What sort of Mystery Box might we have conjured up for Saint Potrick? Why... a Green Mystery Box, of course! You'll find it in the shop until Monday, March 20th, for the price of 500 OG!


This one's going to make your fellow adventurers green with envy! Find out what's waiting for you in the Green Mystery Box, sold for 500 OG!

Common items:

  • Slugly Set
  • Shincha Set
  • Jon Lemon Set
  • Cicada Set
  • Bulbutting

Uncommon items:

  • Scarakiri
  • Karnaval Set

Rare items:

  • Ougicle Set
  • Sylvan Attitude

You have until Monday, March 20th (23:59 Paris Time) to visit the Shop and get your hands on this Mystery Box!

In order to open your Mystery Box and see if Ecaflip has smiled upon you, please visit your pending gifts page.

What's that you say? You want one more for the road? OK then...

Just to spoil you, you'll be able to find the Ethyl Emote in the Great Emporium, priced at 4,500 OG! But if you want it, be quick about it, for it will leave at the same time as the Green Mystery Box...
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 16 March 2017 16:23
But wait! That's not all!

Tomorrow being the day (Saint Potrick's Day, of course), we'll also launch a little game to celebrate.

We'll give you more details and communication during the day tomorrow, but for the early birds out there who fancy themselves a worm, do check back on the DOFUS website sometime between 10:00 and 12:00 (Paris Time)!
Inuteroden 19 March 2017 21:33
Jon Lemon set, sad times