Welcome to episode 3 of Inside Ankama On Air! This week it's time to talk about the Kolossium, the Wakfu International Community, and a sweet new contest starting later this month! Settle in and let us be your podcasting hosts to the World of Twelve.

Le repaire de Daïgoro

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Hosts: Izmar, William, and Macha

Topics: Kolossium news, appointing an English Wakfu Ambassedor, an exciting new Ankama Photo contest, your questions and comments, and a lot of us giggling...

Thanks to Oamoka for sending us a link to the Pony Creator... here's our results!

Izmar PonyMacha Pony

Do you have questions you'd like to hear answered on the podcast? Maybe you'd like to send shout-out to your friends in game? Drop us an email (insideankama.en AT ankama DOT com), or better yet - leave us a voice message on Skype! More details are available at the end of the podcast. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Comments (39) Comment on the forum...
Head Volunteer Moderator
[MOD]Adikia 12 October 2011 16:27
How could I resist a chance to make a pony?

Former Subscriber
Satyka-Virus 12 October 2011 16:39
@Izmar Are you single ? (inside the game of course)
Sp00w 12 October 2011 16:40
I would love to know if there will be any in-game events here on Zato soon?

PS. I really like listening to Inside Ankama on Air ~

Hudski 12 October 2011 16:42
Quite a long episode this time!

Also I may have had a play around in the pony maker
Community Manager
[Izmar] 12 October 2011 17:13

(MODAdikia @ 12 October 2011 16:27) *
How could I resist a chance to make a pony?

I'm going to regret this, but....

Volunteer Moderator
[MOD]Fiora 12 October 2011 17:14
Movement 12 October 2011 17:43
Can I has free pet? :3
deadmarko 12 October 2011 17:58
Another great podcas!
About tofu thing tofu camed out frist becouse God Osamoda summoned it before there even was a tofu.=)
Former Subscriber
seathblood- 12 October 2011 18:00
Normally, I'm not a creationist, but I will make an exception for a computer program. It would make no sense for the tofu egg to be coded into the game before the tofu. Any way I can figure it, whether they code purely alphabetically, by group [Creature comes before Item], or by category [tofu dungeon, tofus in the dungeon, drops from tofus].
Sidenote- I really liked this episode, you focused more on the game than on ponies [though i was compelled to go onto the site] and managed to not turn this into some dull and dreary news program. Great job, keep it up!

Is there an edit function in comments? If so where is it? I didn't finish my sentence and it is really bothering me. =(