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Ankama Play King Tongue now! Info - November 20, 2015

An Ankama newcomer, and the latest in the Games series, King Tongue is being rolled out today on tablets and smartphones! Do you wanna break stuff up and go bananas? Well your future is looking peachy... This retro-style arcade game which blends fast-paced action and demented combos could have been made for you!

A live summoning, just for kicks, how cool is that? Make your powers known, but say it with flowers! The Sadida emote has arrived in the Emporium. You can also get it free with Ogrines packs, before November 22nd!

Play the beta of the 2.32 DOFUS update starting today! If you couldn’t wait for Haven Bags to make their appearance, then you’ll soon know all there is to know about this new feature.

In just a few days, the new DOFUS update will hit the Beta server and bring with it its usual bundle of brand new content, and first and foremost... the arrival of Haven Bags! At long last, you'll be able to enjoy your own customizable private space! But that's not all...

The mysteries surrounding the new King of Bonta and his advisor Jed Reivrepel are getting thicker, but the part played by the latter will take a whole new meaning and importance, right here and now.... because, yes, this strange character with the flair of a magician is none other than a representative of the new class you'll get to play: the Huppermages!

Dofus The King’s Speech Info - November 12, 2015

Ever since Maysial, a new king has been reigning over the White City. This new sovereign is Beldarion of Bonta. Emerging from obscurity several days ago, he’s constantly escorted by a mysterious magician, Jed Reivrepel. It is now finally time for you to hear more about these two inseparable companions!

Krosmaster Krosmaster Arena is online! Info - November 10, 2015

The Demons of the Hours say playtime is over! They had their fun with the beta, but now they want to see some real fierce battles! If that’s what they want... Indulge them! Krosmaster Arena is online, for XXIII’s sake! Get playing now!

Dofus A Plop pet for you! Shop - November 06, 2015

From November 6th to November 9th, you can find a squishy new pal in the Great Emporium!

Ankama The new intern... Info - November 03, 2015

Ever since he arrived, he’s been leaving behind him utterly wrecked meeting rooms, overturned furniture, shattered vases, paper scattered everywhere, and slimy marks all over the walls and floors... On the ground he’s left his signature: banana skins! Not cool... but it gets worse than that! He is believed to have fleas! It’s... our new intern!

Cursed Gobballs, scary creatures, the bad breath of a bumpkin boss… Al Howin season can be rough for Twelvians. There is one bright side within the fear and loathing, though… Candy! And this year, there’s even more urgency to the candy hunt, because the 30 players who drop the most candy from Al Howin monsters during the weekend of October 31-November 1 will receive the rare Gerbean pet!

Dofus Al Howin Ogrines Pack! Shop - October 29, 2015

An old gate creaking in the night, a demonic laugh, and then, in a dazzling flash, poof! It's your auntie, dressed as a witch! There can be no doubt, it's the Al Howin season. Hey, come back! Don't be afraid, our Ogrine pack special will make you quiver with delight rather than fear.

Things are bubbling in Al Howin's Stewpot, so let's take a look at the pipping hot treats in update 2.31! New legendary treasure hunts, new outfits, and a fresh new change to the rune generation system, let's find out more!

It's always late at night in Al Howin's Vegetable Patch... The fence creaks, the Arachkin webs get caught in your hair. You walk on, using the light from the Worm-O'-Lanterns and there it is, finally, the first Dehorror. Luckily, getting out six feet under doesn't scare you away... October 27 until November 10, DOFUS celebrates Al Howin!

The DOFUS Zaap! is back for its 6th instalment! Discover the best among the best fan videos, compiled into a single one for your convenience. Players from all around the world put their hearts into it!

Dofus A Gobbowl Mystery Box! Shop - October 16, 2015

It’s “the” Mystery Box of champions! The Gobbowl Mystery Box gives you a chance at winning a team set, and if you’re lucky, maybe even... 5 sets at once! Go, go, go! Everyone get to the changing rooms! You have up until the 31st of October!

Jeu en ligne A free Bow Wow emote Event - October 16, 2015

In order to celebrate the return of the holidays and thank you for being so loyal, a free gift will be given to each subscribed player on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of October. You only need to be subscribed for one minute during these two days in order to receive your reward of a Bow Wow emote scroll!  

In anticipation of Bamboozle Day on October 12, a new Mystery Box in Pandawa colors is available today! You’ll receive this box of culture and fun when you purchase certain Ogrine packs. The sets inside will see you dressed for all seasons!

Becoming a god is no miracle when you’ve got the right cards up your sleeve! In 2016, Krosmaga will let you play as a god and battle other players in exciting matches full of surprises! It’s a game of pure fun, where you’ll hone your strategy skills in a trice and crush your opponents with a simple slide of your finger!

Some of you heard about it last year. Back then, the project was just an idea... An eggcellent idea, we dare say! A lot has happened since that idea was presented at a few small conventions in France! It’s ready to hatch and already has a name: DOFUS Touch.

Check out right now what the new "zaaping" (made in DOFUS) has in store: the DOFUS Zaap! #5 is live! 

September the 25th is the date that benefits from the watchful care of Franho, the Meridia of surprises, both good and bad. Fortunately, today’s surprise… 20% off all services in the shop, isn’t just good, it’s excellent! And even better news, this effect will last all weekend! You’ll have until 11:59 PM (Paris time) on Sunday, September 27 to grab those sweet services you crave.

Avast ye on the Asse Sea! Just so we have a real shindig of a Me Hearty Party on the 19th of Septangel this year, a Piratey Sale is hitting the Shop. If you load up yourself up to the gunwales on goods costing over 1,500 Ogrines, you’ll get the Hichete Set for free! And... wonder of wonders! It looks like there’s been a bit of spring cleaning in the Shop at the same time! 

Ankama The many faces of Moon Shop - September 18, 2015

For some time now, the adventurers of the World of Twelve have had but one goal: Moon. Although Moon’s Kanniballs, Captain LeChouque and its Kokokonut trees are famous throughout the world, the island owes its fame above all to its primate. Discover the adventures of the little monkey with the big hammer in the following video!