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After several months of gestating, Ankama is proud to present to you their new baby: Tactile Wars! Only two words and we've summed up the concept. Tactile Wars is a strategy game playable in solo mode or multiplayer in which you'll have to lead your troops to battle with your fingers!

Form your squadrons, go claim the AI's or other players' positions, paint the opponent with your pigments and spread the power of your color to climb to the top of the worldwide leaderboards!

As the icing on that particular cake, although the release date is to remain secret yet, Tactile Wars will be playable for the first time ever at the Ankama Convention that will take place from May 2 to May 4 at the Saint Sauveur Train Station in Lille.]]>
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<![CDATA[DOFUS 10 Years Anniversary Artbook: first pictures!]]> Were you already here, ten years ago? Do you remember your first steps in DOFUS? For this unmissable anniversary, Ankama brings out the family album and lots of never-before-seen memorabilia. The DOFUS 10 Years Anniversary Artbook is a collection of nearly 300 pages of pictures that will allow you to (re)discover the best illustrations since the creation of DOFUS! Get it first at the convention!
Teasing Artbook DOFUS 10 ans
This exceptional artbook will be made available at the Ankama Convention - Special 10 Years Anniversary before anywhere else. And for your cherry on top: a lot of artists will be there to sign it! All the more to make this book the "collectorest"!

Want a sneak peek? Click the picture right below:

Be at the Ankama Convention - Special 10 Years Anniversary from May 2 to May 4 to get the DOFUS 10 Years Anniversary Artbook before everyone else and have it signed by Tot, Ancestral Z, Mojo, Xa, Gorobeï, Kosal, Takeshi Jonoo, Mig and Maba!

Out July the 4th.

Ankama Convention
Gare Saint-Sauveur
Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas
59 800 Lille (France)
Free entrance
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<![CDATA[Ankama Convention: 1.29 and a never-before-seen boss]]> Hip or vintage? The convention has something for everyone! Turn your sight to the past and immerse yourself in  the pleasures of nostalgia with the 1.29 version of DOFUS, for just one unforgettable week-end... Then look towards the future and confront a fearsome boss: Gein, son of Sram! The DOFUS of yesterday and of today are waiting for you from May 2 to May 4 at the Ankama Convention - special DOFUS 10 year anniversary!

DOFUS honors its elders and its history with DOFUS 1.29: it will be available in the "100% fans" area of the Convention. Twelve computers will be dedicated to 1.29 in this section of the convention. For one unforgettable weekend, re-experience your first dofusian sensations. 

Since then, water (as well as time) has passed under the bridge; future and past will melt in a magic mirror called "Fighting area - DOFUS Bosses." There, you'll find four old convention boss, and a never-before-seen foe: Gein! No less than ninety-six computers will be made available for fights designed to be gargantuan. Gein the Silent is the most feared assassin in the World of Twelve! Quaking in your boots? Appropriate response is appropriate, because to top it all off, this son of a... god is immortal! (insert satanical laughter meant to make you shiver with fear)

When Gein draws, your life expectancy drops!

These three days will also be the occasion to meet in the flesh the artisans who created DOFUS: these two sections will be animated by illustrious Ankama members, such as Lichen, Briss, Simsoft, Sylfaen, Konala, XyaLe, Sili, Izmar...

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<![CDATA[Background page: Treasure hunting]]> Incredible, but true: Clint Pot, an Enutrof with curiously little expertise in business, has discovered no less than ten treasures in a single day! The adventure has not left him unscathed, however... He recently agreed to tell his story to famed interviewer Babaa Waters.

Babaa Waters: Good evening Clint. First of all, I'd like to applaud your courage. Know that everyone here recognizes how much this has cost you... 

Clint Pot: What's that?! I have to pay money for this?! I want to talk to your boss!

Babaa Waters: No, no! Please calm down! Please! You're probably still in shock... No one here wants your money, you can rest assured! 

Clint Pot: Insured?! I don't need any insurance, madame! None at all! 

Babaa Waters: I get the feeling this is going to be a very long interview... So, tell us about these treasures that appeared suddenly.

Clint Pot: There were so many of 'em... Every time I plunged my shovel in, I unearthed another one! It was like I was living in a dream... it was all real though! 

Babaa Waters: How is it that you discovered so much treasure in so little time? Isn't it possible that this is all just a bad joke someone's playing on you? 

Clint leant over toward Babaa Waters while sweeping the hall with a wary look. Then he started whispering. 

Clint Pot: I'll tell you what I think... I think this is the work of the Demons of the Hours! 

Babaa Waters: The Demons of the Hours? What  interest could they possibly have in all this?

Clint Pot: Those satanic critters are trying to butter us up with their money to get us to fight in their arenas way up high!

Babaa Waters: Now Clint! Stop talking nonsense! You and I both know very well that the Demons of the Hours don't need to resort to this type of stuff. Clint? Clint, are you still with us? Are you OK, Clint?

With a look as lively as an adolescent Bwork's, Clint gazed into the void, a silly smile playing at his lips. Then he shook his head, as if to shake off his torpor. 

Clint Pot: Eh... excuse me. I was thinking about all those treasures again... If you had only seen them... They were so beautiful! Those luscious kamas with all those beautiful curves... That sensual aroma that I'll never forget... And the softness of their supple...

Babaa Waters: Ok, that's enough, we get it! It's really starting to become disruptive... Why don't you tell us what you did with them? 

Clint Pot: What I did with them? Well, it was obviously a trap! I threw them out.

A stupified cry spread throughout the hall. A few Enutrofs in the audience fainted, others fled, and still others leapt toward Clint with the clear and definite intention of gutting him. These last were, however, handily stopped by the security agents. 

Babaa Waters: Calm down, calm down! Let's get back to it. Clint, have you consulted a doctor since your... accident?


At this point, Clint started running in all directions, rolling around on the ground, and emitting strange cries. After several minutes he calmly sat back down, as if nothing had happened. 

Babaa Waters: I'm going to go ahead and say no, then. Ah, someone in the audience has something to say. Go ahead sir, please. Don't be shy!

HEALER: Ahem... Yes, hello. I'm a healer specializing in behavioural troubles. I just wanted to say that cases like Clint Pot here are becoming more and more common. I believe I can state with some authority that what we're seeing here is a psychotic break, doubtless from seeing far too many kamas in far too short a period.

Babaa Waters: Hmmm, interesting... And how would you explain the sudden outbreak of these cases? 

HEALER: What... do you mean to say you don't know? Hundreds of chests stuffed with kamas and treasures have been found scattered throughout the World of Twelve. They come from Enurado, Enutrof's Divine Dimension! Everyone's talking about them!

At these words, Clint, who had collapsed with exhaustion, suddenly jumped back up. 

Clint Pot: What's that you say?? Enurado?! 

HEALER: Yes, exactly. The Dimensional Voyagers created a sort of a dimensional rip after getting to Enurado. The best disciples of Enutrof were then instructed by the God himself to organize grand treasure hunts. You should leave your mine more often, my friend! 

Babaa Waters: This is some sort of stunt to get Enutrof more followers, I presume? 

HEALER: Exactly! 

In order to protect the sanity of any particularly sensitive Enutrofs who may be reading this, the rest of the interview has been cut. 
All the same, we will relate that after this interview and during the several months of institutionalization that followed, Clint did everything he could to recover his lost treasures. He even went so far as to seduce Terra Fik, the young and stout daughter of Terra Cogita, the old Enutrof who's in charge of organizing the gigantic treasure hunts...

How about you? Can you dig it? ]]>
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<![CDATA[Tofukaze: one week-end to double your presents!]]> Sponsor a friend, receive Tofus, throw them at a grid, and win the gift hidden under the targeted cell: easy as pie, that's the Tofukaze game! A minigame fit as a feather for these kamikaze little birds. And they're asking for more! So until Tuesday, April 22, we're doubling your winnings: get twice the Tofus! You're on for nearly a hundred happy hours! 

Sharpen your throwing arm and let your aim be true: when sponsoring friends, you usually win up to five Tofus depending on the subscription offer they go for or the ogrine pack they choose to buy.
Until Tuesday, April 22 at 4PM (DUT), you'll get twice the Tofus! That means twice as many opportunities to win the jackpot (Armored Dragoturkey, Feathered Dragoturkey or Mini Wa pet?) on any of the grids. And as you know, that's twice the presents for you!

Enjoy the Fleaster Tofukaze!]]>
Fri, 18 Apr 2014 10:00:00 +0100 http://staticns.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/04/16/418325.png <![CDATA[Tofukaze: one week-end to double your presents!]]> 5c181c94b0691c944c577b379145c020
<![CDATA[FLEASTERMIND: the iron treat]]> From April 17 to April 23, enter Stayfun Bonnawa's chocolate factory! As a fine connoisseur of the culinary arts, his ideas are as large as his belly, and that's why he challenges all of Amakna: whoever can find the ingredients in his succulent treats will be rewarded. Some logic, a little bit of luck and a spoonful of gastronomy, such are the ingredients that make up FLEASTERMIND!

Sometimes, treats fall from the sky. Often do they do that at the start of Aperirel...
Other times, it your job to create them so that in-game gifts may rain down!

This is what Stayfun Bonnawa, the cook that cooks it all without asking "what", is proposing. Specialist es treats, he wants to reward the would-be gastronomes that would be able to find out his recipes!

From April 17 to April 23, mix the ingredients you'll find in the ice-box.
First by blind luck, then by deduction, count on your three tries to unveil the day's recipe!

If you're smart, you'll go home each day with an in-game present!
In other words: the early bird takes the cake... Or something to that effect.

Participate in the Fleastermind challenge!]]>
Thu, 17 Apr 2014 12:30:00 +0100 http://staticns.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/04/16/418323.jpg <![CDATA[FLEASTERMIND: the iron treat]]> 0a4a869fc85ffd08820e04e18fa6cbbf
<![CDATA[Let the Great Treasure Hunt BEGIN!]]> Update 2.19 is now live: you're literally about to enter a new dimension! The monsters you'll see, working for the master of the house, Enutrof the Miser, are upholding chest law. The most vicious of them all? King Nidas, who would sell his soul to Sram for the very kingdom that was entrusted to him... Discover the 2.19 update before rushing into the game!

As of right now, the Treasure Hunt is afoot!
It starts in Enurado and will only end once you'll have unearthed all the wonders hidden in the World of Twelve. Know that you can't tell a hunter by his level, and that you all will be able to lose yourselves in this orichor rush and many other treasures!

Beware, you poor pitiful you! Don't throw yourself in the insane ensorcellment of King Nidas yet! A few tips can help you snatch triumph from all his traps...

First of all, check the 2.19 Update page. It's full of precious information that will tell you where you're going.
Then check out the Enurado gameplay trailer to get a clearer picture...

Happy treasure hunting to all (and to all levels)!]]>
Tue, 15 Apr 2014 12:00:00 +0100 http://staticns.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/04/14/418225.jpg <![CDATA[Let the Great Treasure Hunt BEGIN!]]> 70efef77cf499db372bf143eac0fba0a
<![CDATA[New: the Enutrof emote!]]> When every Twelvian will be going to wander all through Enutrof's cellar, you can show off the new Enutrof emote. No need to dig deep to find this treasure: it's available in the Great Emporium right now and, until April 28, offered as a subscription gift!

When an Enutrof let his anger blow up, it's raining kamas! This is, at least, what this magnificent emote, full of color and gold, tells us... Anyway, after the Iops' Reckless emote, here's a second class emote that will give you a unique style and make a lot of people jealous.
This was the least we could do to honor the resident God of the first Divine Dimension that awaits you as of today... But beware: when Enutrof opens his arms to you, it's not so he can kiss you! And in Enurado, kamas aren't the only thing raining down...
Discover the Enutrof emote today at 4PM (Paris time) in the Great Emporium, for 5000 OG. Until April 28, at 3PM (Paris time), get the emote for free with all subscriptions of three months or more.]]>
Tue, 15 Apr 2014 10:00:00 +0100 https://static.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/04/14/418192.jpg <![CDATA[New: the Enutrof emote!]]> c8184edaf2cf157587c8d65004cf0ebe
<![CDATA[Video: incoming Treasure Hunt!]]> Update 2.19 arrives tomorrow! Padded boots? Check! Thermo-resistant cloak? Check. Little Dragoturkeys sandals? Check as well! Bottle of ripate beer? Maaaybe not such a good idea... You only have one day left to prepare and get ready to explore the world looking for Enutrof's treasures. Are you ready? All you have left to do is check out the video!

To cover all our bases, please watch the presentation video right now! Right under this text. There. No, not here. There. Yes, right. No, not on your right. There. Theeeere you go.

Tomorrow, all these wonders will become true, palpable, concrete. Coins will shower down like rain. Riches a-plenty. Tons and tons of rare ore! Enough to make the mouth of any Enutrofs, Srams, Rogues, or really just about anyone willing to get filthy rich water!

Come on, check your gear one last time, camp out in the Cania plains tonight, and tomorrow, you will dine in Enurado! To help you sleep soundly, a little hiker song: "Nine hundred bottles of Pinchaut Beer on the wall, nine hundred bottles of beer! Take one down, pass it around, eight hundred and ninety-nine bottles of Pinchaut beer on the wall!"

See you tomorrow for the 2.19 Update: Enurado's Treasures.

On the menu:
➜ The Enurado Dimension, three dungeons accessible via its portal system, a new quest-line, combat modifiers and the new monster waves mode,
➜ Treasure Hunting: a new goal in DOFUS, treasures scattered all over the World of Twelve, rewards for all levels... One advice, though: scratch your head before you take the shovels out!
➜ Order Errant quests
➜ The new "small" map system (movable and transparent map, making for an easier navigation).
➜ Several interface improvements (inventory handling optimization, easier transition between areas, damage preview, etc.).]]>
Mon, 14 Apr 2014 18:30:00 +0100 https://static.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/04/14/418202.jpg <![CDATA[Video: incoming Treasure Hunt!]]> f74da9c5992afe633b21f653e00b7be6
<![CDATA[Solid gold content in 2.19]]> Wealth, gold, and big drooly monsters, those of you who have tested the beta have already been to Enurado and glimpsed these wonders. But now, we have a DOFUS Time video to show the rest of you what's to come on April 15!

And here's a list of what you can expect, just in case your video player is giving you grief...
  • Enurado contains three new dungeons, a new series of quests, combat modifiers, and a new combat system using waves of monsters.
  • Treasure Hunting, a new DOFUS challenge that allows players of all levels to search for treasures hidden around the World of Twelve. Bring your wits as well as your shovel!
  • New Dimensional Traveler quests
  • A new moveable, transparent mini-map for easier world navigation
  • Numerous interface improvements: inventory optimization, improved transitions between zones, damage previews, and more.

We'll see you on April 15 for Update 2.19: Enurado's Treasures!
Fri, 11 Apr 2014 19:00:00 +0100 http://staticns.ankama.com/ankama/cms/images/9/2014/04/11/418111.jpg <![CDATA[Solid gold content in 2.19]]> e27ce0390aedb91658e7a0e965c81fde