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Now, Ogrines are known to be more volatile and have many more applications than mere iron, so letting a Dragoone using it as a resting place may not be the wisest course of action. For this reason, if you buy a pack of 13,000 OG or more, you get the Pink Dragoone that was laying on it for free!

Before you go ahead and explore our letter, it is important to note that no dev have been harmed for this information ... well ... officially! Here are the details on what the different teams are working on in the KROZMOZ!

What a dilemma... on the Fairy Lax Day, you're supposed to slack like never before, and we go and spoil it all by offering you a double XP week-end! And not just any Double XP week-end, since this one works not only with fights* and quests, but also with professions! Starting Friday, April 29 at 5PM (Paris Time) and ending Monday, May 2, at 9AM (Paris Time): are you ready? Get set! XP!

Do you hate being unremarkable? Do you have a secret passion for beasts with a wriggling snout and bulging eyes? Well then you're weird, but no matter: today's your lucky day! The Boarhog has been spotted in the Great Emporium.

This weekend, participiate in Dungeon Rusher #4 to walk away with the new Royal Tofu shield! It's gonna get hot in the Royal Tofu House this weekend!

Dofus Eniripsa Emote Free! Shop - April 21, 2016
Update 2.34 is here! And with it, the Eniripsa class revamp! For the occasion, from the 21st to the 25th of April, the new Eniripsa emote will be free with any purchase of a pack of 13,000 or more Ogrines. Discover the other current offers!

Spiffy new Eniripsas, challenges by players for players, a dedicated notice interface for guilds, plus tons of other stuff we’ve shown you in the Devblogs and the beta is waiting for you in Update 2.34! Starting now!

Fan creations Seasons of Fun Event - April 15, 2016

Because we know that our Community is chock-full of incredible talent, and because we are always amazed to see your work, we're asking you to take part in an art contest to celebrate World Art Day!

Ankama Dofus 2016 Calendar Info - April 15, 2016

OK, yeah, we know... it’s April already! It’s true that receiving a calendar in April is a bit like getting a chocolate rabbit at Easter with his ears already bitten off. Not cool. But, better late than never, right? You can now take a look at what’s coming over the next few months with DOFUS...

Don’t miss this cool new offer, from today, April 12 at 16:00 (Paris Time) to April 17 at 23:59 (Paris Time)! When you make a purchase of 5,000 Ogrines* or more in the Shop, you’ll get the Gunsen Shield free with it! It’ll protect you from your enemies’ overly impassioned declarations (of war)...  

The Eniripsa class revamp is one of the major points in the upcoming Update with, amongst other new features, the Community Challenges! Between the devblogs and the DOFUS Live, you've already seen some of what we have in store: it is now time to go and see for yourself what we're offering you in the Beta server! 

Password recovery via text message is now available in most countries. And that’s just the start! Soon, you’ll be able to do all sorts of new things using your cell phone number...

This year, the year of Dungeons & Challenges, there’s a sizeable challenge in store for you... Imagine a dungeon boss controlled by a player. No way! Just imagine it, YOU, taking control of a dungeon boss! That’s what’s in store for you in Undercover Boss mode. Deceptively fun, this mode is actually one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever face.

Several weeks before the release of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, we have an announcement to make. Sit down (if you aren’t already), pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming and then read the following: Ankama’s going virtual!

Starting today, the Huppermage class is available to all players! Click here to find out more about this class.

From March 25 to March 30, enjoy an exclusive offer on the Fleaster-inspired Haven Bag theme! This Haven Bag will indeed be offered to you for free if you buy 13,000 Ogrines or more in one pack. You may also find this theme in the Emporium, priced at 5,500 Ogrines. For your eggs only...

The next update plays an important role: following up on the hostilities created by Ecaflipus's Challenges by flying the "Dungeons & Challenges" banner even higher! While waiting for its arrival in April, lets lift the curtain on two specific elements: community challenges, and the Eniripsa revamp...

Big ears, the better to hear you, and big teeth, the better to bite you: the Wa Wobot awaits you this week-end for a challenge full of cawwots and the opportunity to earn the Wosungwee Shield!

Why “little”? That’s because the real letter, our epic letter, will be available at the start of April. In the meantime, since we have some tasty tidbits to share with you and because we promised to keep in touch, here is our “little” letter...

Ankama A 2-in-1 Krospromo! Info - March 18, 2016

From today take advantage of a 2-in-1 Krospromo! Play Krosmaster Arena and unlock two items in DOFUS and WAKFU. New items are also waiting for you in the Kroshop. Enjoy them! 

Get out the violins, guitars, bagpipes (err… no, not the bagpipes) and bamboo milk to properly celebrate the goddess Pandawa! Prepare yourselves to see life in green during Saint Potrick: join us starting at 10 AM on March 17 for four days of partying… and gifts!

So what’s the link between Tactile Wars, DOFUS and WAKFU? Well, technically there’s none… However, you'd be wrong to think so! Play Tactile Wars and you’ll get a code which’ll make you come back hat in hand! Very handy for flying your army’s colors all through the Krosmoz.

Ride your mount to the nearest tavern! Wearing suitable clothes, put on the right emote to stack all the odds in your favor. Meet up with your friends, and offer to buy them a round! Huh? What? How? Thanks to the new subscription gifts! Unwrap them today!

To make your gaming life even easier, certain services can now be purchased with most payment methods, including credit cards. This calls for a celebration! So additionally, until March 2nd, the cost of almost all services* is 40% off!