Class and elegance: that’s what the new Elemental Huppermage emote is all about! It just arrived in the Shop at a price of 4,500 OG! Moreover, until March 26th (included), you will be given the emote with any purchase of a pack of 10,000 ogrines or more!

What sort of Mystery Box might we have conjured up for Saint Potrick? Why... a Green Mystery Box, of course! You'll find it in the shop until Monday, March 20th, for the price of 500 OG!

Feel like a bit of interior renovation? Now's the time! All lights are green with the Saint Potrick Haven Bag, available in the Shop until Monday, March 20th!

Spring will soon be sprung, and with it, new Subscription Packs! Are you drooling with impatience? Placed under the sign of the Ouginaks, the new Subscription Packs are baring their teeth!

The Ankama Shop needs your input! Because you are your own best advocate, we are asking you to vote for the classiest colours, the ones that will truly make your favourite creatures shine! Black, white, pink, turquoise, or even emerald green: which colour will best dress your future Dragoone plushy? And what about your future Gobball? The choice is yours!

Dofus Mimisymbics come in twos! Shop - February 22, 2017

It's Carnival time, so keep your intentions masked! Pretend to be someone you're not and trick your enemies with the help of the Mimisymbics! From Wednesday, February 22nd to Monday, February 27th, get two Mimisymbics for the price of one.

Dofus Saint Ballotwine Mystery Box Shop - February 17, 2017

For Saint Ballotwine, gift yourself (or gift someone else!) a Mystery Box dripping with love! Choosing a gift for someone you really care about can turn out to be migraine-inducing. Why not let fate decide instead? The Saint Ballotwine Mystery Box is waiting for you in the Shop, for 700 Ogrines. Take the plunge! 

Dofus A free Black Tiwabbit Pet! Shop - February 09, 2017

“To survive a war, you gotta become war”: At least, that’s what I imagine the Black Tiwabbit would say if it was a vagabond with a stone cold heart. But that's not the case. However, until February 13th (included), you will be given a Black Tiwabbit with any purchase of a pack of 10,000 ogrines or more!