Feel like a bit of interior renovation? Now's the time! All lights are green with the Saint Potrick Haven Bag, available in the Shop until Monday, March 20th!


Martalo 17th of the year 12 is a green-letter day: it's the date the goddess Pandawa joined the gods at the heart of Ingloriom! To pay homage, you can of course down a pint of fermented Bamboo Milk (much better from the tap than bottled… ) and dedicate yourself to music and dance with some carefully chosen friends. But why leave the party once it's started?

Make it last a little longer, with the decor of the Saint Potrick Haven Bag! It's available in the Shop until Monday, March 20th (23:59 Paris Time), for the price of 3,500 OG!
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Master of Vulkzaster
SilverhandII 10 March 2017 19:12
I love the zaap design~
SirFerrett 10 March 2017 21:03
Whoever came up with the zaap design, it's brilliant.
JohnBroadley1 10 March 2017 21:31
Here's mine - Click here 
Former Subscriber
LazyZexe01 11 March 2017 10:13
That zaap does all the money boyss !!!
Giorgi-Giorgi-123 11 March 2017 15:16
What about you make it possible to customize walls/zaaps and all the other stuff mixed? Like take zaap design from this haven bag theme, mix it with allister haven bag theme walls, and use the size of the room of disco thing? I think you got the idea. And please, can you bring back winter haven bag theme like this?
Former Subscriber
wheresmymind 11 March 2017 16:59
Giorgi, the winter haven bag was just available for a few months, and it was even further explained that the sub/ogrine pack would be the only way to acquire it for a while. You should have taken the opportunity when you had the chance.

As for the St Potrick's bag, its pretty nice, but when it comes to green, I like the Spring bag so much more. I think I'll hold out for that one becoming available instead.
Inuteroden 11 March 2017 18:39
This is cool! Shame there's no way of earning these in-game
MatkaPica 14 March 2017 06:22
And dontont forget to set irish summer time, not like tuesday morning, morons...
Rare Item Hunter
Gunnerwolfang 14 March 2017 06:28

(Inuteroden @ 11 March 2017 18:39) *
This is cool! Shame there's no way of earning these in-game
There is a way... Buy ogrines using kamas acquired ingame and you can buy the theme.