Version 2.16 will include some minor changes that will directly impact our Dragoturkey breeders! Here's a quick rundown:
  • New breeding items, craftable using boss resources.
  • A dragoturkey's energy has now a direct impact on breeders and not just on adventurers. Their energy is now fixed and independent of their level: At level 1, your dragoturkey will have a maximum energy value equivalent to that of a level 100 dragoturkey prior to the 2.16 update.
  • The majority of the old breeding items will no longer be craftable, but remain usable. Some can still be crafted but their recipes have been reviewed.
  • It is now possible to exchange used up breeding items against brand new ones. For that, you need to talk to Bobby the Builder in the Koalak Mountain Breeder Village, where he will exchange five breeding items of the same type for a brand new one.
  • Around 60 new paddocks have been added to the game.
Intrigued? Read on to find out more...

Breeding hasn't had a lot of attention lately, let's fix that!

Rebalancing breeding items

Breeding items have begun to show their age, so we decided to give them a facelift on three different levels: their recipes, their effectiveness and sustainability.

The recipes:

First, we decided to revisit almost entirely all the different characteristics of breeding items. This means we had to devise a way to properly manage the "cohabitation" of old and new items: older items can no longer be crafted, but they are still usable. The possibility that these items will simply be deactivated in future has not been ruled out.

We have added new breeding items that are each assigned to a dungeon boss: their recipe contains a boss essence that alchemists can craft with the resources of the said boss.


Examples of boss essences...

These new recipes allow for items, overall better than those previously available, to be crafted and each dungeon keeper is needed for the recipe of one or more items. These resources are generated in sufficient quantities, which allows them to be introduced into the recipes of consumable items, ensuring that they are destroyed more frequently than before.

...and some of the items they can create.

There are 5 categories of breeding items of each type. They are the same as those defined for the different dungeon achievements:
  • Level 1-50
  • Level 51 to 100
  • Level 101 to 150
  • Level 151-190
  • Level 190 to 200

The efficiency, strength and recipe of breeding items associated with a boss are dependent on its level category.

The better the ingredients, the better the outcome, naturally.


Efficiency and sustainability:

The patters, slappers and drinking troughs are generally in smaller demand than the dragobutts and lightning throwers, as they don't wear out as quickly and therefore don't need to be replaced as often. Therefore, in order to allow for a potentially identical destruction for each type of breeding item, the durability of certain types of breeding items was reconsidered. The durability of slappers and patterns is now 5 times lower than that of dragobutts and lightning throwers. The durability of drinking throughs is 2 times lowers than that of dragobutts and lightning throwers.

However, the new breeding items can go much higher in durability and effectiveness, even beyond that of the basic items (whose durability and efficiency remains unchanged relative to the 2.15 version), each item crafted from a boss essence has either very high durability at the expense of efficiency, or the opposite. In other words, there is a choice between very effective items with short durability or very highly durable items with reduced effectiveness. Some items will allow you to train your mounts faster, but will require you to spend more money in the process, while others will be slower but less expensive because of their durability.
I will return 20% of your breeding items!

Bobby is waiting for you!

Bobby the Builder can be found at [-17,0] and allows you to get rid of your used breeding items.
In exchange for 5 breeding items of the same type, Bobby will give you a brand new one, of the same kind. This exchange only works with breeding items craftable in the 2.16 update.


Energy management

On top of all of this, the energy of a dragoturkey will now impact breeders, who will now have good reasons to  keep their turkeys topped off. Now, when two dragoturkeys mate, the more their energy bar is full, the higher the chance of having a extra dragolette! To be more precise, it is the energy percentage of each dragoturkey that is taken into account during the mating to determine the probability of an additional baby.

The formula is as follows :
[ (Energy of the female / Maximum Energy of the female ) + ( Energy of male / Maximum Energy of the male ) ] / 2

This comes down to this formula:
(Energy Percentage of the female + Energy percentage of male ) / 2

After mating, the two dragoturkeys lose all of their energy and, in order to replenish that energy, they will need to be fed. This amendment is intended to reinvigorate the interest in mangers, which are currently unused , without fundamentally altering the breeding rules in place: this is just a bonus.

Energy is also fixed and independent of the dragoturkey level: from birth, the maximum energy level is already equivalent to that of a dragoturkey level 100, pre 2.16.

New Paddocks

Finally, to allow more people to enjoy the wonders of breeding, more than sixty new paddocks have been added to Pandala (24) Amakna (24) Frigost (8) and the Koalak Mountain (8).
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