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 Nicknames in DOFUS

Choosing a nickname is one of the most important steps in character creation. That's how the other players will identify and remember you, so your name should be personal and original.
However, your nickname cannot reflect personal views (e.g. no
political nicknames), nor contradict the regulations (e.g. no insulting nicknames). We've set some general restrictions on nicknames to avoid these types of problems.

We reserve the right to modify any nickname that we deem inappropriate. Ankama Games also reserves the right to penalise players, depending on the gravity of the offense.


DOFUS is a game. It is not a tool for you to express your political views. With this in mind, nicknames and messages written in-game that express political views are strongly discouraged and will be removed.


To maintain a joyful and friendly atmosphere for all players regardless of age, insulting messages are absolutely forbidden in-game. Nicknames may not contain insults. Any nickname referring to paedophilia, racism, sexism and pornography will be severely sanctioned.


Your nickname must be comprehensible, so don't just choose a random set of characters. If you're having trouble creating a nickname, do not hesitate to use our nickname generator which will provide an appropriate nickname for you with just a click. So never again will we have to see a ridiculous nickname like "khjretwrgrfy"!