Greetings adventurers! It's DOFUS Time this week, and Izmar is here to guide you through the dungeons of Frigost in a new video tutorial devoted to the Snowfoux Dungeon! Learn about the monsters and their strategies, then go out and win!

Have you dreamed of becoming one of the elite few who have completed all of the dungeons of Frigost, but you just keep getting stuck on certain irracible boss monsters? Don't worry, Izmar is here to help!

In this DOFUS Time, you'll find a complete list of the Snowfoux Dungeon's monster, including their spells, and tactical advice from Izmar for each one! You'll also discover the basic strategy necessary to make it through the final room, as well as suggestions for team composition and class synergy that will help you to succeed.

Don't wait another moment, watch this special DOFUS Time episode and then let us know if you want to see more guides like this one!
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Former Subscriber
Drigher 13 November 2012 12:52
cant wait thx izmar
sollajoukal 13 November 2012 13:17
Izmar, you are irreplaceable
thank you
loreenche 13 November 2012 13:55
Wonderful guide! Of course we'd want to see some more!
Former Subscriber
pop-pop-wow-wow 13 November 2012 14:00
Izmar, thank you very much... and about the other frigost dungeons, you could see people's comments.
Iathen 13 November 2012 14:04
Thank you for the video. I really like it that dofus changed its face a bit and tries to really satisfy the players rather than make them feel bored. I see many addictions and improvements and this shows that some people do them job right.

But I should point out that you messed with rooms. Last time I've done tengu and fujitengu, tengu was at the ranged room and fuji+tengu were on the close-combat room. No clue if you have changed that from then. If so, this sounds good because ranged room is really more useful when it comes to fight against both bosses.
Pandaikid 13 November 2012 14:58
Kami all or snothing for the win
Vracht-Trein 13 November 2012 15:00
now i have more information for the dungeon thank you zo much
snaxy 13 November 2012 15:14
Its great to see a video like this from Ankama ,thanks izmar for taking the time and effort to explain this dung as alrady has been stated the last two rooms have been swapped,fuji is now on the small map ,also for anyone interested realmage from shika has poseted all the dungeons on youtube(narrated) just seach for narrated dofus dungs.keep up the good work
Former Subscriber
Cute-Fire 13 November 2012 15:28
Nice guide! want a guide for CB too :p (for some reason I always die there)