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Friendship Celebration! - July 30, 2014
It's international friendship day! And to celebrate, we're offering you some special deals for those who need friends, and those who have friends they want to share with!
The old Uplauncher is gone! the players who are still using it will note that the update to the new version will happen automatically next time they start DOFUS. 
The mailboat from Vulkania has arrived at last, and it's so full of postcards and packages, its nearly sinking under the weight! Let's see which one was best...
Immerse yourself in the power and intrique of an ancient tradition of theater... and look good while doing it. This weekend when you subscribe to DOFUS for one month or more, you'll receive the complete Noh set for "noh" addtional charge!
It's hot. Figures, it's summer. So, of course, caring and compassionate as we are, we have something cool for you. Enter, the Frozen Mystery Box!
Will Ecaflip smile upon you? Test your luck before Thursday, July 24 at 11:59 PM (Paris time)!
The qualification tests for the 2014 Goultarminator have been completed and now, a complete list of participants is available for you to view. There's just one more formality to complete, settling on the team line-ups!
We promised you sweat, blood, and tears in Vulkania! Through your postcards, you send sweat, blood, and... laughter! And the contest isn't quite over yet! You have until July 24 to write one to whomever: the one your heart beats for, your mother, or even your dog... via Twitter! The three best postcards will earn a reward.
Deceptively quiet people who want to display their explosive temperament, party-goers who want to blow it up, happy blokes who like their pranks... They all have one thing in common: the Rogues' Explosive emote scroll! And they didn't find it in a powder keg either, but in packs of 13,000 OG and more