This island, rich with the glory of nature, is a pristine animal reserve tended by Mishell, the daughter of Osamodas. Mishell cares for all of the fauna on the island with such dedication and sweetness that even the carnivores have given up eating their fellow critters. 

Unfortunately, poachers are not so easily tamed, and recently, an entire poaching enterprise has set up camp on Nimaltopia. Mishell is calling on adventurers level 180 or higher to come rid her paradise of these environmental wrecking crews!

Shield Revamp

Shields were originally created as a feature for PvP combat, but with the face of PvP changing, thanks to the Kolossium and Alliances, we’ve decided to make them useful for a wider array of players. 

This update, we will remove all PvP-only bonuses from shields and replace them with bonuses that will be useful in all types of combat. Some shields will have large bonuses that are balanced with significant debuffs and some will have new effects that could greatly impact how certain characters are played. It will also be possible to use smithmagic to modify the stats of shields. 

For more information on these changes, please visit the devblog and read all about it.

Kolossium 1v1

We have created a new mode for the Kolossium system that will allow players to find 1v1 fights anywhere, any time!

Yes, it’s thanks to the interserver Kolossium system that we can finally offer this new combat mode, as we are now confident that there will be enough demand to support both 1v1 and 3v3 battles. This new mode includes a new ranking system that will allow us to track overall wins class-by-class, so if one class has a particular strength against another class, we can search for balanced fights that will offer a challenge for the stronger class and an equal chance for the weaker class.

For more information on this new game mode, please visit the devblog and read all about it.

Quest Tracking

Last but not least, to keep track of your all your quests and, more importantly, your quest objectives, we've added a new feature: the Quest Tracking interface!

Using this interface, you'll easily be able to track the progress of your ongoing quests and their objectives!

For more information on this new feature, please visit the devblog and read all about it.
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 04 April 2017 21:13
A patch for the DOFUS client has been uploaded earlier today, here is a list of the modifications:
  • The new effects that can be found on the shields can correctly be selected in the Focus menu that is available in the item crushing interface in order obtain Smithmagic runes.
  • Using a customized interface theme no longer triggers the disappearance of the chat interface, and no longer triggers a temporary ban.
  • Group names are now limited to 25 characters.

Known issues (which will be fixed as soon as possible):
  • Some characters have a 1v1 ISK rating that is incorrectly initialized (and as such, get unsuitable rewards).
  • When spell animations are deactivated, an ill-suited animation is used by default
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 05 April 2017 17:26
The game servers have been updated, here is a list of the modifications:
  • The 1v1 ISK ratings of characters are correctly initialized (and are no longer set up using the value 1). The experience and Kolossoken rewards in 1v1 ISK are thus fixed.
  • Characters should no longer encounter characters of the same class first when registering for 1v1 ISK fights.
  • The maximum amount of ISK fights one is authorized to fight per given day is now 100 instead of 50.
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 11 April 2017 17:52
The game servers have been updated on 04/11/2017. Here is a list of the modifications:


  • Some spells would sometimes abnormally have an inappropriate visual effect (shaped like a giant ring centred on the character), this issue should now be fixed.


  • In the Star Ski and Dutch quest, some texts from the Francky NPC weren't up to date regarding the amount of Obsidian asked for. This NPC now asks for the same amount in all its texts.
  • In the Evening the Score quest, it is now possible again to be followed by Ben Wodent, even if this follower character was lost prematurely.
  • In some cases, the A Flee Spirit quest would become blocked when at the "Question the Hunters in the camp about the capture of a Gerbean" objective. This issue is fixed.
  • Magypus Rescue quest: by talking to Mishell, PCs can get the Rainbow Stuffed Gobball back if it has been prematurely removed from their inventory.


  • The Count Razof (Duo) Achievement validates properly, including for characters that finish the fight in exactly 20 turns, as is stated in the Achievement's description.


  • The Akwadala Shield is no longer part of the Akwadala set.
  • The following Shields can now be destroyed, and thus can be used with Mimisymbics:
    • Trophy Dragon Pig Shield
    • Raydi Shield
    • Unique Hispañic Shield
    • Boh-Bihn Shield
    • Shield Kada
    • Poshield
    • 646 Champion Shield
    • 643 Champion Shield
    • Tailblazer Shield
    • Trophy Dark Vlad Shield
    • Kimbo Shield
    • Trophy Soft Oak Shield
    • Trophy Minotoror Shield
    • Trophy Kimbo Shield
    • Trophy Wa Wabbit Shield
    • Trophy Koolich Shield
    • Trophy Sphincter Cell Shield
    • Trophy Bworker Shield
    • Pac-Tiger Shield
    • Trophy Moon Shield
    • Hispañic Shield
    • Dramak Shield
    • Royal Rainbow Blop Shield
    • 645 Champion Shield


  • The Akwadala, Feudala, Terrdala and Aerdala Sets now grant a bonus when 7 items are equipped.


  • Potbellion: its Dire Beaties spell now applies the Gravity state after switching places.
  • During the fight against The Bird of Time, teleporting to the previous cell works correctly.
  • The Catseye can no longer use its Prank and Catch spell if it is in Gravity state. Prank and Catch correctly switches positions with enemies.
  • Domo-, Dynamo-, Hulhu-, and Nekineko-type idols can no longer be used in the fight against Count Razof.


  • Krosmoglob: Feint no longer applies the Gravity state, but instead applies a state that specifically prevents from casting Dimensional Rift.


  • Italian texts are updated.
  • Class names are no longer forbidden words under the naming rules.
  • Accents can no longer be used for Mount names.
  • Groups of characters can correctly be renamed.
  • The DOFUS client no longer disconnects after several attempts at creating a character.
  • The appearance of Count Razof in the Bestiary is fixed.

Inter-Server Kolossium

  • The uncertainty of characters in 1v1 Kolossium is reset (to the highest value) for all characters. New characters now have the highest possible uncertainty when first taking part in the 1v1 ISK. Previously, the uncertainty used for the 1v1 mode was set up based on the solo mode of the 3v3 ISK. This modification should force quicker ratings variations (both upwards and downwards) after the update.
  • The daily reset of the number of victories in the ISK works correctly.
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 18 April 2017 16:40
The game servers have been updated. The following modification has been done to the Kolosseum servers:


  • The matchmaking system is improved so that characters should encounter opponents of their own class less often, and should generally encounter a wider variety of different classes.
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 18 April 2017 21:38
A patch for the DOFUS client has been deployed. Here is a list of the modifications:

  • The filter that regulates which words are forbidden in the chat interface no longer filters out words that cannot be used for character names (Dofus, Ankama, etc).
  • The filter that regulates which words are forbidden in the chat interface now has a coherent and consistent behaviour when lower case or upper case are being used.
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 25 April 2017 17:55
The game servers have been updated on 04/25/17. Here is a list of the modifications:


  • The system that sets up the ratings in 1v1 ISK is modified: an average is now drawn between the default rating (calculated depending on the character's level) and the character's 3v3 solo mode rating.
  • The ratings, deviation, and volatility ratings are reset for all characters as far as 1v1 ISK is concerned. We are doing this modification because dysfunctions in the matchmaking system triggered the apparition of abnormally high ratings.
  • Victory and defeat probabilities are correctly estimated by the matchmaking system when a fight between two characters of the same class is evaluated. This modification should fix issues causing fights with 2 characters from the same class but with an abnormally high rating difference occur. This modification should fix issues with abnormally high ratings for characters that only encountered characters from the same class. This modification should also reduce the overall odds of getting a fight between 2 identical classes.
  • The maximum level disparity restrictions between 2 characters in the 1v1 ISK are removed. This restrictions were too limiting in regards to the number of available opponents in 1v1 ISK in situations where classes have very high or very low victory ratings against other classes.
  • The Kama and Kolossokens won in 1v1 ISK can now be up to twice the amount won by characters that have a default rating (the same restriction was already in effect for experience gains in 1v1 ISK). This modification allows us to make sure that the winnings in 1v1 ISK are not disproportionate when the system encounters trouble trying to compute the ratings and some characters have a rating that is abnormal when considering their level. This restriction on the maximum amount of kamas and Kolossokens could change when the workings of the 1v1 ISK stabilizes.
  • The 1v1 matchmaking no longer makes greatly unbalanced (in terms of rating and level) fights for no good reason. This behaviour was linked a class auto-balancing issue.

We wish to remind you all that the point of the ISK is to offer fights that you have equal odds of winning or losing. Greatly optimizing your characters is supposed to force the system into offering fights against characters that might be more powerful than average, but should not guarantee a victory ratio above 50%.

The 1v1 ISK is still in its experimental phase, and we reserve the right to reset at any time and without prior notice the rating values of the characters, should we notice something wrong going on with said rating values, or should significant changes made to the 1v1 ISK warrant a reset of the ratings.
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 03 May 2017 16:21
A patch has been deployed for the DOFUS client:

  • In the chat interface, it is now possible to send private messages to characters who have a server tag in their name by clicking the character's name.
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 16 May 2017 16:28
The game servers have been updated, here is a list of the modifications:


  • The Astrub Knight Signal now requires characters to have at least 500 Achievement points in order to be able to equip it.
  • The Krobax Signal now requires characters to have at least 1000 Achievement points in order to be able to equip it.
  • The Trank Signal now requires characters to have at least 1000 Achievement points in order to be able to equip it.
  • These modifications are temporary and are meant to hinder the abusive way these Sidekicks are being used by bots.


  • In the chat interface, messages sent on the Community channel are now preceded with an abbreviation of the channel's current language. This information is also displayed when mousing over the chat interface tabs in the list of available channels, as well as in the menu that lets one choose which channels they want to have activated in a specific tab.
Assistant Community Manager
[Nerodos] 23 May 2017 16:13
The game servers have been updated:

  • When a character is renamed, its previous name is correctly freed (and thus available). It is no longer necessary to wait for a weekly maintenance for that previous name to become available again.