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Access limited to the Astrub Village
Explore the ENTIRE DOFUS World
Monsters below level 20 only
Challenge monsters up to level 1000
Low level items only
Equip any items in the game
including legendary weapons and sets
Cannot equip pets
Raise any pets in the game and increase their power
Access limited to basic classes
Embody a character from any class in the game
Professions limited to level 30
Craft any items:
there's no restrictions on professions
No access to merchant mode or to the main marketplaces.
Access marketplaces on all maps in the game
Can only join existing guilds
Create or join a Guild
No PvP mode (Player versus Player)
Participate in the war between the two cities Bonta and Brakmar
and fight with other players in PvP mode
No houses or paddocks outside Astrub
Access all houses and paddocks in the world of DOFUS
No gifts
Get special gifts in-game for members only
Non priority access to the game servers
Priority access to the game servers
Non priority access to Support
Priority access to Support