Dofus Gobbstock Pets! Event - June 21, 2017

What would Gobbstock be without your competition? And without its competition? Illustrate, through video and song, the theme of this fifth edition: Pets and mounts! Send us your entries before midnight, Paris Time, on Wednesday, July 5th!

Dofus Win Big on the Beta! Event - June 08, 2017

So far, you’ve conquered dungeons from one end of the World of Twelve to the other! But this week we’re asking you to take on a dungeon that has not yet entered the world as we know it...

Two months ago, you were given the chance to try (or retry) your luck in the Merkator Dungeon Rusher. Now, the Dungeon Rusher Rewind is back, inviting you to face the worst Lousy Pig in the World of Twelve: the Dragon Pig! If you aren't afraid of getting your hands dirty, head to his dungeon on May 27th and 28th

Here's a nice way to enjoy the week-end: a 25% bonus on your character's Profession experience and your Drops, from Saturday, May 6th, to Monday, May 8th!

The new Dungeon Rusher is here! He can’t stand his fur being rubbed the wrong way and he’s not the purring kind: in this 14th installment, Ush, the sneaky feline will be waiting resolutely for you on his cushion! And as usual, there's a brand new shield to be won.

The grand final of the DOFUS Cup took place only a few days ago, bringing together the two best teams out of the 1,500 teams registered. It was an extraordinary tournament with a fabulous reward: a €1,500 cash prize for the winners – Orgie Animale.

Here's a nice way to enjoy Fleaster: a 25% bonus on your character's experience and your Profession experience, from Saturday, April 15th, to Monday, April 17th!

It’s the home stretch for the remaining players and only a few hours before we will finally know the identity of the winners of the DOFUS Cup – who will pocket the first prize of €1,500 in cash!