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Dedicated Aermyne Forum in the Server Section Request

Von Nazarbayev 01. März 2014 19:07:59

I ask all of you to support the placement of a forum for Aermyne on the English portion of the Dofus site. Almost everyone communicates in English anyway, regardless of whatever other languages we speak. Furthermore, Aermyne is definitely lacking clients, so I think from a business perspective, for Ankama, which needs more P2Ps, and players, who thrive on F2Ps and short-term P2Ps, this forum would be profitable. Add to this post, even if it is only your name, if you support an Aermyne forum on the English Server section of the Dofus site.

Original Post: I am aware that in the past others had decided to forgo a dedicated forum for Aermyne under the Server section, as there are so many languages spoken on this server. I, however, have seen that this is a moot issue, as we all use English as an intermediary language anyway. There is currently only a poorly used forum on the German portion of the Dofus site. Furthermore, some of us initially signed up to the Aermyne server without knowing its peculiar status, but are unwilling to switch servers now, as we enjoy the uncrowded nature, as well as having made significant real estate investments. Finally, who cares what some people wanted in the past. There is no harm done to anyone by having a dedicated forum in the Server section. If those who object do not wish to use it, then they should not be offended that it simply exists. Pragmatism dictates such a forum be set up, and I am sure that once it is, many who objected in the past will make use of it. I ask the Dofus administration to please agree to this request.

Response 1 Gunnerwolfang: It would be a bit disrespectful for the CCM of the community who are part of Aermyne. They are the one who handles the problem in Aermyne and you want players to post outside their community forum? They have enough work already managing one community forum so why should they also monitor the EN forum?

Response 2 [Izmar] : We will not have an Aermyne server forum.

The Aermyne server is not a part of our community. It is managed by the other CMs.

I do not wish to encourage any English players (particularly new players) to continue to join Aermyne because I feel that it is a detriment to our community as a whole, and a forum here will do exactly that.

There are groups of English-speaking players who are present on many other non-English Dofus servers, but they are not granted forums for those servers here for the same reason.

I strongly recommend that any players on Aermyne that wish to be part of an English-speaking community come join us on one of the official English servers. If you enjoy an uncrowded server, Zatoishwan should be a perfect fit.

I'm closing this thread because I have already outlined my reasons for the lack of an Aermyne forum in several previous threads, and my opinion has not changed.

My Response to Izmar: Izmar... We all pay the same amount, so passing the buck is not acceptable. I am angered that you blankly closed my thread, and request that you open it back up for debate. I do not give a damn about respect for this or that person, when I am being disrespected by your myopic attitude. I honestly believe that Aermyne needs its own cohesive forum, and that it should be in English, as none of the other languages has a dominant position, and the German forum is little-known and poorly monitored. If you are unwilling to moderate it, no problem. I think we can monitor ourselves. I am only asking that we get our own place under the "Server" section here. As I said before, we all pay the same amount of money for subscriptions, so stop passing the buck as it were. At least reopen my thread, so I can take care of garnering support for this project. After all, unless you ban me, and you have no grounds to do it, I can just start the same topic every day. P.S. If you have had to deal with this issue so many times before, is it not a sign that there is demand? P.P.S. If the forum is set up, and there is no demand, it can always be closed, and nobody need cry over the experiment. P.P.S. Perhaps a more proactive attitude towards Aermyne will bring more paying clients to it. After all, beyond the game, this is a business.

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So, basically you are accusing Izmar not to take care of you specifically? I think this is not very fair to her. She has to care for a quite large community with many servers, and if you post anywhere on the English forum for any reason that is not quite specific to Aermyne, she will do the best to help you without any doubt. But you simply cannot demand a "Dedicated Aermyne Forum in the Server Section" to be opened and maintained by her.

Such a "Dedicated Aermyne Forum" exists here in the German forum, and it even has the words "English please" attached to it. Nevertheless you have been posting in the wrong place, because the place where you posted is for the German players. And there is no doubt that the German players do deserve a place to discuss topics regarding Aermyne in their own language, because Aermyne belongs to the German, Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian communities. Most of these communities have an Aermyne section in their community forums, but only the German forum has a specific section for the English players (click here if you still didn't find it by now). All credits for this go to our CCM Mark-E.

Apart from this, also in the English forum there is a thread pinned that has Important information for Aermyne players, this thread was made and pinned to prevent people from constantly making requests like you did. Please read this thread before you complain any further. Izmar clearly stated that she does not want to promote English players joining Aermyne any longer, and a dedicated Aermyne section already exists here in the German forum, so there's no point in introducing another one. The best you can do is point more players towards this section to make it better known and accepted (but make sure to point them towards the English section, not the German one where you originally posted).

Finally I kindly ask a fellow moderator to move the English threads posted in the German over to the English Aermyne section.

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I moved the thread from the german Aermyne section to the english one.


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You win the point on dogma, my dear pharisees. Originally, when typing a search for “Aermyne” in the English forum, I received this result: [url=http://forum.dofus.com/en/search?search=Aermyne]Hier klicken, which does not include the link to the, once again, little-used English thread under the German section. I had not seen that other message under Problems and Solutions, as it did not come up in the search.

Regardless, this does not change my opinion that Aermyne needs its own general thread under the Servers section in the English portion of the Dofus site, as it would make general issues of buying and selling, as well as non-dungeon group searches easier, among other things. And, apparently, if so many people throughout the years have made the same request, your blanket decision does not sit well with the community as a whole. Indeed, based on the large number of abandoned houses and paddocks, there has been an exodus from Aermyne, which is not good for higher-level players. It is nice to have a small server, but nobody desires an empty one.

Your noble, yet liberally hypocritical, effort to let members of the Aermyne community choose to use their own language is an epic failure. Of course when speaking with those whom they know are from their own country, people will use their mother tongue. However, when dealing with anybody else, there must be a common language, which by default has become English.

I am actually speaking for two people here. My daughter, who goes by the name Bellabloom, is also P2P. She is a Russian speaker. Guess what language she uses when communicating with other players, on the rare occasions she actually does? English. In fact, it is her love of the game that got me so into it, as an activity we can do together, one which requires critical thinking and planning skills in order to succeed. Despite some of the games vulgarities, Dofus is still much better than cartoons.

Your dogmatic responses are nothing so much like those of bureaucrats here, who swear their importance and omnipotence, demanding nothing less than absolute faith. I had previously believed that this game was filled with fun-loving, eclectic Bohemian sorts, who were open-minded. However, now I see the same ossified existence that kills the wheels of progress here in the former Soviet states.

I really like this game. I have no plans to change servers (my daughter will not even change houses to be closer to our ever-growing collection of mounts), nor should I have to do so. I will admit that, as I am a business-like person, I am not the most social player. However, I want to improve the responsiveness of the Aermyne server to its client base. Furthermore, I have many other ideas to improve the business model of Dofus, so as to attract more players in general. The game is 10 years old, but with a great deal of competitors with really good models vying for consumers’ limited time and money, will it make it another decade. I would like to make it so.

To this end, I reiterate that Aermyne must receive its own thread under the Server forum in the English section of the Dofus site. I am sure we will be able to manage it without too much help from existing forum moderators.

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the International / English Forum is managed by the CM Izmar. This CM already has made clear why she does not want to open an Aermyne section on the International / English Forum. On Aermyne English might be the most convenient choice for most players to speak with each other, but that doesn't make English an official language on there and it doesn't turn Aermyne into just another INT server.

If you need an English section for Aermyne, I can offer it to you on the German forum and that's about all I can do for you.



P.S.; By the way, the english Aermyne section of the german forum was good enough to get the Vulkania tile riddle done, although there wasn't much participation of the portuguese/brazialian players.

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Nazarbayev|2014-03-03 16:32:59
You win the point on dogma, my dear pharisees.
I'm sorry to say but there isn't any reason to be insulting. May I give you some facts on the already known Aermyne/Aermine - language and community problem:
Nazarbayev|2014-03-03 16:32:59
Originally, when typing a search for “Aermyne” in the English forum, I received this result: click here, which does not include the link to the, once again, little-used English thread under the German section.
This may be due to the fact, that there might not be any big, explicit link (In the post Amanatsu linked to there very well is a link hidden in the 3rd paragraph of the text) to the section in any English spoken forum. And this might be a great mistake for Aermyne's players, and you may complain about this... But I'm wandering from the main subject.
Nazarbayev|2014-03-03 16:32:59
Your dogmatic responses are nothing so much like those of bureaucrats here, who swear their importance and omnipotence, demanding nothing less than absolute faith. I had previously believed that this game was filled with fun-loving, eclectic Bohemian sorts, who were open-minded. However, now I see the same ossified existence that kills the wheels of progress here in the former Soviet states.
I 'm aware of your countries' former politics, and I aggree with you, that the situation on Aermyne bears some analogy. But think about how long it took and how many people were needed to arrange the Changes in your countries? The history of Aermyne is not an easy one to understand:
  • Ankama has devided the world in Player's Communities. Each server was related to such an community. For example there was the
    • the French community: Servers: Jiva, Djaul, Raval, Hecate, Sumens, Menalt, Maimane, Silvosse, Brumaire , etc
    • the International community: Servers: Rosal, Rushu
    • the English community: Servers: Shika, Zatoishwan
    • the American Community: Server: Solar
    • the Spanish community: Servers: Eratz, Alma, Bolgrot, Nomekop, Buhorado etc
    • the German community: Server: Nehra
    • and so on
    Every Server has got a recommended, not to say prescripted language to be spoken based on the community.
    But there isn't no rule without an exception: Aermyne/Aermine, the server that was formed out of 4 different communities. This situation is historically founded on the fact that, when Dofus 2.0 was released, four Communities were not big enough to open a new server for each community. Namely the Dutch, the Italian, the Portuguese and the German Community. Due to this constuct there was not one recommended language but five (Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, German AND to understand each other English).
  • This construct also lead to the situation, that nobody actually is feeling content with: The responsibility for the server was given to four CCMs. But none of them liked to take care of Aermyne. And so Aermyne became the poor cousin. Due to it's history Aermyne became an English spoken Server while it never ever belonged to an English spoken Community. And this is exactly the reason why Izmar refuses to open an Aermyne-section in the International/English spoken forum.
  • I'm aware that this reasons for Aermyne's situation seem to be lost for many players on Aermyne. You may say or state that while the world is merging more and more the way Ankama took was the wrong one, and maybe you may be right. But nevertheless you should reaalize, that it is often much more work to manage a forum than it seems on the first look.

I don't know if you knew of this when posting your request for an Aermyne-section in the international forum. But you are using very harsh phrases here. And I would suggest to calm down a little. While I regret it, I don't think Ankama isn't going to change the relation of Aermyne. So the only option we can give is this English spoken subforum in the German forum.
Your request for furter subforums is one one may diskuss. But I don't see any necessity for it until this Aermyne related section becomes used much more.

Best regards

PS: While I'm a moderator in the forum, I'm no employee of Ankama - only a normal player.
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I am sorry if anybody has felt insulted by my comments. I have only been pointing out that there is no logical reason to maintain the current regime. It is antiquated, and hurts the future development possibilities of the Aermyne server. To highlight my point, while online today, of the several pubic conversations I saw, only one of them was not in the English language. Quite often, I see players running around advertising their wares, as there is no effective forum for them to do so - not like for the other servers at least. A dedicated thread in the English section would allow for better commerce and cooperation, and thus a more active and interesting server.

I do not understand what burden this would create on the current moderator. I trust that most people are responsible, and that when they are not, we the community would be able to police our own.

You are right that my particular problem in the Flower Power quest brought my attention to this issue. I think that most changes are brought about through personal experience. As Adam Smith said (paraphrased), each man must do what is best for him. In doing so, we can attract like-minded people to a common cause. This is such a case.

In short, I understand your points. However, I do not agree. I will continue to push for this issue until it happens. If you let go of the past, you will see this change is necessary and beneficial for all of us.

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at least put a visible easy to find link to here on the english forum. english being the international language, I assumed it was in the english forum and for a while I was just pissed thinking we just didnt have a forum.

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there already are links to this section in the english forum. Anyway, if you want to have a more visible link there, you'll have to ask for that in the english forum please.



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