Your Nomoon is out of control, your Friendrake all fired up, your Moowitty is wittier than ever and your Quaquack keeps quaquacking. What’s up with them all today?! A glance at Magus Ax’s Almanax tells you everything you need to know. Today it’s the S.P.C.A. pet party!
Every summer, the temperature rises off the Otomai Coast. The ground shakes, and rumblings can be heard in the bowels of the earth. Could this be one of celebrated troubadour David Gettalife’s massive raves? Even better! It’s the reopening of Vulkania Park! And if you venture in there, you’ll end up raving about it too!
Did you like the first one? Did you love the second one? Then, be ready to simply adore the DOFUS Zaap! #3: it's online! Once more, we've found the best of the best of player videos. The selection was tough, but we had to do it! Discover, right now, this new "zaaping", DOFUS style!
The selection phases having ended as soon as last night, we now know the list of contestants for each server for the Goultarminator - 2015 Edition! Spectators: be ready to cheer on your representatives! Challengers: it is now time for team spirit and cohesion: you now need to compose your teams!
It’s a lost world the elders speak of only in whispers. Even Enutrofs hesitate to go digging there for fear of running into creatures thought to be extinct. Woe to the fools who compare them to giant turkeys! They won’t return from...Vulkania!
The registrations to the 2015 Goultarminator tournament are now closed, and no less than 4009 players have attempted the Test of Speed. There is but one stage left before any of them can be fully and officially qualified: the community vote. That is to say, YOUR vote!
In Amakna, a valient adventurer had worked hard all year long but found little work to do when the summer wind blew. He thought his neighbor, Thea Ente might keep him company in his plight. "You’ve come at a good time," Thea said when he came over, "because I have something to occupy our minds. Take a look at this Special Pack*, if we get it, we can play for two whole months!"
Get ready to rumble with delight! From July 3 to July 6 (ending at 11 :59 PM Paris time) the Wrath of Bolgrot emote will be added to your purchase when you buy packs of 11 000 Ogrines (or more). This powerful emote can be used to toast the buns of your enemies or get your significant other fired up !