Ouginak Class

A new class is now available in game: the Ouginaks! 
Sworn enemies of the Ecaflips, these furry beasts use all 4 elements to track their prey to the death. 
Please don't hesitate to check out the dedicated Devlog article to learn more about their abilities.   

Revaluation of the Dofus

Gathering all the Dofus is the goal of each and every adventurer. These legendary eggs are modified and now enjoy a gameplay mechanic and a bonus that is unique for each of them. It's the occasion for collectors to gain mastery over new powers! 
To learn more about these new ways of using the Dofus, please check out the dedicated Devblog article.
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 21 February 2017 16:47
Here are the modifications brought by the 02/21/2017 maintenance:


  • The healing potential of the Puzzling Word, Selective Word, and Alternative Word spells is increased.
  • The minimal range for the Turbulent Word spell is now 1.


  • Lenald Legend quest: fixed an issue that used to trigger the premature validation of the quest after defeating the Evil Dopple (only for Ouginak characters).


  • Paddocks can be accessed again.
  • The delay before mount births expire is increased by 7 more days.
  • Mount certificates are no longer abnormally suppressed or duplicated when the character uses a paddock while being overloaded.
  • In the mount information sheets, only the equipped mount can be neutered.


  • During Treasure Hunts, putting down a mark in a subterranean paddock or a house is now forbidden (because it is useless), and should now longer trigger errors.
  • The doors of houses that have several doors work correctly (they no longer systematically teleport the character on the same map).
  • The in-game Shop is available again.

Character transfers to other servers originally scheduled to take place this week are exceptionally rescheduled to Tuesday, February 28th.
Mount certificates that have expired between Friday 02/18 and Tuesday 02/21 will exceptionally be made valid again in a little over a week. This operation will require complex data injections and we will need several days to perform it.
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 28 February 2017 16:14
Game servers have been updated on 02/28/2017. Here is a list of the modifications:


  • Shared Guild Houses are correctly accessible to Guild members.
  • The interface that allows one to enter the entry code for a house is correctly displayed.


  • It is no longer possible to change the starting positions on a map by fighting a Breadnought.
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 07 March 2017 16:40
Game servers have been updated on 03/07/2017. Here is a list of the modifications:


  • The healing provided by the Puzzling Word is correctly halved when critically hitting with a level 6 spell while the effects of Decisive Word are active.


  • When critically hitting, Carrion correctly applies erosion before applying damage.
  • The beast form is correctly displayed in under-water areas.


  • Modifications have been made to the Catzino's respawn system; it should now respawn more often.
  • The attack animations for the Gargoyl and the Chafer Archer are correctly displayed.
  • Name changes work correctly for guilds (the new name is correctly displayed for members on the Guild interface and on the Perceptors, paddocks, and houses).