From April 10th to 17th, the Sufokian Seemyool and Pilot Dragoturkey Harnesses are coming to the Shop! Land or sea: choose the one that's best suited to you! 


You first discovered them in packs of Ogrines at the end of 2016, and they're back in the Shop for your enjoyment! The Sufokian Seemyool and Pilot Dragoturkey Harnesses are now on sale in the Shop! 

Available respectively for 4,000 and 3,500 Ogrines, they'll let you compete in both class and appearance, whether you're on terra firma or the high seas. 

Don't miss out: you've got until April 17th to get them! 
Inuteroden 10 April 2017 16:01
I was briefly confused because the picture shows the harnesses in reverse order to which you wrote about them haha
I love the seemyool harness  
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 10 April 2017 16:12
It's to see if you were paying attention.

Congratulations, you weren't fooled!
bohemia 10 April 2017 20:14
I'm getting a few Pilot Dragoturkey Harnesses, I've been looking for quite some time for them.

Any idea when the following will hit the Shop too ?
- Shell Seemyool Harness Click here
- Barbaric Dragoturkey Harness Click here
- Unikron Seemyool Harness Click here
- Ice Dragoturkey Harness Click here
Finikksu 10 April 2017 20:20
Any idea of when we'll se the Skeleton Dragoturkey in either event or shop?
F2P Member
maniek3000 10 April 2017 21:01
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 11 April 2017 18:29
I am currently unaware of any plans to bring any other harness to the Great Emporium.

The same goes for the Skeleton Dragoturkey.