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 Escultor de Arco

Are you getting tired of those endless darts games in the local tavern? Looking for something a little more... dangerous? Bows and arrows might be just the thing to spice up your evenings.

Before you begin this profession you should ask yourself if you have anything to gain from it. Players who are experienced in handling shovels will not be interested in buying or making bows. So unless you know a gang of rich Cras or a few generous Srams you should think twice!

As with all the weapon-making professions, not everyone will be able to use what you create, so your clientele will be specific. The only warriors who will invest in your creations are the classes mentioned above. Adventurers from other classes will almost never purchase from you. If you are having trouble getting rid of your stock, you can always go to the nearest Smithmagic Workshop and strip a weapon down for its runes.

To maximize your profits and keep your costs to a minimum, you should start making friends with a lumberjack as soon as possible! Nothing is better, however, than being an expert in this profession yourself before you start your career as a Bow Carver. This way, you can collect many of your materials yourself, since wood is what you need most.

Have you been thinking about getting into the bow business? Go see Enileda (3,-20) near the carvers' Marketplace in Astrub. This renowned sculptress knows all there is to know about the profession. You can also go and see Abely Bobeule (3,12) if you happen to be closer to Amakna at the time.

Once you've got the hang of carving, you'll need to invest in the tools - start with a Bow Slasher, which you can get from whoever taught you the trade or at the Cra Temple and it'll cost you 150 Kamas.

That's it! You got the tools, you've got the know-how, nothing remains but to get down to business!

It's time for you to carve your first bow, so put down your weapon and equip your Slasher! When you arrive at the nearest Carvers' Workshops, click on a workbench and select the action 'Carve a Wand'. Then slide the ingredients into the slots available, bearing in mind the quantities you see in your recipe window.

The materials you'll need to carve your bow are as diverse as they are unusual - Gobball Horn, Tofu Feathers, Dreggon Egg - you never know what you'll need next! You can do without some ingredients, but others will be absolutely essential - minerals and especially wood, will be the basic components of most recipes. You can buy all these materials in the Marketplaces of the world, in particular the ones that serve miners and lumberjacks.

So now that you've found all you need to make your bow. Aren't you forgetting something? That's right, you'll need some string to send those arrows flying. The most basic material you can find for this purpose is Flax String. To get some, go and find 100 units of Flax and then visit Edrige Valling in the Cra temple (0,3) who will transform it into units of good, solid string. If you don't have any Flax on you and you need some string, you can trade a unit of it for one unit of Ash Wood.

When you start practicing your profession, you'll only be able to use simple recipes, and only ones with 2 resources (i.e. 2 slots). Once you get a little experience under your belt, you can move on to more complex recipes with more ingredients and more slots. The list below tells you the different grades of recipe along with the level you require to be able to use them:

  • 2 slots (level 1+)

  • 3 slots (level 10+)

  • 4 slots (level 20+)

  • 5 slots (level 40+)

  • 6 slots (level 60+)

  • 7 slots (level 80+)

  • 8 slots (level 100+)

Like with the craft professions, the more complex a recipe is, the more experience you'll gain if you manage to do it. But the lower your level is, the less likely you will be to succeed in using it... bear in mind that no recipe is a guaranteed success.


slots number: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8

Corda de Linho

Nível 1

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Descrição :
Com esta corda de linho muito resistente, você pode escolher fazer costuras bonitas e robustas ou amarrar as mãos de seus amigos e chutá-los para mostrar a eles quem é o verdadeiro mestre da guilda.
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Manufatura deste item : Profissão : Escultor de Arco (Nível 1)

1 x Linho

Na manufatura de

Pequeno Arco Bonsai, Arco Bonsai, Grande Arco Bonsai, Poderoso Arco da Floresta, Pequeno Arco Desconcertante, Arco Desconcertante, Grande Arco Desconcertante, Poderoso Arco Perturbador, Xaveur, Nomoon, A Corda de Yamato, O Arco do Triunfo, Arco de Chuva, Arco de Joana, Arco de Bwork Arqueiro, Arco em Raiz de Arvraknídeo, Corda de Ivan Nowé, Arco de Praia, Touca Suja, Sortingat Hogwat, O Troma, Dora, Dantgoule, Máscara Tromatizante, Bola de Cristal, MinotoHorno, Houde, Lroko Kasko, Korko Klako, Jouik Krampe, Capa Ellini, Arco Estrondoso, Pequeno Arco Pequeno, Arco de Buzzard, Grande Arco Buzzard, Poderoso Arco de Búteo, Pequeno Arco de Chifre de Papatudo, Arco de Chifre de Papatudo, Arco Pesado de Chifre de Papatudo, Arco Real de Chifre de Papatudo, Arco de Kea, Modelo de Venda, Arco de Kea, Modelo Padrão, Arco de Kea, Modelo Especial, Arco de Kea, Novo Modelo, Pequeno Arco Ecológico, Arco Ecológico, Grande Arco Ecológico, Arco Célebre Ecológico, Arco de Cristal Opaco, Arco de Cristal, Arco Translúcido de Cristal, Arco de Cristal Puro, Pequeno Arco do Rei de Borins, Arco do Rei de Borins, Arco Elegante do Rei de Borins, Arco Possante do Rei de Borins, Arco Ykulf, Arco de Mushd, Arco de Polia, Arco de Hick, Arco de Hidsad, Linegg de Brave, Manto Flutuante, Amuleto do Quebra-cabeça de Garra, O Colar dos Bezerros, Arco Curvado, Arco de Chiduc, Arco de Anjo, Arco de Pesca, Arco do Sram Arqueiro, Tronknydum, Amuleto Enganador, Orelhas de Farle, Arco de Arkanum, Orelhas de Shika, Chave do Teatro de Dramak

You'll need a workbench to make a bow. You'll find them in the carvers' workshops scattered around the World of Twelve:

  • - Astrub (2,-21)

  • - Amakna (3,12)

  • - Bonta (-30,-59)

  • - Brâkmar (-21,39)

You can then sell your creations in a carvers' marketplace. You'll find one in each of the main cities in the World of Twelve:

  • - Astrub (3,-20)

  • - Bonta (-29,-60)

  • - Brâkmar (-22,40)