The new major extension for Dofus is now available. Thanks for your patience. Download now!Présentation of this extension...

The new island:

Pandalas and the inhabitants of Astrub are busy rebuilding the bridge which will link the continent to this scheming island.
Players will discover the strange creatures and characters that live on the island, remained unexplored by the inhabitants of the Amakna continent.
On Pandala Island, players will find creatures adapted to their level. Special areas of the island will be dedicated to very-high level characters.
This island will offer new resources for both growers and adventurers who will have to face the creatures living there. New quests will also be available as well as various thrilling donjons, for both beginners and expert players.

A new class of characters:

A twelfth class of characters will appear. It will have new original spells and play a tactical part within the adventurers’ teams.
It will be accessible by all players. But this class will be on a test phase for several weeks. Characters of this class will be reinitialized (back to level 1) once the tests will be over.

Revaluation of the fights between players (PVP):

New territories to conquer will be added and will offer the players rare resources and unique creatures. From now on, territories to conquer will be easier to defend and conquests will be memorable moments of fight.
Fights between players will gain in importance since they’ll allow the players to access some rare and specific items, and in the long run, access areas and special privileges.

New items and equipments:

New items will be created to bring diversity in high-level items as well as to fill in the shortage in the intermediate level items selection.
In general, high-level items will be more about life bonuses and various types of resistance in order to reinforce the strategic aspect of the fights and increase their length.
To succeed in this variety, new effects on the items will be created.
New equipments which can be taken from monsters will be added, but the most powerful items will still be made by craftsmen.

Balance of the classes:

Some class spells will be corrected or modified, and the ten first ones of each class will be available up to level 6.

Selling modes and auction rooms:
The running of the auction rooms in the towns of Bonta and Brâkmar will considerably be improved. It will be easier to sell and to buy in these towns and it will cost a lot less.
Abuse of the selling mode will no longer be possible. To keep a salesman position players will have to have interesting things to sell.

Interface’s upgrade :

The game’s map has been improved, it will now be quicker to open, and will show more infos, filters, so that you’ll be able to choose what will be displayed .