<![CDATA[MMORPG DOFUS :: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game]]> http://www.dofus.com/en en Fri, 18 Apr 2014 10:00:45 +0200 Fri, 18 Apr 2014 10:00:45 +0200 http://www.dofus.com/favicon.ico <![CDATA[FLEASTERMIND: the iron treat]]> From April 17 to April 23, enter Stayfun Bonnawa's chocolate factory! As a fine connoisseur of the culinary arts, his ideas are as large as his belly, and that's why he challenges all of Amakna: whoever can find the ingredients in his succulent treats will be rewarded. Some logic, a little bit of luck and a spoonful of gastronomy, such are the ingredients that make up FLEASTERMIND!

Sometimes, treats fall from the sky. Often do they do that at the start of Aperirel...
Other times, it your job to create them so that in-game gifts may rain down!

This is what Stayfun Bonnawa, the cook that cooks it all without asking "what", is proposing. Specialist es treats, he wants to reward the would-be gastronomes that would be able to find out his recipes!

From April 17 to April 23, mix the ingredients you'll find in the ice-box.
First by blind luck, then by deduction, count on your three tries to unveil the day's recipe!

If you're smart, you'll go home each day with an in-game present!
In other words: the early bird takes the cake... Or something to that effect.

Participate in the Fleastermind challenge!]]>
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<![CDATA[Let the Great Treasure Hunt BEGIN!]]> Update 2.19 is now live: you're literally about to enter a new dimension! The monsters you'll see, working for the master of the house, Enutrof the Miser, are upholding chest law. The most vicious of them all? King Nidas, who would sell his soul to Sram for the very kingdom that was entrusted to him... Discover the 2.19 update before rushing into the game!

As of right now, the Treasure Hunt is afoot!
It starts in Enurado and will only end once you'll have unearthed all the wonders hidden in the World of Twelve. Know that you can't tell a hunter by his level, and that you all will be able to lose yourselves in this orichor rush and many other treasures!

Beware, you poor pitiful you! Don't throw yourself in the insane ensorcellment of King Nidas yet! A few tips can help you snatch triumph from all his traps...

First of all, check the 2.19 Update page. It's full of precious information that will tell you where you're going.
Then check out the Enurado gameplay trailer to get a clearer picture...

Happy treasure hunting to all (and to all levels)!]]>
Tue, 15 Apr 2014 12:00:00 +0100 http://staticns.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/04/14/418225.jpg <![CDATA[Let the Great Treasure Hunt BEGIN!]]> 70efef77cf499db372bf143eac0fba0a
<![CDATA[New: the Enutrof emote!]]> When every Twelvian will be going to wander all through Enutrof's cellar, you can show off the new Enutrof emote. No need to dig deep to find this treasure: it's available in the Great Emporium right now and, until April 28, offered as a subscription gift!

When an Enutrof let his anger blow up, it's raining kamas! This is, at least, what this magnificent emote, full of color and gold, tells us... Anyway, after the Iops' Reckless emote, here's a second class emote that will give you a unique style and make a lot of people jealous.
This was the least we could do to honor the resident God of the first Divine Dimension that awaits you as of today... But beware: when Enutrof opens his arms to you, it's not so he can kiss you! And in Enurado, kamas aren't the only thing raining down...
Discover the Enutrof emote today at 4PM (Paris time) in the Great Emporium, for 5000 OG. Until April 28, at 3PM (Paris time), get the emote for free with all subscriptions of three months or more.]]>
Tue, 15 Apr 2014 10:00:00 +0100 https://static.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/04/14/418192.jpg <![CDATA[New: the Enutrof emote!]]> c8184edaf2cf157587c8d65004cf0ebe
<![CDATA[Video: incoming Treasure Hunt!]]> Update 2.19 arrives tomorrow! Padded boots? Check! Thermo-resistant cloak? Check. Little Dragoturkeys sandals? Check as well! Bottle of ripate beer? Maaaybe not such a good idea... You only have one day left to prepare and get ready to explore the world looking for Enutrof's treasures. Are you ready? All you have left to do is check out the video!

To cover all our bases, please watch the presentation video right now! Right under this text. There. No, not here. There. Yes, right. No, not on your right. There. Theeeere you go.

Tomorrow, all these wonders will become true, palpable, concrete. Coins will shower down like rain. Riches a-plenty. Tons and tons of rare ore! Enough to make the mouth of any Enutrofs, Srams, Rogues, or really just about anyone willing to get filthy rich water!

Come on, check your gear one last time, camp out in the Cania plains tonight, and tomorrow, you will dine in Enurado! To help you sleep soundly, a little hiker song: "Nine hundred bottles of Pinchaut Beer on the wall, nine hundred bottles of beer! Take one down, pass it around, eight hundred and ninety-nine bottles of Pinchaut beer on the wall!"

See you tomorrow for the 2.19 Update: Enurado's Treasures.

On the menu:
➜ The Enurado Dimension, three dungeons accessible via its portal system, a new quest-line, combat modifiers and the new monster waves mode,
➜ Treasure Hunting: a new goal in DOFUS, treasures scattered all over the World of Twelve, rewards for all levels... One advice, though: scratch your head before you take the shovels out!
➜ Order Errant quests
➜ The new "small" map system (movable and transparent map, making for an easier navigation).
➜ Several interface improvements (inventory handling optimization, easier transition between areas, damage preview, etc.).]]>
Mon, 14 Apr 2014 18:30:00 +0100 https://static.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/04/14/418202.jpg <![CDATA[Video: incoming Treasure Hunt!]]> f74da9c5992afe633b21f653e00b7be6
<![CDATA[Solid gold content in 2.19]]> Wealth, gold, and big drooly monsters, those of you who have tested the beta have already been to Enurado and glimpsed these wonders. But now, we have a DOFUS Time video to show the rest of you what's to come on April 15!

And here's a list of what you can expect, just in case your video player is giving you grief...
  • Enurado contains three new dungeons, a new series of quests, combat modifiers, and a new combat system using waves of monsters.
  • Treasure Hunting, a new DOFUS challenge that allows players of all levels to search for treasures hidden around the World of Twelve. Bring your wits as well as your shovel!
  • New Dimensional Traveler quests
  • A new moveable, transparent mini-map for easier world navigation
  • Numerous interface improvements: inventory optimization, improved transitions between zones, damage previews, and more.

We'll see you on April 15 for Update 2.19: Enurado's Treasures!
Fri, 11 Apr 2014 19:00:00 +0100 http://staticns.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/04/11/418111.jpg <![CDATA[Solid gold content in 2.19]]> e27ce0390aedb91658e7a0e965c81fde
<![CDATA[Enurado : meeting in uncharted territory]]> In a few days' time, Twelvians will gain the tremendous privilege of being able to access divine dimensions. Penetrating the intimacy of the Gods, intruding on their little patch of peace and quiet, and marvel at their (sometimes somewhat weird) interior decoration: soon, the dimensions of each of the twelve Gods will have no secrets for the adventurers of the World of Twelve! The Ingloriom, this vast Krosmoz stake previously reserved to the divine entities, will then be meerly a step away for anyone and everyone! Enough to please the most curious of them... But have those places always been free of any twelvian meddling? I wouldn't be so sure... Judging from an letter exchange between the Magus Ax and his brother, it looks like the astral explorer was the first one to set foot in Enurado, the God Enutrof's divine dimension...

My Dear Theodoran,
Who would have ever believed, at my age, that it was still possible to make discoveries as amazing and incredible as the one I'm about to tell you about. I think that never before I have been more deserving of my title of boundless traveler... Sit tight, little brother, for I have discovered what none other in our beloved Krosmoz has ever seen to this date. What a frustration, not being able to see your Iop face reading this letter! For yes, you won't dare bring yourself to believe it, and yet I know you've already understood... Yes, Theodoran, this oh-so-much awaited for day has actually come! All our research on the Ingloriom have borne fruit! For, as inconceivable as it may seem to you, it is from the top of the divine dimension habited by none other than our dear god Enutrof that I write these lines...

Here there is enough gold and kamas to assuage the cupidity of every single Enutrof in the whole Krosmoz! Everywhere I look, I am blinded by the reflections on the coins piling even higher than the great Crackler Mountain. Compared with the shining treasures flooding the place, the sun is but a weary and faded old thing. Now I understand, truly understand WHY our God is called the Miser... Even I (as you know very well, I am one of the very few Enutrofs not to be obsessed with money) couldn't help but let out a sigh of ecstatic admiration when faced with such a sight. I must admit, I am not insensitive to all the riches spreading as far as my eye can see... But rest assured, I won't cave in, and never will I forget myself and my greater mission: solving the mysteries of our universe. And perhaps even finding other divine dimensions! All of the divine dimensions! Ah, but look at me, getting all excited...

Whatever the case, I found a strange mineral. I was first astonished to never have found anything like it at home. More elaborate research brought me to the conclusion that this, in fact, is nothing less than Origold, a mineral charged with divine energy...
It is said that kamas have no smell. Well, take my word for it, "they" couldn't be more wrong! I would describe it as a mix between sulfur and rust, all of it sprinkled with the unmistakable stench of greed and avarice.

Strange creatures, such as I have never seen before, inhabit this place. I was even almost bitten by a chest just as I was getting ready to plunge my hand in it! Enutrof may sleep deeply and soundly, his treasures are well guarded...
Oh, how I wish you'd been there, with me, to see and wander this huge labyrinth of a mine. And I can just picture us, racing around these galleries on-board chariots! One day, Theodoran, I will take you here. This I swear... I'll just have to ask of you not to speak a word of any of this. For us, as well as for Enutrof himself, I think it better to keep my little wandering a secret. I'd feel so terrible if Enutrofs with less than honorable intentions were to hear of this place. They'd be sure to come and plunder it. I insist on your discretion on the matter, Theodoran.

I would stay here a few days more, but I can't fathom what Enutrof would do to me if he were to see me in his private quarters. A deep and low rumble just resonated through the tunnels. I must leave you now, Theodoran, for I don't feel safe here. I'm no match for any Dragon, and even less of one for a God...
We shall see each other soon, so that I may tell you the rest of my story out loud. Take good care of yourself, brother dear. 
Yours truly, Magus Ax

Were these mysterious rumble those of the Dragon God Enutrof? Did the Magus Ax manage to escape in time, without igniting the wrath of his God? It is only years later that some Twelvians managed to travel to these high circles in their turn, through a travel agency like none other...

What about you? Are you ready to cross the Ingloriom's threshold?]]>
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<![CDATA[The Order Errant]]> After a complicated investigation leading to the discovery of dimensional portals opened to the Divine Dimensions, the Inspector Nicebuttocks had no other choice than to associate with the Wooden Torch agency to finish his investigation on those who opened the way to Enurado.

This association of deranged people that would set itself apart from all of the world's militaries and above appointed governments has given itself the heavy task of investigating the "not-so-normal" phenomenons linked to Gods and Shushus. Here the testimonies gathered by self-appointed captain Cage Harkann.

 "First time we heard of the Errants was the time when we went to Kanigrula's, me and the guys. There we were, happily hitting on the furry S.O.G.s, when a crazy adventuress interrupts us. Looking for her compass she was, that loony... And not just any compass, as it turned out! When we found the damn thing a few meters from there, she started spouting some nonsense, we couldn't make heads or tails of it! She said something about traveling to places where everything is made out of sound or some weird stuff like that. And then she gave us this strange ball, the Krosmoglob it's called. It's eerie, but it sure helps in battle!"
Arny Schwarzohld  - Mercenary

 "A big family (or possibly a group of very close friends) recently built a beautiful and very large building! In the middle of the Rocky Road, this massive house guarantees a wonderful and relaxed life-style. Arranged around three floors, the building allows for a true open space experience. Furthermore, the current owners have installed very spacious rooms in order to entertain. The only downside is furniture-wise. All those brass and grey colors don't make the rooms look luminous enough. And, between you and me, brass is so 643..."
Spetan Plazo – Real Estate Agent 

 "The least you can say about those Errant types is that their fashion sense isn't easy on the eyes! I've always had something of a thing for uniforms, and theirs are especially fabulous! When you see one of them, you just know they're not just anybody, they're somebody. Some are even a bit ghastly. Especially the tiny spring-mounted one and the one whose body is in several parts... The really weird thing is, his limbs are still moving..."
Yan Toyello – Wooden Torch Henchman

 "Those guys there... they're nice, but shifty. I saw some of them at the tavern the other day and what they were talking about was weirder than how they appeared next to us out of the blue! They were talking about, I don't know, some strange mineral or something, called the Origold. Seemed very precious, very rare; and besides, getting your hands on it seemed to be a dangerous expedition! Enough to warrant the full attention of any lingering ear... They said almost nothing about that. Well, except for some stupid nonsense, like having to use techno-magical portals to go to the Gods' homes to get some! But, well, as soon as someone actually got up and asked them something, they shut tight, and the heat rose. Something about it not being our business, and to leave the Errants well alone. You could just hear the capital E when he said it! They think they're something else, all right! And as soon as an actual brawl broke out... poof! Gone! Just as mysteriously as they had come..."
Take Abir - Barman

 "Do you realize there are other dimensions than our own out there? It's official! It's breath-taking when you truly think about it! In these places, it is very well possible that nothing that we know exists! Picture if you will a world where everything is edible! Another, where Bow Meows are the dominant species and we Twelvians are nothing but pets! I'm restless! How can I just stay here on this tiny rock when infinity is waiting for us! These Errants have all the luck, getting to see such wonders! I can't wait to meet them, to learn more, and maybe, who knows, err as well? What? Do I actually know anything about them? Oh well, you know, with this discovery, all I know is that I know nothing! All of this kinda puts you in your place, you know?"
Thor Snodoc – Delighted Enthusiast

After this more or less profitable collaboration, Inspector Nicebuttocks had the whole of the Wooden Torch institute thrown in jail. Why? No less than 192 charges, including obstruction of justice. The mystery surrounding these mysterious Errants is still quite impenetrable, but their organization will no doubt change the face of the World of Twelve! But fear not, Twelvians, for Nicebuttocks is on the case!]]>
Fri, 04 Apr 2014 17:30:00 +0100 http://staticns.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/04/04/417932.jpg <![CDATA[The Order Errant]]> d475283f6594dc780775078bc79937ca
<![CDATA[It's the Great Emporium for the Parasymbics]]> The question was on every lips: after seeing their big brothers the Livitinems migrate to the Great Emporium, would the Parasymbics be abandoned to their subscription gifts fate? After a long wait, filled with suspense, the answer has come at last: they're being reunited with their family! Better yet: until April 10th, a Parasymbic will be included with selected ogrine packs for no additional cost!

Here they are, available at last, these items who, not only graft themselves on your cloaks, hats, boots and belts and change their appearance, but also have the gall to comment your every move. Annoying? Yes, but more than anything, they're so cute! So stop being jealous of their happy owners, and join the club!
  • Parasymbic belt: 600 OG
  • Parasymbic boots: 600 OG
  • Parasymbic cloak: 4 000 OG
  • Parasymbic hat: 6 000 OG

Head to the Great Emporium

And besides, you read right: to celebrate their homecoming in the Great Emporium, the Parasymbics are making a show of it! From Friday, April 4 to Thursday, April 10 (10AM DUT), they're accompanying certain ogrine packs*:
  • A 3 000 OG pack bought = free Parasymbic belt
  • A 6 000 OG pack bought = free Parasymbic boots
  • A 13 000 OG pack bought = free Parasymbic cloak
  • A 28 000 OG pack bought = free Parasymbic hat
  • A 47 000 OG pack bought = free Parasymbic set

Choose my Ogrine pack

*: Pack offers may vary by country. Please visit the Ogrines page to learn more about the offers available in your area.]]>
Fri, 04 Apr 2014 14:00:00 +0100 http://staticns.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/04/03/417878.jpg <![CDATA[It's the Great Emporium for the Parasymbics]]> 32f9a0039e5b11d5e558478a180ae5f6
<![CDATA[Tofinder: Ankama invents in-game online dating!]]> What if your soulmate was just a few maps away from your Iop? What if your upstairs neighbor were to travel across the same paths in the World of Twelve, without your knowing it? With the Tofinder application, Ankama is ready to strike a heavy blow to other meeting applications, and you'll be first to enjoy it!

Available later this year on smartphones, the Tofinder application will allow you to locate other players connected to the app, not only in the real world within a 80-mile radius, but first and foremost all over the World of Twelve!

Indeed, the various adventurers will be put in contact by way of their character, their level, their Achievements, their completed quests, and their in-game activities. You'll be able to see your contact's finished dungeons and those that still need raiding, or even the items he's looking for or the one she wishes to sell. Meet in the game with one simple click! And after that, why not meet in real life...?

Connecting to the application will require a Facebook account and you'll have to like your favorite MMORPG's page to enjoy every last Tofinder feature: the profile comparison algorithm will mainly be based on a study of your social activities and your public "likes" to offer compatible profiles.

But the real great novelty, in order to obtain profiles from adventurers really close to you, is the fact that the application also connects to your Ankama account, taking into account your characteristics and statistics, your inventory and your membership in an guild or an Alliance.

The greatest of the Krosmoz heroes are already meeting on Tofinder:

In a few weeks, maybe you'll create your own legend with the love of your life...
Tue, 01 Apr 2014 09:00:00 +0100 http://staticns.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/03/31/417795.jpg <![CDATA[Tofinder: Ankama invents in-game online dating!]]> 8c8c0864b090b12ca5b4de93e179c1e5
<![CDATA[DOFUS services: more transfers = 30% less!]]> A 30% reduction is active on the character transfer service until Thursday, April the 3rd at 11:59 (Paris Time). It's time to change the scenery!

Want to move in 2014?

It's now or never: the "Transfer a character" service is at a 30% reduction until April 3rd at 23:59 (DUT)!

Regroup with friends or just check if the grass is indeed greener; enjoy this offer and make new acquaintances! If you validate your transfer this week, you'll migrate to your new server during the April 8 maintenance.

I need a change!]]>
Mon, 31 Mar 2014 19:00:00 +0100 http://staticns.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/03/31/417786.jpg <![CDATA[DOFUS services: more transfers = 30% less!]]> df80e7f4adba4b458a744487e94f7e31