The Kwismas Island is extended until January 17th, which means that you have 2 more weeks to enjoy this magical Island with all of your friends!  

Kwismas Island

The Kwismas Island is opened since December 6th… There, like every year, you can find special creatures which you know quite well. This year, we have included a new incarnation: the Goblimp, 4 new mini-bosses, 3 new sets and the new petsmount: The Slayhound.

If you want to get a Slayhound you will have to complete the “Kwismas Stars” quest first. If you succeed, you will get a really powerful bonus: +80 in prospecting.

Due to the big success of the Kwismas Island this year, we have decided to extend it until January 17th which means that you have 2 more weeks to enjoy Kwismas Island with all of your friends!


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mariachiaragoretti 26 December 2011 17:56
Theapsorpationmaster 26 December 2011 17:59
Former Subscriber
darkstrikeman 26 December 2011 18:02
Thank You Very Much!
Stexemas 26 December 2011 18:25
Still doubt I'll be able to get my Slayhound 80+pp by the end but thanks anyway xD
Former Subscriber
thisgameizfun 26 December 2011 19:14
I'm very thankful for having the opportunity to explore Kwismas Island and more thankful that we get more time. Thanks!
Xandroo 26 December 2011 19:19
Awesome. This gives me time to at least get a slayhound.

dofuva 26 December 2011 19:53
Still, 2 weeks is not enough to max. your petsmount to 80pp....Unless u play til 17 january like crazy 24/7...
Former Subscriber
lolmaolol 26 December 2011 20:07
i dont really do much on the island anymore other than the jail which itself doesnt give much. so this isnt really news to me
Former Subscriber
DeadlyConfetti 26 December 2011 20:24
This is the first occurrence of good news for those of us trying to raise a Slayhound, thank you