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Flower Power Partners Needed

Von Nazarbayev 28. Februar 2014 18:32:18

Two players, who stepped off the stones at the wrong time, are looking for other partners to complete the Flower Power quest. The male has the key to the gate/chest, but the female does not. We will keep the characters positioned in Merchant Mode in front of the entrance to Isgrate Giftoyu's house (-9,-9), when we are not playing. You can contact me in the game or by commenting on this post.

I would appreciate any help, as we are both quite upset. We clicked at the same time, but the internet here is unstable, so we were registered at different times apparently (commonly we see moves in fights with a delay).

By the way, as Aermyne seems not to have its own forum, and as this one is ill used - with very few posts - I am going to use this forum in future to make any comments on the server, if there are no objections.

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Do you still need someone for this quest? I'm looking for a male for the last step of this quest.

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