From April 17th to 24th, you'll be able to really eggspress yourself to your friends, with a Haven Bag decoration that puts the sweet in treats. The Fleaster Haven Bag will be available in the Shop for the entire week, for the price of 3,500 Ogrines


Attention chocolate lovers! For the traditional Fleaster celebration, Etnop the Meridia at work that day, has given architects and decorators in the World of Twelve a bit of food-loving inspiration, to say the least! That's why, just like last year, they'll be offering you the timelessly fashionable "cocoa and eggshells", which will make your interior look good enough to eat!

Available in the Shop until April 24th for the price of 3,500 Ogrines, this Haven Bag decoration will put chocolaty stars in your eyes (sometimes bigger than your stomach) without you risking putting on so much as an ounce! (Provided that you don't start chewing on the furniture, of course.) 

Don't miss out! 
MadSock 18 April 2017 06:45
Follow the rabbit !

I mean WABBIT !

Wabbit Goddammit  

I am Prince Pondicherry, now I want a palace made of ...
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Terristocrat 18 April 2017 09:18
You should also consider making ''special offers'' like this with Haven Bags that used to be in 1 year sub-packs. Plenty of people who are collecting them didn't get those because offers were ridiculous. Either make them as a gift you get after subbing for 3 months or more, like they used to be, or make them accessible for some reasonable ogrine offer, or as a gift if you buy ogrines (which should also be a reasonable offer).
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Lolikon123 18 April 2017 14:59
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JokerDemonx 19 April 2017 01:54