It's been two weeks since the release of the newest DOFUS content system, the Almanax. But for some, the Meridia, daily quests and bonuses, offerings, it's all gibberish! Experience and kamas, that's what's important!

But don't worry! With our newest DOFUS Time video, we'll explain how you can squeeze the maximum experience and kamas out of the Almanax, and explain some of the more obscure bonuses in detail!

I'm ready to learn more about the Almanax, teach me!
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pegasas 02 October 2012 14:38
good vdeo
sparrrow 02 October 2012 16:12
Said here that experience and kamas are scaled to level. My 5 character get different level-based experience, true. But we all get the same kamas reward each day. All of us in the guild, from level 100+ veterans to a 20-something newbie get exactly the same kamas each day. And the reward does not seem in any way related to the cost or difficulty of item(s) requested.
Your video needs to be fixed to say level-based experience but daily variable kamas, or you need to fix the kamas reward in this thing to work properly and give level-based as well. Current system of kamas here appears to be decided by a random number generator. Is it possible that the intended level-based kamas is determined by the first person to turn in the quest that day, and it gets stuck for all of us?

A request here for future links: Could we perhaps get a link to a text type tutorial for those of us with slow internet? The buffering and stalling of this clip make it tough to understand and annoying to sit thru even this short segment.

Thanks though for trying to clear up some confusion.
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DofusWorldChampion 02 October 2012 16:40
Good work Izmar!

~ Ultimate-Sensation - Proud Shikian Sacrier - Level 200
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electric-hero 02 October 2012 18:47
Great video! Would have been helpful if I didn't clearly understand everything already.
hemyani 02 October 2012 19:41
Yay Almanax! Seriously... none of the bonuses offered in this system motivate me. An epic bonus like "+10~25% (or more) success rate on all exo-mages" will force everyone to P2P in order to be able to carry this one quest. Think harder about this French players !
--P-bizzle-- 02 October 2012 19:43
what does the Dolmanax give?
Iathen 02 October 2012 21:10
"After collecting 365 calendar pages you will receive the Dominax, the dofus that is linked to your account". Pay attention on "linked"