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Dofus Eliom-sounding ogrine packs! Shop - December 16, 2014
Ogrine doesn't make a sound. Well, it shouldn't, anyway. If, exceptionally, it so happens that your ogrine pack sounds fairly shrilling, do not panic: it's just that an Eliom is hidden inside! Take advantage of the situation: until December 21, each and every pack of 11,000 OG and more is inhabited by an Eliom. So they're free of charge!
It’s Kwismas! There's no reason to be alone. And while it's a time for celebration with friends and family, we want to enjoy it with you! So gather up your guild, take a picture and send it to us to unlock gifts for the whole Community!
Descendre 636: an icy earth rises from the deep off the coast of Amakna! As mysteriously as it appeared, it disappears after but a few weeks... only to rise again the very next Descendre. Adventurers, the time grows near. it will be available from Descendre 15 to Javian 12!
Dofus The 2.26 update is live! Updates - December 09, 2014
Such a beautifully blue portal, where can it lead? To new gameplay, of course! The Xelors may have taken their sweet time getting that balancing, but Eliotropes are the stars of the 2.26 update!
Dofus Creative contest: they won! Event - December 05, 2014
How do you see DOFUS in ten years? This is the question we wanted you to answer with a drawing. And you were many to work on this creative contest: some 150 odd participations made it all the way to our inbox! Congratulations, and thank you very much!
As 2014 ends, so does its theme, the Divine Dimensions, a theme that will reach its conclusion before a new season. How will this story end? What is going to happen in this epic finale? What rewards await you at the end of this incredible run? To find some answers, or bits of answers anyway, read on!
Expected on December 9, Eliotropes will be accompanied by two new pets of a new type: Eliom and Friendrake! By subscribing today, you are sure to receive them as a subscription gift on December 9. 
Jeu en ligne Eliotrope Gameplay Video! Updates - November 28, 2014
So the beta has been so full that you haven’t had a chance to try the skills of the new Eliotrope class yourself? Well, if you can’t come to the Eliotropes, they will come to you! Watch the new gameplay video to quickly get up to speed on the class’ abilities and learn a little bit about portal play!
Right now, as we speak, the first teleportation portals are opening all around the World of Twelve. Eliotropes are coming out of them, fresh and full of potential, and they are walking this earth they've never seen before, and they are gazing upon the scenery with an iron stare. What are their intentions? What are they capable of? You are the ones who will tell us!
Dofus Al Howin is over! Event - November 25, 2014
And to think it was the area of your first fright... But don't be sad, this is only goodbye. You know, of course, that with each Fall the gardener's soul comes back to haunt the months of Octilliard and Novamaire! So, see you next year!
Jeu en ligne The new class' spells Info - November 25, 2014
As you now know, the Eliotropes are coming! What are they capable of? How will you play them? Do they always listen to portals? All these questions you're asking yourself (or so we surmise) will find some answers right here, right now!
You've loved him just the way he used to be all these years, but you know him by heart now... And starting it all again, back from level 1, with a new character? No, thanks! But what if your character could change classes while retaining all of his power and glory?
Once again we want to thank you, the DOFUS community, who have been with us for many years. You, who play almost every day, who read the adventures of our heroes,  and who follow our series with passion; you who come to our conventions, who cosplay, and write fan fiction, and draw fanart; it's for all of you that we've created a graphic to give you a view of DOFUS from another angle!
A tofu flapping its wings in Amakna can cause a storm in Brakmar. Just like a bwork fart in an inn can turn into a city-wide riot. So, just imagine what happens when the 6 Eliatrope Dofus come into the picture! Well, yeah, that tends to change the face of the World of Twelve forever!
Dofus Legendary treasure hunts Updates - November 18, 2014
As you may have grasped by now, the World of Twleve is not a gigantic pink jelly stuffed with Mushden Ice Cream where love and peace reign supreme. What? That's exactly what you actually thought it was? Mh, well... Well the 2.25 Update may shatter your illusions by putting three of the most horrible scoundrels in the whole Krosmoz back in the spotlight, as well as their deepest, darkest secrets...
Pirate diver, shocking but charming rassler, or corrupted Eniripsa: by the looks of it, these three have nothing in common... And yet! It's the unconditional love of everything shiny, from the smallest of kamas to the fullest of treasure chests that ties them together. 
Discover now (or again) three super-villains whose (more or less) pretty faces have been put on bounty, then try and get a hold of them and the treasures they so valiantly defend...
The legendary treasures hunts go on! 
Hide your treasure and fortunes if that makes you feel any better, but be sure that whatever Sram wants, Sram gets!
Like each Novamaire 15, Chafers invade Amakna with only one goal in mind: pillage all the village homes. Better be prepared, for the aptly named Night of the Bandeads starts tonight!
Dofus Trailer: The Equal of a God Info - November 14, 2014
Strange lights, visitors from the stars, an event that affects all the eras of the World of Twelve. Discover new clues in this trailer!
Dofus DOFUS Time: the 2.25 Update Info - November 12, 2014
Three map pieces, three outlaws, three legendary treasures, three sets: you'll have to give your 400% in order to face the new challenges offered by the World of Twelve! Discover in this DOFUS Time all that the 2.25 Update: Legends of the Fall has in store for you!
What could do such a thing? Questioning everything you know about the World of Twelve and its history? Perhaps you might find answers in this first video…
Three legendary treasures, guarded by three tenacious bosses. Your reward: three wishes to grant. Rest assured, though, that in order to unlock them, rubbing a lamp won't be enough... you might need one or two genius ideas! The next update is coming on November 12 and is available for testing right now in the Beta!
The evil gardener Al Howin teams up with the Vampyrina pet to infest your subscriptions and it's up to you to take advantage of them. Get Al Howin's Set, Vampyrina, or both, depending on how much subscription you buy, from now until November 3 at 23:45 (EST)!
Dofus Al Howin opens his doors! Event - October 28, 2014
It's always late at night in Al Howin's Vegetable Patch... The fence creaks, the Arachkin webs get caught in your hair. You walk on, using the light from the Worm-O'-Lanterns and there it is, finally, the first Dehorror. Luckily, getting out six feet under doesn't scare you away... Now until November 25, DOFUS celebrates Al Howin!
10 years, 11 quizzes… 50 winners! The drawing has spoken. And we owe you a bunch of thanks: for the sheer number of participations and the quality of your answers! You. You are our best fuel, driving us to... the next ten years! 
It is sometimes useful to put one's ogrines in the same basket. For proof: for any basket of 6,000 OG or more bought in the Great Emporium, you'll receive, as a gift, the Tofume Ghost pet! Take advantage of this offer before Thursday, October 23, at 23:45 (EST).
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