It's time for the twelfth Dungeon Rusher! This time, you're going toe to toe with a creature famous for its hairy legs! No, not the Bworkette; we mean the Korriander! Head to his lair on January 21st or 22nd.

Dofus A Dragorace Set for free! Shop - January 19, 2017
From now until January 23rd, there's an exclusive offer to set you alight! Well… not literally, of course. Whenever you purchase a 7-Day Subscription Pack, you'll get the Dragorace Set for free, as well as the Woolly Set Mystery Box! Don't miss out! 
Dofus Get 20% more Ogrines! Shop - January 18, 2017

Is Father Kwismas working overtime? Probably, because until Friday evening, all packs will contain 20% extra Ogrines for the same price! Quiiick, get to the Shop!

Dofus Happy New Year! Info - December 31, 2016
Ankama wishes everyone reading this an absolutely perfect 2017! Oh yes! To be as successful as possible over 365 days, you'll need willpower, hope and... gifts! That's why, complete with our best wishes for the new year, we're giving you a code to use until 11:00 (Paris Time) on January 3rd!

Before you feast on oysters and chocolate, let's take a moment and review the year 2016. Tot will also use this occasion to give you a small preview of 2017. Small, because all the details will be in GAMAKNA!

Stage 1 of Clash of Guilds, season 2 has ended yesterday, and we now have our array of qualified guilds; find out right now whether or not you are part of your server's Top 10 and get ready for the main event with Stages 2 and 3: the Dungeon Achievements Race, with artistic challenges on the side!

From today, you'll no longer hear "Have you got one? Do you know where I can find one? I've been looking for days, I've had enough", but rather "What rank are you? Which god did you take?" And that's because the doors of Krosmaga Beta are now open to everyone!

You have been many to mobilize in order to lift your Guild to the highest honor, and reach the top of the rankings. Today, learn who the winners of Clash of Guilds, Season 2 are!