Earthquake? Tsunami? Meteor shower? The wildest rumors are going around, trying to guess the reasons behind the Vulkania evacuation scheduled for next Tuesday, September 1st! Don't you worry, though, the truth of it is that the island will simply close its gates for the year being. Enjoy it one last time this week-end!
Adventuresses, adventurers, we welcome you aboard this Update 2.30! This Island? Moon! Landing is scheduled for September 1st. Please fasten your seatbelt and  make yourselves comfortable, we're doing all we can so that you may have a nice trip!
LeChouque is bored. He just sits there, deep in his dungeon, twiddling his thumbs. The terror of the seas is waiting for a worthy opponent to sink what remains of his teeth into. If his stormy temperament doesn't scare you, then hoist the main sail, man the oars and set off for Moon Island!  
Groups of Idols - August 25, 2015 - [lichen]
Since the Idol system came into being, we've received a lot of feedback from players who have encountered difficulties when making frequent Idol changes between fights. Initially, we weren't expecting players to change Idols so often, but this is something we would like to encourage. We've recently been working on an custom set system for Idols that we've named "Groups of Idols".
On Moon Island, as elsewhere, holidays are the opportunity to sunbathe on the beach and catch up on some shut-eye. But it’s also the chance to taste some of the local delicacies! And when it comes to quality "meat", if anyone knows what they're talking about, it's Kanniball Andchain
Dofus Green Mystery Box Shop - August 21, 2015
Today you woke up full of get-up-and-go, in an atmosphere radiating positive vibes, a huge smile on your face. Thanks to whom? Thanks to Theomak, the Meridia of Hope! This little god brushes aside negative thoughts and makes it his life's mission to show you the glass is actually half full! The Green Mystery Box is dedicated to him!
You have been lolling countless times on its sumptuous beaches and have devoured some kalitres of its delicious Kokonut juice. Perhaps you have even come back alive from a banquet with a Kanniball tribe! But have you at least met the boss of this area, the Moon; the creature who is the subject of so many fantasies? 
What do Ankama employees speak about outside of work? Well, they talk about video games of course! And just sometimes they come up with a new idea or a new project. This is more or less how Tactile Wars came into existence. If you like playing and exploring in other games apart from your MMO, keep on reading...