Known for having gathered the six Primordial Dofus, Bolgrot is the most formidable dragon in the World of Twelve. Take a deep breath and summon his power using the Bolgrot's Wrath emote! It's free until Sunday, April 9th in packs of 6,000 OG or more!


A Draconic Emote will make you look like a true adventurer! Show your enemies that you're not to be messed with, and show your friends that you're raring to go whenever they need you!

If you need Ogrines, take advantage of this breathtaking offer: until 23:59 (Paris Time) on April 9th, the Bolgrot's Wrath emote is free in packs of 6,000 OG or more!
Inuteroden 07 April 2017 03:12
Did you run out of class emotes? ;o
Former Subscriber
fecoo996 08 April 2017 19:14
Too bad im still not able to buy bigger Ogrines packs in my country, not even via credit card.