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It’s time to provide an epic start to Krosmaster for the year ahead, and what better than a terrific tournament? Oh, but it won’t be any old tournament… it’ll be the Krosmaster World Championship! Aside from the main tournament, guests will enjoy a packed itinerary of: side-matches, the testing of Ankama-boardgame prototypes and the chance to meet various game designers! Get your game on at Roubaix with Krosmaster on the 21st and 22nd of March!
Dofus New: change to an Eliotrope! Shop - February 24, 2015
You were dreaming of joining the ranks of the Eliotropes, who are already 256,110 members strong as of today? Make the dream come true using the class change service, your new access portal to the most mysterious people in all the World of Twelve!
Dofus The forest is calling! Info - February 20, 2015
"Renew the interest" in an area that had "gotten old", and re-organize it for "coherence's sake": these are the two driving ideas that lorded over the Treechnid Forest revamp. After hearing from Lorko on the graphical side of things, let's take a look at the gameplay side with the game design team.
It's more afraid of you than you are of it. That's something someone must have told you at least once... Of course, they lied! Fearful little bugs like that are all over the Arak-Hai Forest! But you should be more afraid of them than they are of you. They sting, they scratch, they claw, they bite, they poison... Welcome to the Web of Defeat, the 2.27 Update, available in-game today!
As you all know, a new boss has been called to reign over the Arak-Hai Forest. But that's all there is to it! In the 2.27 update, "The Web of Defeat", the really important thing is to not lose the thread! And to help you do just that, we give you a diabolic duo: the update note and the trailer!
Dofus Say it with a set! Shop - February 14, 2015
Love is in the air. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. So why not get you some of that? Celebrate St Ballotwine's, Ballotwine style, with your very own Sweetheart Set! Only 1000 OG until Monday, February 16, 23:45 (EST)!
Located near the edge of the Treechnid Forest, the Lair of the Rac Queen is the key element to the 2.27 update. But it's far from being the only thing that is new: the whole area has benefited from a revamping. Why? How? Before you set out to discover the area in itself by yourselves, let's hear the explications (from a graphical standpoint) of Lorko, the DOFUS artistic director!
Dofus Happy St Ballotwine's! Event - February 10, 2015
Loooove me teeeender, loooove me sweeet, neeeeever leeeeet meeee gooo... Yes, what? Can't you see I'm busy? Arhem. Whatever. You've been in love too. Where was I anyway? Ah yes. Now's the perfect time to declare your undying love, or fall in said undying love if you've not done so already (and seriously, what are you waiting for?): St Ballotwine's starts today!
A strange chant of ancient rhythms resonate within the hollows of the Treechnid Forest. When it reaches an open ear, keen adventurers can distinguish a few words: "As the Rac Queen among the Thwee Kings, so  her webs entangle the unwary ..." Any explorer worth their salt knows they’re entering the wood of the Arak-hai! To learn more, visit the beta today!
The dates for what? The Krosmaster World Championship! Yep! After two years of tournaments and national championships in France and abroad, Krosmaster is hitting new heights: the first World Championship will be held the 21st and 22nd of March at our Roubaix location and the Season 3 figurines will be exclusively available!
Better be on the look-out, the 2.27 Update: The Web of defeat, is coming soon in the DOFUS beta! And when it does, you'll be rolled, shocked and barreled, so the least we can say, is that you'll need to thread carefully! Be prepared to encounter more than one furry leg... And be sure to be on the Beta Server February 4 to confront the "Web of defeat"!
You've asked for it again and again, and now, here they are! Eliome and Friendrake, the friendly pets that emote for you, are both in the Great Emporium. And to mark this phila-fabulous event, we're offering a limited-time special. From now until February 1st, you can get Eliome and Friendrake together for just 9000 Ogrines.
A new graphical design that will make it easier to use, and a structure that adapts to all your screens: these are the only - but very important - modifications we made to the Kama Exchange. And as for the principles and inner workings of the "KE", the only way to make your trades secure, no changes!
We're not gonna lie to you, the Kwismas period is coming to an end... All the more reason to enjoy it to the fullest! Defrost your Dragoturkey, saddle up, and trek the Kwismas World far and wide, for in a few days, it will all be over!
Better than traveling around the World of Twelve in 80 days: traveling around DOFUS in a few minutes! Not an exhaustive look around, mind you. More like a broad overview of all the different aspects of the MMO, which any new player will walk away from with one single pressing need... the need to click "Play!" Don't believe it? Well, seeing is believing, so you can watch all eight videos right now!
Dofus Kwismas Island, extended! Event - January 13, 2015
There we go. It had to happen, sooner or later... The chocolates are no more, the decorations have been removed from the Itzting and banished to the attic, and already the white cloak of snow that covered your garden is melting before your very eyes. You'll have to accept this fact: Kwismas is over. But not Kwismas Island! No, the Island will remain open until January 27
Have you been waiting? The Ankama Authenticator application is now available, for all players, on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Thanks to this mobile app, your account is protected by your log-in details AND your mobile device! 
Now that you're done celebrating Fanny Eppy's Feast Day, we'd like to offer you an opportunity to go at it again: this week-end, go fight the Wa Wabbit in his dungeon and win an exclusive shield!
What little eyes you have! What huge headache! I smell a party hangover and tiredness... Need a tonic? We have what you need! To celebrate the New Year and help you get back on your feet, enjoy a double XP week-end!
Animation Happy New Year! Info - January 01, 2015
The whole Ankama team would like to wish you a great 2015! We hope that 2014 which just ended was up to your expectations and that this new year will reach even higher that the Mount Zinit itself!
The first animated pictures from the DOFUS animated feature film are here! We're almost a year from the cinematic release and we really wanted to show you a few shots from the movie. Of course, this teaser is a bit short, but we weren't gonna show you everything either, were we? We have to keep a few surprises up our sleeves!
Dofus Hungry for Kwismas treats? Shop - December 24, 2014
So that's it. Tonight is Kwismas. And you're feeling hungry. Luckily, Gingerbread sets are plenty to go around. So much so that they're given for free with any single purchase worth 2000 OG or more made in the Great Emporium, before December 31, 23:45 (EST)!
Animation Merry Kwismas! Community - December 24, 2014
ANKAMA wishes you a MERRY KWISMAS!! And since you answered the call with your guild pictures, it’s now time for some gifts!
To help put you in the festive mood, or at least under it, we're giving away free Kwismas Treetops with any Great Emporium purchase made with Ogrines! You can get one of them per account, so get them quick, as Kwismas will fade before New Year's might on December 31, 23:45 (EST)!
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