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You're into the glamorous fashion business and would like to add your own creations to it? Then, you're born to be a tailor!

Wearing the right clothes at the right time requires a lot of know-how. To do so, you need a well-furnished wardrobe, and becoming a tailor is your chance to have just that! Making capes, hats, and all sorts of backpacks will soon be one of your talents! Customers will come from all over your server to discover your creations and order the most powerful ones. Even though becoming a Tailor can be hard, once you reach this status you'll have all the benefits of glory, worldwide recognition and also a good load of Kamas! However, you'll have to invest a lot (both in terms of time and money) to make it, or have lots of friends to provide you with resources. Tailoring is one of the hardest professions in the World of Twelve so you shouldn't choose this profession if you're looking for a way to make a quick buck!

You've already thought about and designed your first collection, and you can't wait to see it move on androgynous and skinny models? But before it can happen, you must get a Tailor's Manual and learn the profession. This book is one of the rewards you can get at the Blacksmith Dungeon (or Dark Dungeon). You will also probably find it at the scroll Market but it's likely to cost you an arm and a leg!

Once the manual is between your hands, double-click on it to read and learn its contents... You're now a Tailor! Congratulations!

To start practicing your new profession, you need the appropriate tools which include needles and thread. Sosh in Amakna [2,2] or Alit Elfminate in Astrub [1,-22] will be happy to sell you what you need for about a hundred Kamas.

It's now time you started sewing your first creation! So put down your weapon, equip your needle and thread and go to the Tailor workshop. Click on the sewing machine corresponding to the article you wish to make. There are two types of sewing machine: one for hats, and the other one for capes and backpacks. Then, slide the ingredients into the available slots in the appropriate quantities. Then all you have left to do is to click on the icon ''Combine''.

Regarding raw materials, you can find them in marketplaces or just go and search the World of Twelve for the resources you need. To practice your profession you'll need extremely varied resources such as Piwi Feathers, Arachnee Legs, or Larva Skins, but the main one you'll need is wool - of every kind.

When you first start your profession as a Tailor, you can only make simple recipes with only two types of resources (2 slots). With practice you'll gain experience and access to more complicated recipes (with more ingredients and slots). Below you'll find all the different thresholds, with the level required to access new recipes:

  • 2 slots (level 1+)

  • 3 slots (level 10+)

  • 4 slots (level 20+)

  • 5 slots (level 40+)

  • 6 slots (level 60+)

  • 7 slots (level 80+)

  • 8 slots (level 100+)

Just like in any other profession, the more complex a recipe is, the more you gain experience if you complete it. And the lower your level is, the harder it will be for you to complete it with success! So be careful of failure rates!


slots number: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8


Nível 20

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Descrição :
Uma característica distintiva do Olantewn é que previne a dispersão de partículas mágicas, o que faz dele, portanto, um bom isolador mágico. É por isso que alguns guerreiros usam este legume como um elmo.
  Características >>     << Características  
  • 1 a 10 Resistência Água
  • 1 a 10 Resistência Ar
  • 1 a 10 Resistência Fogo
  • 1 a 10 Resistência Terra
  • 1 a 10 Resistência Neutra
Manufatura deste item : Profissão : Alfaiate

Artesãos ainda não podem fazer essa receita.

Your search for various resources will take you to different areas. To practice your art, you must be close to a workshop. For the rest, well, if your clients bring in the raw material, you can sit back and relax. It's all about who you know. Otherwise, your search for ingredients will take you all over the world!

To practice your profession, you'll need a sewing machine. They can be found in the different tailor workshops scattered throughout the world:

  • - Astrub [1,-22]

  • - Amakna [2,2]

  • - Bonta [-31, -55]

  • - Brakmar [-24, 35]

Then, to sell your creations, you just have to leave them at the tailors' marketplace. There's one in every major city in the World of Twelve:

  • - Astrub [0,-22]

  • - Bonta [-30, -56]

  • - Brakmar [-23, 35]