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The hour of vengeance is upon us! The vengeance of the feathered dragon! Oh, by the way, though... who is he? What does he do, and what exactly is his problem? Come find out in-game, starting now, in the new update 2.52!

The beta is over and done with. Now you can finally get on to the good stuff! Revenge of the Feathered Dragon, the latest DOFUS update, is available now in-game. Here's what's inside:

  • The Vulbis Dofus is now a quest reward
  • The long-awaited arrival of the class rebalancing update in the game
  • Crocuzko Island opens, accompanied by a revamp of the Dreggon areas
  • And a reset of the Kolossium rules.* 

Now all you need is Tylezia's ceremonial set and the brand-new Dragai pet, and you'll be ready to discover the truth about the Vulbis Dofus...

* The Kolossium's 4th season is scheduled for July 16.