of something quite different! After the schizophrenic, the bad seed, the pussycat, et al, it is now time for the big hairy dude to come into the picture. Be ready for a heavy dose of muscles and testosterone... in your face! As for the brain cells, well... maybe some other time. Here he is, the Warrior of KOs!
Your mounts are going in circles in their paddocks, like caged Boowolves. Your pets are jumping up and down and sideways while shrieking at the top of their lungs! And you, you just can't wait for the opening of the hunting season... a hunt for the Temple Raiders and the new trophies, of course! You won't have to wait any more, for your patience has been rewarded: just go over to the beta!
Are you debating about whether to install protection for your account? We’ll help you decide! When you protect your account with Authenticator or Shield, starting today you will receive a 5% loot and XP bonus, as well as an exclusive emote!
Eighty-seven new level 50, 100, and 150 trophies are coming to the game! They represent that many new elements you'll be able to combine with your equipment: enough to optimize your strong points and hone your tactics! 
Are you hungry for challenge? Are you dying to slaughter Dreggons by the dozen? Well then, the Fleaster contest is just what you're looking for! Uphold your server's colors and try your chance at winning a double drop week-end!
As you all know, for a while now, a band of dastardly miscreants has been pillaging our places of cult. The instructions given by the Amakna Watch are very clear: don't panic, and do not let yourselves be intimidated by a fistful of bandits! Today, you will become more familiar with Anatak Goldisk, another of these 7 horrible raiders.
Video games, comics, animated series, movies, Ankama is on a roll and wants to tell stories in every possible and existing medium, pushing back the boundaries of imagination again and again. What better way for us to expand than a theme park where every ride can open a door leading directly to the Krosmoz? This will soon be a reality with the prestigious Ankama Land, in Roubaix!
Tyranna, Naganita, War T'Lillyput, and now Buddy Dubble: the hunt for the temple raiders never ends! If Buddy Dubble has one thing going for him, it's his amazing personality. Or rather, his amazing personalities!
Never one without the other. Or, in their case, you could say never one without the other six! The hunt for the 7 horrible raiders goes on. You have now met Tyranna the Terrible, as well as Naganita the feline warrior. Now, meet War T'Lillyput! Beware though, for never before has anyone seen baddest seed than him...
Raiders, miscreants, persons of ill repute - only yesterday did we start telling you about the 7 horrible raiders. Following in the footsteps of their first member, Tyranna the Terrible, these bandits wreak havoc and seed chaos in the temples of the twelve Gods, sacking and pillaging everything that stands (or even, in some cases, lays) in their path. Today, we present you with another among their numbers: Naganita the Ecaflip.