Some of you have already gone looking for the Emerald Dofus, but came back empty-handed... Wanna take revenge? Starting December 10, you'll be able to obtain this Dofus through a quest that will launch you on a hunt for the infamous Dark Vlad!


The 2.17 update comes on December 10. You've already started to learn about its batch of (great) new stuff, but let's linger on one that is worth its weight in Dofus! 

The Emerald Dofus is talked about once more, because the means for obtaining it are changing! Goodbye, teeny-tiny drop rate, and hello, follow-up quest! And all that is coming with the next update! You'll make the acquaintance of one of the most powerful sorceress in the World of Twelve. She'll see in you some sort of Chosen One and will guide you through this quest.

Your mission: find Dark Vlad, keeper of the Emerald Dofus!
And those who have already made his acquaintance know that he isn't a nice guy. Go to the Evil Forest! But... wait... Dark Vlad's gone! Now the chase truly begins...

See you in-game on December 10 to discover this new one-of-a-kind quest.
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Fakhriwmf 05 December 2013 17:05
Hmm.. What will the dofus stats be.
Darkstorm 05 December 2013 17:07

(Fakhriwmf @ 05 December 2013 17:05) *
Hmm.. What will the dofus stats be.
If it remains the same as it is on the Test server,

+200 Vitality
ataman 05 December 2013 17:29
Will the Dofus be account locked?
Angel of the Forums
Mishna 05 December 2013 17:53
Old Emerald Dofus get the +200 Vitality and no account lock. New Emerald Dofuses that you get from the quest come with a temporary account lock that expires after three or four months.
Teddycoming 05 December 2013 17:56
How we will find where to start it?
Angel of the Forums
Mishna 05 December 2013 18:10

(Teddycoming @ 05 December 2013 17:56) *
How we will find where to start it?

The guild I'm in has a guide to get the Emerald Dofus:

Click here 
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xzaosllama3 05 December 2013 18:28
+200 vit? Seems a bit OP at low levels to be honest... especially as I've seen level 80s with 1.8k of hp before...

But even so, nice and useful at higher levels too, makes a Survivor kind of pointless... Get it along with a Major Brainbox/Gynmnat/etc and you've just got a nice +100 stat buff.

Is the quest linked to the other quest to find Dark Vlad, and if not is that being changed? (I believe it's Terra Coigta Manuscript? Where it requires you to go through the Evil Forest and talk to DV at the centre)
Unofficial Forum Answer Bot
Revil-Nunor 05 December 2013 18:32
Isn't the point to make the Dofuses more valued than the trophies? 80 to 200 seems reasonable, especially if there is a large quest involved in getting the Dofus.
Henry-S 05 December 2013 18:47
Guys can anyone please confirm are the existing ones being locked to characters? I have mine sitting on a level 50 alt and I don't want it to lock on that character. I know that the new ones will only be locked for a few months but still be nice to know.

Also I think 200 makes an emerald dofus a very nice thing to have and should help boost the value of them!