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What are Ogrines?

Change the colours, name and sex of a character, or create more characters on an account - all this is now possible using Ogrines.
You can purchase subscription time with your Ogrines.
Trade Ogrines with other Dofus players for Kamas in-game Exchanges.

How are Ogrines obtained?

There are two easy ways to obtain Ogrines:

Buying them

All of the payment options available for subscriptions can also be used to buy Ogrines.

For free, through Market Places

With the arrival of player Market Places, you're be able to exchange your Kamas with other players. You will receive Ogrines from them in return that you will be able to use for more subscription, or services.

How can Ogrines be used?

For subscription

Choose the length of subscription you want, as you normally would, and when choosing a payment method, select Ogrines. Then follow the instructions.

To enable services

Visit DOFUS Services section.
Choose the service you want to activate and follow the validation steps.

To obtain Kamas

Directly available in-game, a button will allow you to display the Kama Exchange where you can exchange your Ogrines for other players' Kamas. The server must be "OpenKamas".