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The 2.23 Update will reveal the third Divine Dimension. We'll take this opportunity to make significant modifications to the accessibility of Dimensions and the way they work. The Divine Dimensions still aim to offer a content requiring a great deal of preparation and a lot of caution. Failure in these areas is much more punishing than in the rest of the game, these areas are more dangerous, they include game mechanics that are more complex (combat modifiers and monster waves), and they're harder to access than classic areas.
We have however decided to simplify some concepts and to make accessing these areas easier, without compromising our original vision and goals.
It had to happen sooner or later! Keeping with the times, Xelor has eventually decided to do the same as his colleagues: open his doors to the common mortal. Today, the God of Time unveils his tic-tac's tactics by letting you enter in the heart of his Divine Dimension via a video tour. Nothing less! Will you be able to master Xelorium's cranks and gears?
See Shadow... and die! Event - August 27, 2014
Quail, mortals! The time is near... On Tuesday, September 2, Shadow will open up his domain to you: the Server Epic is unique, international, and... deadly!
In the 2.23 Update, we will be making several modifications to the treasure hunting system in order to make them more appealing, a little bit more 'resilient' against tools that allow one to resolve them instantly, and we will improve the way we're taking visual impediments into account.
You've dreamed it, and Ankama did it! The new Veteran Reward system will allow us to reward your loyalty. That's right, you'll be able to show everyone at the Zaap your seniority with exclusive equipment skins. How does it work? Allow us to explain...
Feca Devblog August 21, 2014 - [lichen]
It's been the subject of discussion and debate for months and months, but finally, you're going to find out exactly how Fecas will change after their revamp!
Vertigo? Apathy? Depression? Time to act! You may be one of the victims of "Dimensional Illness", a plague that gnaws at no less than 90% of Dimensional Travelers
The Goultarminator 6 selection phase is over! For 35 servers, the adventure stopped in its tracks yesterday. But for the 16 qualified servers' 64 teams, the fun is over, the real thing is about to begin. See you  on Tuesday, August 19 at 7PM (DUT) for the finale phases launch!