Here it is! Dofus-Arena, the new Ankama Studio videogame is available in an "open beta" version. Discover this 100%-PVP videogame and get into the tactical fight arena!

To take part to those tests, the only thing you need to do is to download Dofus-Arena and then log onto the game with your Ankama Games user details.
If you don't have one yet, don't hesitate to create an account... It's free of charge and obligations.

Today, as a special bonus, we are launching a competition. We are looking for a champion to reward. Indeed, one of the several charms of Dofus-Arena will be to reward the best players. Long before its official release, we wish to "test" this rewarding system giving out Artbooks, Mangas or Figurines to the most-deserving testers. We will soon present all the details of the competition. Don't waste any more time, and start fighting your way to the top of the "Ladders"!