Frigost 3 is lurking out there in April like a large, cold, lurky... thing. If you don't want to get left behind while all your friends are having fun smashing up monsters in the new areas, you need to hurry up and finish the Frigost 2 dungeons. And what do you know, here's a new tutorial to give you some assasination inspiration, son!

If you've already watched our Snowfoux dungeon tutorial then you should be ready to take the next step in your Frigost 2 journey, and that means facing the only Frigost boss without an invulnerability spell: Korriander.

Clump worshipers, mushroom scientists, and fans of sudden death will adore this dungeon; arachnophobes, glyph-haters, and failed hopscotch players will detest it. Either way, we'll help you survive it by showing you how the monsters operate, suggest a plan of attack, and help you pick a winning team too.

If you have questions about the dungeon, or tips for a smoother Korriander run, please share in the comments. Don't be shy, the more people who can access Frigost 3, the more fun we'll all have!

As usual, if you like this video and want more English tutorials, remember to like, comment, and share! Good luck on your dungeon run!

P.S.: Special thanks to Shirohige, Tupacca, Sendo, Tilianna, Mur, Zaiolow, Dombu, and Zoubida from Rushu who helped make the video captures for this tutorial. Cheers guys! <3
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GloomyBearS 05 March 2013 20:47
A very informative video I've never been through Korriander Dungeon before despite being one at endgame. This video will be useful when I have the opportunity to run Korriander someday.
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Revil-Nunor 05 March 2013 21:06
Poisons do not activate Back Roll on the Serpulas. Or at least they didn't pre 2.10, I haven't tried it since then.

Taking range away from the Korriander will prevent it from casting Loote unless you are very close to it.
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gilgamesh- 05 March 2013 21:50
thx for the information
team-we-todd-ed-kids 05 March 2013 22:08
Spells also don't activate Back Roll on the Serpulas if it's the killing blow.
Benja-might 05 March 2013 22:35
Great video... thanks for removing all the back & forth camera angles from the first video.
suttonmonk2 05 March 2013 22:35
Amazing, i love the english demonstrations, they are so rare on youtube, but i hope that it attracts more new people to try the frigost 2 dungeons more often.
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Lagirdam 05 March 2013 22:59
I really like these videos, thanks!
Xelorati 05 March 2013 23:04
Anyone notice how every new dungeon has instant-kill or invulnerable bosses? That screams lazy challenge design.
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Disgustus 05 March 2013 23:06
The Devs stated within the last year that they were reluctant to release any more Frigost material because so few of the Frigost dungeons were completed by the player body. I don't remember the exact numbers, but I think it was something like less than 2% of the player body had completed Korriander or Celestial Bearbarian. Unless they're going to change the Frigost dungeons (or the Frigost dungeon bosses), I don't see this number changing, and Frigost 3 is going to become a scarcely visited region of the World of 12. Like another player suggested in the Zenith discussion area, there should be some revision of how Frigost 2 and Frigost 3 are opened, because - speaking as a player on a small-population server like Zato - it can be very challenging for players to assemble a team for these dungeons. Even being part of a mature, active guild, it took me several months before I could get into a dungeon run for Obsidemon. I don't even know how long it'll take me to get in on a party for Snowfoux. Thank-you very much for the tutorial - it's much appreciated - but I think Frigost 2 is so far out of reach for a lot of players that Frigost 3 will become a fantasy.